Fighbird Ep. 48: Farewell, Space Police


A dark energy field engulfs the Devil Tower as Super Guardion and Thunder Baron are tied to its walls. Jango explains that the field will eventually engulf the universe and he will become one of the gods of darkness. The dark energy then restores his youth so he throws his cane away. Hiroshi and the rest finally finish working on the upgraded catharsis beam just as an army of news reporters burst into the hangar and start asking questions. Katori arrives at the Devil Tower and combines into Great Fighbird. Great Fighbird charges the dark energy field but is unable to penetrate it. Shura and Zol pin him to a rock and heavily damage him with a barrage of energy blasts. Shura remarks that Great Fighbird fell easily but the latter emerges from the rubble and asks if that was the best they could do. Great Fighbird pulls out his Flame Sword and slashes through Shura and Zol. However, Draias infuses them with dark energy and merges their robots into a two-headed giant. Hiroshi and the rest load the catharsis beam onto a jet and speed towards the Devil Tower. On the way, Hillman asks Hiroshi why he kept the Space Police a secret from the public, and Hiroshi finally admits that he built the Amano Peace Labs using the money he got from selling his ancestral mountain lands but without paying his inheritance tax. He reasons that the funds were better spent on building things to benefit mankind instead of being wasted on taxes. Shura and Zol pummel Great Fighbird and slam him into the dark energy field. The jet finally arrives at the tower and everyone frantically scrambles to set up the catharsis beam. Hiroshi aims it at Great Fighbird and fires. The beam hits Shura and Zol and causes them massive pain while repairing all of Great Fighbird’s damage. Great Fighbird quickly uses the chance to slice their robot in half, destroying it. The beam allows him to penetrate the dark energy field but it eventually runs out of power. Great Fighbird reaches the tower and finds Thunder Baron and Super Guardion almost completely drained of energy. He cuts them loose and tries to carry them outside but gets blasted by Draias. Great Fighbird covers his teammates and pushes them towards the edge of the field. Draias tries to block their escape but Great Fighbird impales him in the chest. Draias kicks Great Fighbird away and the wound instantly heals due to the dark energy. Hiroshi fires the catharsis beam again and reenergizes Thunder Baron and Super Guardion. Zol damages the catharsis beam and Shura shoots away Kenta’s Flame Shot. They’re about to fire at Kenta but get blasted by the Space Police. The blast separates their cosmic energy forms from their android bodies and Super Guardion catches them in a net.

Draias breaks Great Fighbird’s Flame Sword and impales him with an extending metal spike. He then blasts him with dark energy which starts spreading rapidly over the Earth. Thunder Baron and Super Guardion grab the catharsis beam and fly into the dark energy field. They use their own life force to power it and blast Draias just before he impales Great Fighbird with another spike. Draias blocks the catharsis beam and fires a spinning energy disc that slices Thunder Baron, Super Guardion and the catharsis beam in half. Their robot bodies explode and their cosmic energy enters Great Fighbird. He yells out that he’ll never forgive Draias for this and charges towards him. Draias bombards Great Fighbird with a barrage of blasts but the latter keeps on charging. Draias asks how he’s still standing and Great Fighbird says that he promised to defeat Draias even if it costs him his life. Draias blasts Great Fighbird’s faceplate off and the latter turns into a large flaming bird that rams through Draias, finally destroying him. All the dark energy gets sucked back into the Devil Tower which then collapses. Kenta and the rest find the wrecked bodies of Katori and the Space Police. Kenta and Haruka bursts into tears but Fighbird’s cosmic energy form rises up and apologizes to Hiroshi for wrecking his android body. The cosmic energy forms of the rest of the Space Police also rise up and explain that Draias is gone for good now along with all the minus energy while Shura and Zol got sent back to where they came from. Fighbird says that their mission on Earth is accomplished now and they must return to their home planet. The Space Police thank everyone for what they’ve taught them and warn Hiroshi to be more careful with his inventions before flying off. Satsuda finds and old and decrepit Jango and finally places him under arrest. Six months later, Hiroshi forms a rescue team funded by Hillman and rushes to put out a fire. Momoko asks Satsuda what he thinks of their work and the latter replies that their fast response time is the only thing they have going for them. The fire extinguishing system on Hiroshi’s fire truck malfunctions and Ippei accidentally breaks a lever, sending Kenta plummeting into the flames. However, he’s rescued by Katori! Katori tells everyone that he’s back and they quickly get back to putting out the fire.


The Space Police finally settle their long battle with Draias and win by the skin of their teeth thanks to the hard work of Hiroshi, Yoshiko and Hillman. Draias was already bad enough without all the creepy demonic powers he gained from the dark energy, but he got a nice satisfying death and it was fun to watch Shura and Zol literally get blown out of their bodies. We also finally discover Hiroshi’s big secret, which humorously turns out to be nothing more than tax evasion. Despite the initial tear jerking post-battle scene, things end on a happy note but it does raise a few questions like why Katori came back and whether or not he brought the rest of the Space Police with him. It was also nice to see Ippei and Goro go from being a pair of aimless slackers jumping between crappy jobs to being motivated to strive for a purpose in life. On the whole, while Fighbird doesn’t try to do anything extreme with the genre, it’s hard to find any glaring faults with it either, which makes it a great starting point for getting into the Brave Saga.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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