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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! Ep. 12: 5th Period Hot Spot


Sousuke tries to contact a weapon dealer about a misplaced order. Instead of the gun part he wanted, Sousuke got a strange bottle instead. The teacher calls him on the PA system and demands he come to the faculty lounge to discuss the trap he set there. Chidori drags him there and he warns his classmates not to open the bottle. Shinji suddenly notices the biohazard symbol on the bottle and Ono D opens it thinking it contains water. When Sousuke and Chidori return, the former notices the open bottle and panics. When he sees the spilled contents, Sousuke announces that nobody can leave the room. Tsubaki walks in demanding why Sousuke hasn’t accepted his challenge letter but Sousuke tasers him and proceeds to seal the classroom from the inside. Putting on a protective suit, Sousuke explains that the bottle contains a highly potent bacterial weapon and that everyone inside the room is probably infected. The teacher faints and the class starts panicking. Sousuke tries to calm them down but gets beaten up for his troubles. Shinji explains how a bacterial infection works but when he mentions that they might be infected with Ebola the class panics again and Chidori snaps them out of it by rubbing her nails on the blackboard and giving out a passionate speech. The class has a brief moment of bonding before Sousuke wakes up and announces that he has enough vaccine for one person. Everyone becomes very tense and a big fight nearly breaks out before Chidori announces that they should decide using a lottery.

The students draw papers from a box one by one. When Mizuki fails to draw the winning word, she screams that she doesn’t want to die before meeting the perfect man. Tsubaki scolds her and she instantly falls in love. Sousuke manages to draw the winning word, and naturally nobody is satisfied with this outcome. A big fight breaks out and Sousuke ends up dropping the vaccine on the floor. A teacher angrily opens the classroom door and demands to know what’s going on. Overcome with despair, the students storm outside. Chidori laments her life and notes that at least she’ll be free from Sousuke’s crazy antics now. Tsubaki demands a final match with Sousuke while desperately trying to shake off a clingy Mizuki. Sousuke uses the distraction to knock Tsubaki out with a rubber bullet. Ren bids them farewell and goes to enjoy a last cup of tea. Sousuke asks Chidori to come with him and takes her to the school clinic. Sousuke asks Chidori to take her clothes off and she freaks out, thinking he wants to have sex with her before they die. Ren finishes her tea in the student council room when suddenly Atsunobu walks in. Ren tells him to stay away but he refuses. A delusional Kyoko finds Ono D in his death throes and begs him not to die. Ono D is about to confess his feelings for her when he suddenly feels very refreshed. As he stands up, Ono D’s clothing starts to disintegrate, followed by Kyoko’s and all the other infected students. In the middle of the ensuing chaos, the weapons dealer contacts Sousuke and tells him that what he sent him wasn’t a deadly virus but simply a bacteria strain that destroys petroleum based products. Sousuke assures the naked Chidori that she’s no longer in danger, but when they hear the screams of the entire school, Sousuke starts fearing for his own life. The infected students cry out for Sousuke’s blood and chase after him.


And so Fumoffu comes to an end, and what a way to go. What was Sousuke thinking bringing a potentially lethal bio-weapon to the school grounds and leaving it unattended? Still, it made for some great moments where we see the students go from panic to calm to homicidal at the drop of a hat. And we also got one last second cameo of berserk Zenji. The best thing about Fumoffu is that it took the strongest aspect of the series, its comedy, and focused on it entirely. It also contains countless references to other anime and movies like Gundam, and there are a lot that I probably didn’t catch. Atsunobu and Tsubaki were also a great addition to the cast and I only wish they each had an episode more focused on them. Overall this was a fun season despite several bland episodes, and the story will get back in the swing of things with The Second Raid. Wait for it!

Overall Rating

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! Info

Yasuhiro Takemoto

Fumihiko Shimo
Shoji Gatoh
Yasuhiro Takemoto

Mechanical Designer:

Character Designer:
Osamu Horiuchi

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

12 episodes

Japan 08.25.2003 – 11.18.2003


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