Fighbird Ep. 9: I am Dr. Jango!


Draias orders Shura and Zol to assist Jango in his latest scheme. At the Amano Peace Labs, Katori tries to read a newspaper article about Nobel Prize awardees but gets the letters all wrong. Haruka explains what a Nobel Prize is and Katori asks if Hiroshi has one. Kenta and Haruka dismiss the idea but Hiroshi, who’s testing set of robotic arms for feeding bedridden patients, retorts that he doesn’t invent things for the sake of a prize. At the Academy Hall in Norway, Momoko is covering the award ceremony. Before anything can happen, Jango barges in with his Teshitas and grabs the list of awardees from the presenter. After reading it, he demands to know why his name isn’t on. Security guards try to detain him but the Teshitas fire warning shots. Jango reveals his name and announces that he’s teamed up with Draias, who recognizes him as the top scientists in the world. Based on this, he thinks he deserves the Nobel Prize for every field. Kenta and Katori watch all this unfold on TV and Haruka drags Hiroshi to watch. Hiroshi recognizes Jango as someone who stole his work for evil purposes. Jango shows a video of trucks shooting corrosive liquid at a building and melting it completely. Jango says that this invention, the Jango GP Liquid, will be the primary tool for demolition jobs in the future. He then threatens to unleash the corrosive on the world if he’s not awarded all the Nobel prizes within two hours. Katori wants to stop Jango but Hiroshi reminds him that everyone in the Academy Hall are held hostage so they need to be careful. The police arrive at the Academy Hall, but the Teshitas melt the squad cars with the corrosive, along with the surrounding cars and trees. Hiroshi reveals that he was the one who invented the GP Liquid and starts working on a neutralizer. He tells Katori to head to Norway and rescue the hostages while the Baron team will bring the neutralizer once it’s done.

Jango watches the committee through a hidden camera. When they voice their disagreement over giving him the prize, he summons a giant mechanical dragonfly that starts spewing the corrosive all over the city. Satsuda arrives and spots the monster, which shoots the corrosive at him. Guard Star takes control and swerves out of the way, flinging Satsuda outside in the process. Katori and Kenta arrive and land the Fire Jet near the Academy Hall. The committee finally concedes to give Jango all the Nobel Prizes. Katori knocks out the Teshitas guarding the entrance and barges into the auditorium just as the committee announces their decision. Katori beats up the Teshitas and ridicules Jango over the idea of getting a Nobel Prize. Jango throws a smoke bomb and escapes to the roof where he boards his mechanical monster. Katori combines into Fighbird and gets on top of the monster. He starts wailing on it but Jango shakes him off. Fighbird dodges a stream of corrosive and retaliates with his Sun Slicer, but Jango manages to avoid it. Fighbird gets on top of the monster again and Jango distracts him by firing the corrosive at the Academy Hall. Fortunately, the Baron team arrives and bombards the building with capsules containing the neutralizer, allowing Fighbird to fight uninhibited. He slices off the monster’s wings with his Flame Sword and shoots at it with is shoulder cannons. Satsuda tries to get the hostages out of the Academy Hall, but the front entrance is melted by the corrosive. Guard Star transforms to robot mode and blasts an opening for the hostages, along with dispatching the Teshitas inside. Fighbird finishes off the monster and Jango’s escape craft is picked up by Shura and Zol. Jango then realizes that he left the documents on the GP Liquid in the destroyed monster which means he can no longer reproduce it. Hiroshi says that they finally have proof that Jango is collaborating with Draias and secretly asks Katori if his name was on the list of Nobel Prize winners.


Jango makes his presence known to the world in a ridiculous ploy to nab every Nobel Prize for himself. Draias oddly humors his little romp but Shura and Zol don’t do much aside from hauling him back after his defeat. We also get the revelation that Jango stole some of Hiroshi’s inventions. Funnily enough, he actually had the sense to steal the ones that actually work. While there’s a valid reason for Momoko to be at the event since we all know that cartoon TV stations have only one reporter that covers all the news in the world, I have no idea what Satsuda was doing in Norway. The show never implies that he’s anything more than an inspector with the Japanese police, plus he didn’t get to do much in this episode to begin with.

Overall Rating

Fighbird Info

Katsuyoshi Yatabe

Yasushi Hirano

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Hitoshi Ueda

Musical Composer:
Toshiyuki Watanabe

48 episodes

Japan 02.02.1991 – 02.01.1992


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