Fighbird Ep. 5: SOS! 3000 Meters Under the Sea!


Hiroshi examines Ace Baron and still can’t figure out how the vehicles can transform and combine. Everyone then watches the television where a news reporter reveals that an unknown sea creature was caught on film by the staff of a mining base and will be examined by a research team sent by the Japanese academy. Hiroshi however recognizes the silhouette as one of Jango’s monsters. They head out to the port and warn Satsuda not to send out the research team, but the latter retorts that he doesn’t trust anything a criminal like Hiroshi says. Hiroshi recognizes the research team scientists as former colleagues but they ridicule him as well. Having had enough, Hiroshi angrily storms off with the rest. Down in Jango’s lair, a news report reveals that the research team is heading to the Undersea Resources Exploration Base (UNREX) in order to uncover the truth about the sea creature. Jango scolds Shura and Zol for blowing their cover and the latter retorts that it’s Jango’s fault for making a big monster. Draias interrupts their bickering and reminds them that he’s the one giving the orders around here. Jango explains that their plan is to incite volcanic activity by firing missiles into a hole in the ocean, which will lead to several natural disasters. Zol asks how they’re supposed to fire the missiles when the hole is so close to the base and Jango retorts that he should figure that out by himself. At UNREX, the scientists study the photos of the creature and have trouble believing that it actually exists. On cue, the monster attacks the underwater base and breaches the hull. As the base occupants evacuate in a panic, Zol and the Teshitas sneak inside and attach a missile to the drilling rig. At the Amano Peace Labs, everyone catches the news about contact being lost with UNREX. Hiroshi says that it serves them right but Kenta and Haruka remind that their job is to save people no matter who they are. Hiroshi reveals that he just finished working on a compact oxygen tank that holds a hundred times more than normal ones and reluctantly gives it to Kenta. Kenta and Katori quickly take off in the Baron team’s combined mode.

Katori and Kenta arrive at UNREX and spot the monster. They take Road Baron towards the base while the rest change to robot mode and engage the monster. Sealing the breach behind them, they quickly find the research team trapped in a room filling with water and bust through the wall. As Zol monitors the missile which has started drilling into the ocean floor, he spots the Space Police on the security camera and decides to play with them a bit. He opens an upper bulkhead on the base which starts sucking in water as well as Aqua Baron. The monster attacks the distracted Baron team while Katori speeds away from the rushing water. They manage to drive past a closing emergency shutter but a dent caused by Road Baron allows the water to leak through. Katori quickly leads the survivors into a room before the water catches up to them. The scientists complain that they’re trapped now but Kenta assures them that they can survive thanks to the compressed oxygen tanks. The scientists however tell him that if he releases that much pressurized oxygen it’ll explode. One of the base staff says that if he could reach the control he could detach the chamber they’re in and allow it to float to the surface. Katori says that he’ll do it and heads out into the water despite the worker protesting that he’ll be crushed by the water pressure. To everyone’s surprise of course he has no trouble swimming in those depths. Katori reaches the control room and overhears Zol talking about the missile almost reaching the volcano. He jumps out kicks Zol, and the latter retaliates with his gun. Katori dodges the shot and throws Zol into the water. Katori informs Ace Baron about the missile and the latter sends Drill Baron to destroy it. Katori finds the switch to release the chamber and sends Road Baron to pull it up. However the chamber won’t budge. Drill Baron destroys the missile and Kenta gets the idea to use the oxygen tanks as a bomb to dislodge the chamber. The idea works, but Zol intercepts the chamber in the monster. On the surface, Satsuda approaches UNREX’s platform in a ship just as the Baron team bursts out of the water. Sky Baron catches the chamber and deposits it safely on the platform. Katori jumps out of the water and summons the Fire Jet. He combines into Fighbird while the Baron team combines into Thunder Baron. They dodge a shot from the monster and Thunder Baron tackles it into the water. Thunder Baron then throws it back up so Fighbird can finish it off with his Flame Sword. As the Space Police leave, Satsuda complains that they still don’t know their names. The incident is mentioned in the newspaper the next day. Ace Baron complains that he’s not shown in the picture and Kenta laments that nobody appreciates their work because people don’t know who they are. Katori however corrects him and says that God appreciates their work.


Here we get to see the individual Baron team members in action. It’s a shame that only Ace Baron has a personality while the rest are drones. Par for the course, Hiroshi is popular in the scientific circle for all the wrong reasons. If his inventions during his younger years resemble the crazy stuff he’s making now then it’s no wonder. But hey, it’s the thought that counts. Now that Katori and Kenta are regular card carrying members of the Clark Kent disguise club, lil’ Kenta isn’t too keen on doing all this rescue work for no recognition. Kenta and Hiroshi however are both reminded in this episode that they’re not working with the Space Police for personal reasons or fame but for the common good. On the lighter side of things, the beginning of the episode shows that Hiroshi is still curious about how the Space Police were able to transform the machines that they inhabit, followed by some Transformers-style humor as Ace Baron yawns by pumping hot air out of his vents.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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