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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! Ep. 3: Summer Illusion of Steel


Hyuuga Masatami spies on Chidori at the beach from his mansion on the top of a cliff side. He orders his servant Washio to arrange a meeting with her. Kyoko tells Chidori that they already went for a swim while she was buying watermelons. When Chidori asks why they left their luggage unprotected, Sousuke reveals that he rigged their stuff with a grenade that would explode if moved. Chidori slaps Sousuke with her fan, but everyone notices the blow is weaker than usual. They engage in a game of watermelon breaking with Sousuke as the hitter. Instead of following directions, Sousuke wanders off. Chidori is feeling glum because Sousuke didn’t compliment her new bikini. Suddenly Sousuke pulls out a shotgun and shoots the melon right next to Chidori, drenching her. In retaliation, Chidori strikes Sousuke with the bat and leaves the beach. Washio approaches Chidori and tells her that his master would like to meet her. Chidori’s friends notice that she’s been gone for a long time and Sousuke thinks she met with an accident. Kyoko explains that Chidori is angry with him and that he should go look for her. Washio leads Chidori into the mansion while some kids tell Sousuke that they saw her head there. While Chidori is looking around, Hyuuga touches her breast and gets punched for his troubles. He apologizes and introduces himself, saying that he couldn’t go out himself because of his illness. Washio informs Hyuuga that Sousuke is outside asking about Chidori. Hyuuga asks if she knows him and, out of spite, Chidori declares that he’s a pervert who’s stalking her. Washio turns away Sousuke and denies ever seeing Chidori.

Back at the beach, Sousuke puts on combat gear and tells the group that Chidori was captured. They tell him that he’s exaggerating, but Sousuke is fearing the worst. Chidori wonders what Sousuke is doing and Hyuuga assures her that the mansion’s security is fool-proof. Washio informs him that they’ve detected an intruder on the cliff side and Hyuuga summons his other servants Samejima and Hyoudou. He reveals to Chidori that all his servants are former French military and also work as his bodyguards. Hyoudou tries to ambush Sousuke at the top of the cliff but gets quickly taken out. Chidori asks Hyuuga about his illness, and he reveals it to be autonomic dystopia. He suffered from it when a cousin he loved very much eloped with a florist she met in a car crash. Sousuke runs into Samejima in the garden and takes him out. Hyuuga starts raving about how his cousin betrayed him and says that he hates being tricked, causing Chidori to feel very guilty for lying about Sousuke. Sousuke encounters Washio, who puts up a bit more resistance than his comrades but gets stuck under debris when Sousuke fires a real grenade instead of a rubber one by mistake. Hyuuga picks up an ornamental nail bat and tells Chidori he will protect her just as Sousuke blows up the wall behind him. Sousuke asks Chidori if she’s alright and slices Hyuuga’s bat with his combat knife. Chidori punches Sousuke and tells him she’s sick of his behavior. She explains to Hyuuga that there was a misunderstanding, and he angrily yells that she tricked him and took advantage of his kindness. Sousuke knocks him down and tells him it’s his own fault for getting tricked, but he admires his courage. Sousuke picks up Chidori and jumps off the balcony just as the servants burst into the room. As they float down using a balloon, Chidori says that they should send a letter of apology and asks if Sousuke was worried about her, which he confirms.


You kinda have to feel sorry for Chidori. The boy she likes has no interest in her physical features despite his concern for her well being, and man does she ever look hot in that bikini. Hyuuga’s also quite a strange character. He’s the last person you’d expect to be hiring former mercenaries as personal servants, including Washio who throws a very Oddjob-ish hat and can do Matrix dodges. There are probably other movie references that I didn’t catch. And before anyone freaks out over his love for his cousin, remember that this is normal in some cultures like Japan. Anyway, this was a pretty fun fan service episode, and about as close as Chidori can get to the summer beach memory that she always wanted.

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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! Info

Yasuhiro Takemoto

Fumihiko Shimo
Shoji Gatoh
Yasuhiro Takemoto

Mechanical Designer:

Character Designer:
Osamu Horiuchi

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

12 episodes

Japan 08.25.2003 – 11.18.2003


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