GaoGaiGar Ep. 26: Crossing Dimensions


Pasdar asks his Machine Kings what they plan to do now that they only have one Zonder crystal left, and Polonaise assures him that the preparations for Zero Operation will soon be complete. Pizza offers to act as a decoy while the rest transport the needed equipment, but Penchinon advises against a direct confrontation. Pizza instead decides to use the last Zonder crystal. Leo gets informed that Mic ran away yet again and can’t get in touch with Liger. They were supposed to perform a check on his transformation function and Leo surmises that it has a safety block placed on it for some reason. Elsewhere, a young boy plays with his toy Sea Dart in the water. His father was lost at sea during a heavy storm and his mother told him that he is somewhere between the sea and the sky. As he wishes he could go to where his father is, he spots Mic flying Mamoru and his friends over the water. Penchinon and Pizza suddenly appear before him and offer to help fulfill his dream with a Zonder crystal. Mamoru’s entire class is on a field trip to the beach. As they play in the water, Sunou and Sueo spot a Sea Dart heading towards them and Mamoru senses a Zonder. The Sea Dart morphs into EI-25 and fires missiles at the beach. Mic picks up Mamoru, Hana, Sunou and Sueo and flies just before the missiles hit, but the other students including the teacher and Kaidou get caught in the blast and disappear. Mic grabs Reiko and her friends and speeds off. EI-25 disappears into the ground and gives chase. Mic and the kids are wracked with sadness and guilt because they think the others are dead. Sunou spots EI-25’s fin poking out of the road behind them. Mic dodges another round of missiles and vows to protect the kids. EI-25 jumps in front of Mic but gets punched aside by Volfogg. Volfogg tells Mic to get the kids to safety while he stalls the Zonder. EI-25 disappears into the ground and Volfogg activates his Holographic Camouflage. Volfogg gets knocked around and realizes EI-25 isn’t using a camouflaging technique, so he summons the Gun machines and combines into Big Volfogg. EI-25 evades Big Volfogg’s shots and fires several missiles. Big Volfogg is hit but figures out the Zonder’s secret before disappearing. Mic and the kids stop and wonder what happened to Volfogg but soon spot EI-25 chasing after them again. Mic dodges more missiles and complains that he’s getting tired. Mamoru asks him if he can transform and Mic tries several times to no avail. The missiles eventually hit them and they all disappear.

Mamoru wakes up to find that Galeon had pulled him and Mic off the Baribarien just before it disappeared. Mamoru cries and yells out to his lost friends. At 3G, Leo explains that the Zonder has the ability to jump between parallel dimensions which is how it was able to hide itself. This also means that the missing people are still alive but they need to find the parallel dimension in which they’re trapped. Guy arrives at the beach and consoles Mamoru before fusing with Galeon. Hyuuma reports that he found Big Volfogg’s Jet Wrapper latched onto a railing with the wire leading up to a distortion. Leo says that that’s were everyone is trapped and quickly has the Pliers dispatched. Guy performs Final Fusion while HyoRyu, EnRyu and GoldyMarg distract EI-25. Guy connects with the Dimension Pliers and widens the distortion where the Jet Wrapper wire ended. Mamoru sense the voices of his friends and now knows that they’re alive. Guy, Mic and Mamoru jump through the hole just before it closes, trapping themselves inside. EI-25 appears and fires more missiles at them. Mikoto asks what would happen if they got hit by the missiles inside the parallel dimension and Leo replies that they’ll be transported to another parallel dimension and be lost forever. Guy tries to attack EI-25 but it jumps in front of Mic and Mamoru. Big Volfogg suddenly arrives to repel it and Guy tells Mic and Mamoru to find their friends while they handle the Zonder. Mamoru sense his friends nearby and they find them unconscious but unharmed. Mamoru wonders who called him here and Kaidou pokes his head out from behind a rock unnoticed. Guy and Big Volfogg continue to dodge EI-25’s missiles but are unable to touch it. Mic comes back and informs them that they found everyone. Big Volfogg releases a smokescreen while Guy reopens a hole back to the beach. Everyone escapes and Guy quickly closes the hole and disperses the whole dimension into the sky. This pulls EI-25 out of hiding and the Brave Robot Corps spring into action. Big Volfogg disables EI-25’s barrier with Melting Siren while HyoRyu and EnRyu attack it with their tonfa. Guy uses Hammer Hell and Heaven and Mamoru proceeds to purify the core, but it reverts back to the kid on its own to everyone’s surprise. From a nearby rooftop, Penchinon deduces that a child’s body couldn’t supply enough energy for the Zonder and Pizza says that at least the Zonder succeeded in drawing 3G’s attention while Primada and Polonaise recharge their energy. Pizza is still puzzled about Kaidou however and wonders who he is.


The Machine Kings have decided to sacrifice their last Zonder crystal on one last gamble to distract 3G while they carry out their ultimate plan, and this time they apparently succeeded. The way parallel dimensions work in this episode barely make sense, especially the part where Guy apparently threw the whole thing into space and caused the Zonder to somehow lose its dimension hopping powers. I’m just glad they never used the Dimension Pliers very often in the show as it’s my least favorite tool. The next four episodes will cover the final battle between 3G and Pasdar, who’s done hiding and hell bent on constructing Zonder metal plants at any cost.

Overall Rating

GaoGaiGar Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Ryosuke Takahashi
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Takahiro Yamada
Takehiro Kirao

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

49 episodes

Japan 02.01.1997 – 01.31.1998


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