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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid Ep. 7: Left Behind


Sousuke heads to the balcony and screams for Wraith to come out. When he gets no answer, he starts shouting out secret information until Wraith angrily calls his cell phone. Sousuke demands to know what Wraith’s mission is, and the latter answers that he’s to prevent Chidori, or rather the information inside her head, from falling into the wrong hands. He dismisses minor incidents like her getting attacked and kidnapped by thugs. When Sousuke brings up the A21 incident, Wraith says that the situation got out of hand but offers the excuse that A21 knew nothing about the Whispered which made them no different than thugs. Sousuke doesn’t believe that Wraith actually wants to protect Chidori but the latter doesn’t care. Wraith explains that originally the plan to guard Chidori after the Khanka incident was to be carried out only by the intelligence division, but the tactical division insisted on participating and argued that Sousuke would be an effective decoy. Wraith finds Sousuke more of a hindrance jokes that he often contemplates shooting Sousuke and making it look like an accident. He tells Sousuke not to think about disobeying orders and reminds him that he’s only living here because Mithril allowed him to. Constantly being called off to missions means he can’t live as a normal high school student and can’t protect Chidori all the time, which is why he’s here. Before ending the conversation, Wraith finally retorts that Sousuke isn’t doing much of a better job protecting Chidori than he is. He criticizes Sousuke inability to fit within society and that it constantly puts Chidori and those around her in unnecessary risk. The next day Kyoko finds Chidori looking more energetic than usual and asks if something happened with Sousuke, to which Chidori gives a cryptic reply and nothing more. As class starts, Chidori notices that Sousuke hasn’t shown up and starts getting worried.

Sousuke finishes emptying the safe house and writes a letter to the principal of Jindai High explaining that he must quit school. Chidori calls his cell phone but he hesitates to answer. As they walk home from school, Chidori and Kyoko discuss their test scores and Chidori wonders if her Whispered abilities are the reason for her high marks. The topic shifts to Sousuke and Kyoko suggests she tries calling him again, but Chidori decides that there’s no point in worrying. Yu Lan passes by them and Chidori suddenly starts feeling very nervous. She tries to call Sousuke but discovers that his phone is disconnected. She apologizes to Kyoko and quickly rushes home. Once back in her apartment, she tries to watch television but it fails to calm her down. She gets a phone call from a mysterious source but the caller does not respond. Chidori tries in vain to call Sousuke again then remembers the transmitter at his safe house. She rushes there and is surprised to find the place completely empty except for her school notes.


Not a whole lot happens in this episode. The first half is the exchange between Sousuke and Wraith which reveals some interesting facts, like how Wraith has actually been around since the end of the Khanka arc from the first season. I don’t really buy his story about making Sousuke nervous every time he points his rifle at him, and the way he brushes off the A21 incident shows how much of a stone cold jerk he is just like the rest of the Mithril intelligence agents we’ve seen so far. The second half shows how Chidori deals with Sousuke’s sudden absence, which turns her into a nervous wreck. Yu Lan showing up in Tokyo probably isn’t a coincidence which means the twins are now targeting Chidori for some reason.

Overall Rating

The Second Raid Info

Yasuhiro Takemoto

Shoji Gatoh

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Toshiaki Ihara

Character Designer:
Osamu Horiuchi

Musical Composer:
Toshihiko Sahashi

13 episodes, 1 OVA

Japan 07.13.2005 – 10.19.2005

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 05.26.2006
U.S. 05.01.2007


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