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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Ep. 2: Damage Control


At Merida island, an operator reports that all of Earth’s satellites are unusable for communication and Tessa deduces that they’re being affected by an incredibly powerful solar wind. Mardukas notes that during natural disasters warring factions cease hostilities, but Amalgam is actually taking advantage of the situation to attack Mithril as if they predicted what would happen. Mardukas asks Kalinin for his opinion but the latter is distracted. The discussion is interrupted by an alarm signaling the detection of cruise missiles heading towards the island. Tessa orders an interception and for all surface level personnel to evacuate. The base’s interceptor missiles take out three cruise missiles but a second wave of them is detected. Tessa tells the operator to calm down and reminds her that if the cruise missiles are nuclear then they won’t feel anything. In Tokyo, the Amalgam agents and Alastors fire upon Sousuke’s car as he escapes out of the parking lot. Two Alastors grab onto the car but Sousuke shoots one off and slams the other into a passing truck. Chidori asks Sousuke if she should grab a gun and start shooting but he sternly orders her not to. From inside a delivery truck, Kurama monitors the chase and tells the agents to fire at will. Sousuke shoots up a pursuing Amalgam car but his car gets hit by a truck and flips over. Sousuke gets out of the car and shoots an agent before pulling Chidori out and running. Sousuke contacts Gebo 9 to confirm the landing zone but is ambushed by an Alastor during the call. Sousuke takes it out with a grenade and a hail of machine gun fire but a civilian gets hurt by the shrapnel. Chidori wants to help the injured but Sousuke pulls her along. They reach the landing zone and signal Gebo 9 who tears through the pursuing agents with the helicopter’s Gatling gun. Gebo 9 begins to land but is shot by an agent using a handheld missile launcher. The helicopter crashes but the Arbalest bursts out of the wreckage and lets Sousuke board it. Sousuke takes out the remaining agents with the head vulcans as Chidori looks on in horror.

Merida island is devastated by the missile attack, but Tessa says that this is only the first attack. Gebo 5, who managed to take off before the missiles hit, calls in to report an incoming group of large aircraft. Tessa orders the Super Harriers to be sent out to intercept. Kalinin reports that the runway is too damaged to use transport trains, so Tessa orders Mardukas to take charge of finishing the maintenance work on the Tuatha de Danaan so that the entire base’s personnel can escape on it. Tessa tells Kalinin to prepare all their arm slaves for battle and station all their training M6’s at the north coast. Gebo 5 reports three unidentified crafts coming by sea, which turn out to be trio of Behemoth arm slaves. One of the Behemoths surfaces and bombards the island with its howitzer cannon. SRT pilot Speck informs Weber of the approaching Behemoths and the latter remarks that missiles and cannons don’t work against them. Clouseau briefs the SRT on the mission to intercept the Behemoths. SRT pilot Castello complains that they can’t do anything against an arm slave equipped with a Lambda Driver but Clouseau retorts that if the Behemoths reach the island they will destroy the Tuatha de Danaan and everyone will die on the island. Speck suggests that they instead stage a mutiny and take over the island so they can hand Tessa and the Tuatha de Danaan over to Amalgam in exchange for their lives. Clouseau warns Speck that he’ll be charged with treason but the latter retorts that he’s only a hired mercenary and has no interest in wasting his life. Tessa walks up to the group saying she predicted this discussion would happen. She has one of the accompanying soldiers give her a gun and tells the SRT that anyone who considers treason will be shot dead. Speck tries to object but Tessa silences him by firing a shot at the floor. Tessa admonishes Speck for thinking she was a pampered princess who was going to beg for his cooperation and reminds him of her rank. Speck apologizes and Tessa says that she’ll overlook his attempt at treason after they survive. Tessa also remarks that she never ordered anyone to die for her and instead orders everyone to survive. Speck apologies to the SRT and Castello remarks that the reward for this mission will be their lives. Everyone then looks to a nervous Weber as he is the only present person who managed to fight and damage a Behemoth. The explosions caused by Amalgam’s fight with Sousuke across Tokyo cause traffic jams due to road closures. The Sousuke lands the Arbalest on the roof of a building and decloaks before setting Chidori down. Sousuke asks Chidori if she’s alright but the latter is terrified from all the deaths that happened because of her. Sousuke tells her it’s not her fault but just then she gets a message saying that all her school friends are in danger along with a photo of Kyoko wearing an explosive belt.


Slightly more arm slave action in this episode compared to the last one, but plenty of ground action as Sousuke fends off several squads of Amalgam agents and Alastors. Unfortunately Chidori is not taking it so well as Leonard’s words about Sousuke’s violent past start to slowly sink in. Gebo 9 met an unfortunate demise but thanks to Tessa’s foresight Sousuke has a fighting chance thanks to the Arbalest. They still however have their work cut out for them as now Kurama has taken all of Jindai High hostage. Merida island base isn’t faring much better with not one but three Behemoths breathing down their necks and Speck trying to save his own skin. It’s nice to see Tessa put her foot down and remind everyone that she’s not some cute figurehead. On the other hand, Kalinin seems to have something on his mind.

Overall Rating

Invisible Victory Info

Katsuichi Nakayama

Shoji Gatoh

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Toshiaki Ihara

Character Designer:
Osamu Horiuchi

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

12 episodes

Japan 04.13.2018 – 07.18.2018
U.S. 04.13.2018 – 07.18.2018


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