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FLCL is an OVA series released in Japan from 2000-2001. Created by Gainax, its staff includes director Kazuya Tsurumaki, writer Yoji Enokido, mechanical designer Junya Ishigaki, character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, and composers Shinkichi Mitsumune and The Pillows. The story focuses on Naota Nandaba, a young boy whose life changes when he meets the wild and unpredictable Haruko. Naota experiences increasingly strange occurrences, including having multiple robots emerge from his head. The series was initially released on home video in North America by Synch Point and was later re-released by Crunchyroll (formerly Funimation). Its popularity from broadcasts on Adult Swim has let to the creation of multiple sequels by Production IG.

Episode Title

1 Furi Kuri/Fooly Cooly
2 Fista/Firestarter
3 Maru Raba/Marquis de Carabas
4 Furi Kiri/Full Swing
5 Bura Bure/Brittle Bullet
6 Furi Kura/FLCLimax


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