Fighbird Ep. 8: Demon’s Pursuit


Kenta watches a news report about Fighbird’s exploits against Draias’ monsters. When he sees himself and Katori onscreen, he excitedly tells his mother to look, but she doesn’t believe him and tells him to go study. He goes to the Amano Peace Labs and asks Haruka if she saw him, but she says that she can’t watch TV because Hiroshi is working on something that’s interfering with the TV signal. Hiroshi says that’s he’s working on Ultimate Miracle Water which is so rich in nutrients that humans can live on it without needing food. However it won’t be finished for another thirty hours and Haruka won’t accept going a whole day without TV. Hiroshi promises her that they’ll go on a picnic tomorrow if she puts up with it. The minus energy detector goes off and Hiroshi quickly orders Katori to launch. In the city, everyone flees from the mechanical monster as Momoko arrives on the scene. Katori and Kenta arrive and fly towards the monster. However, unbeknownst to them, the monster is a hologram projected by Shura, who fires a tracer at the Fire Jet then turns off the projector. Everyone else is confused when the monster disappears. Katori lands the Fire Jet to inspect where the monster was standing but quickly flies off again when they spot Momoko running towards them to ask questions. Jango and Zol track the Fire Jet’s flight path to find out where its base is. However, Hiroshi’s experiment jams the tracer when it gets near the base. Kenta tries to contact Hiroshi but the interference jams the radio as well. After landing, Hiroshi tells them that what they saw was probably a hologram. Kenta asks how they’ll be able to respond to emergencies if the radio’s dead, and Hiroshi’s answer is to cancel the picnic so they can stay behind and monitor the minus energy. Haruka however retorts that Hiroshi should just stay behind and contact them by phone if necessary. Kenta’s mom then calls and demands that he come back home to study. At the TV station, Momoko analyzes footage of Katori with and without his lab assistant disguise and thinks they’re one person. Down in the hangar, one of the cleaning robots working on the Fire Jet dislodges the tracer. Champ finds it and gives it to Haruka who thinks it’s a decorative pin and puts it on her shirt. The next day, Kenta, Haruka and Katori head off to have a picnic with Momoko and her camera man following them in the TV station van. Once out of the jamming area, the tracer shows up again on Jango’s screen.

Kenta notices the tracer on Haruka. He thinks it looks weird but she retorts that he has no fashion sense. Katori tries to look at it but nearly ends up driving into a flock of sheep. They eventually arrive at a ranch with Momoko and her camera man following close behind. Jango notices that the tracer has stopped moving and deduces that they must be at Fighbird’s base. Katori watches a cow getting milked and after learning about milk decides to try it by sucking it straight out of a cow’s udder. Kenta and Haruka are embarrassed and Momoko starts thinking that she got the wrong guy. Katori thinks that this is the Miracle Water that Hiroshi is trying to make and a cow yanks the tracer off of Haruka. Katori picks it up and realizes what it actually is. He crushes it and explains that it’s a transmitter just as a flying saucer approaches the ranch and starts blasting everything. Shura and the Teshitas drop out of the saucer and find themselves facing Katori. The Teshitas fire their machine guns at him but he destroys them and confronts Shura while Kenta and Haruka frantically try to call Hiroshi. Momoko tells her camera man to start filming but the camera broke during the chaos. Hiroshi finishes making his Miracle Water but before he can analyze it he answers a phone call from Haruka and quickly prepares to launch the Fire Jet. Shura tries to choke Katori but the latter flings him into a grain silo. The camera man doesn’t believe that he’s the same guy as the lab assistant and Momoko can’t help but fall head over heels for him. Two Teshitas attack them but Katori quickly knocks them away. Shura gets back into the saucer and transforms it into a mechanical monster. He starts firing at Katori and nearly manages to get him, however the Baron team arrives and blasts Shura. They then combine into Thunder Baron while Katori combines into Fighbird. Shura tells them that he’ll crush their base but Fighbird reveals that the ranch isn’t actually their base. Shura curses Jango’s incompetence and attacks anyway. Fighbird and Thunder Baron fire at Shura but he manages to pin Fighbird to the ground. Thunder Baron destroys the monster’s claws with his Drill Crusher, allowing Fighbird to finish him off with his Flame Sword. They return home to find Hiroshi swimming in a pool of sulfur water which is what his experiment ended up making. When he tells to join him, Kenta and Katori immediately take off their clothes and jump in. Haruka yells at them for stripping in front of a lady, and Katori’s inquiry about what a lady is doesn’t help matters.


Jango finally decides that the Space Police are a legitimate threat to his plans and makes an attempt to find their base. It would have totally succeeded if it weren’t for Hiroshi’s experiment having the unexpected side effect of jamming all radio signals. Meanwhile, Momoko starts investigating Katori’s identity and is actually on the right track, but she’s quickly deceived by his goofy behavior despite the fact that his “disguise” is about as paper thin as they come. Even the animators didn’t think this mattered as they completely forgot to draw his lab coat during one scene. Apart from the hilarious scene of Katori sucking a cow udder; there wasn’t anything particularly interesting about this episode.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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