GaoGaiGar Ep. 29: Firebird


Inside the sewers, a heavily wounded Pizza lies against the wall. Having just barely separated from his assimilated body before it was destroyed, he decides that his battle not done yet and will die as a warrior. Earlier, Liger takes Swan and Leo to where Mic is being repaired. Swan spots her brother Stallion, who Liger reveals is the project’s chief engineer and is here to prepare Disc X and lift the block on Mic‘s transformation. Stallion apologizes to Mic and tells him he can transform whenever he wants now. In the present, the Solitary Wave from Disc X causes the Zonder crystals to crack up. Liger explains that Boom robot mode is Mic’s true form but they sealed it to prevent misuse of Disc X. The reason it was overridden several times before now was because Mic’s AI, which is based on Stallion’s personality, reacted whenever Swan was in danger. The Solitary Wave can destroy any target at the atomic level by using its unique wavelength to attack its structure. Leo calls Liger out on stealing 3G’s battle data and is furious that the Zonder crystal sample Liger stole was destroyed during the tests. As Leo chases Liger around, Taiga remarks that this power will allow them to defeat the Zonderians. Guy and ChoRyuJin watch as all the Zonder crystals shatter and Mic collapses after his disc drive overheats. Taiga has 3G vessels sent out to rescue the trapped civilians and retrieve the Brave Robot Corps. Mic offers to go pick up Mamoru in Cosmo robot mode and takes off. Leo asks Entouji about Volfogg, and Entouji replies that they lost all contact with him after Penchinon’s destruction. Leo assures him that Volfogg’s still alive somewhere. At Tokyo Tower, Sunou calls his parents and tells them he’ll wait for them to pick him up while Hana wonders where Mamoru is. She spots Kaidou staring out at the city just as Mic arrives. Mic rams his Baribarien into the observation deck and tells the kids to get on. Suddenly the ground starts shaking and the tower begins to sink. Mic grabs the kids and asks where Mamoru is but nobody knows. Leo reminds Taiga of the incident two years ago when EI-01 crashed into Yokohama and disappeared without a trace. Just as they wonder if EI-01 is resurfacing now word comes out that Guy has forgone maintenance to go find Mamoru. Mikoto begs Guy to come back but he says that Mamoru helped them save the Earth countless times despite the danger and they must return the favor. Mamoru is walking in a dark void under Tokyo Tower, spurned on by a dreadful uneasy feeling. He eventually reaches Pasdar, who identifies him as Cain’s destruction machine.

Pasdar traps Mamoru in a barrier and says he won’t waste energy trying to destroy him right now. Mic drops the kids off to safety then leaves to look for Mamoru. Hana wonders where Kaidou is and everyone thinks he was left behind. Mic approaches the crater where Tokyo Tower was and gets repelled by a barrier. Guy finds him and they both look up to see Galeon charging the barrier and penetrating it with a technique similar to the Melting Siren. Guy remembers back to when Galeon did the same thing to Pasdar two years ago and runs after him into the crater. Galeon bursts into Pasdar’s chamber and charges at him. Pasdar refers to him as the legacy of Cain and uses various absorbed vehicles to constrict him. As Guy descends down the hole, Pizza attacks him and says he won’t rest until he takes him down. He knocks Guy down and the latter activates his Hyper Mode and pulls out his Will Knife. They clash some more and Pizza shatters the knife with his claws and punches Guy into a wall. Guy blinds Pizza with the light from his GaoBrace and punches him in the face. He’s about to deliver another blow when his Hyper Mode ends and Pizza retaliates. Guy grapples onto Pizza to stop him from spreading his wings and says he’s taking him to hell with him. He uses his G-Stone to send them speeding to the bottom of the crater in an explosive crash. Guy walks away from the impact and finds Mamoru and Pasdar, who he recognizes as the leader of the Machine Kings. Pasdar grabs Guy with metallic tentacles and prepares to impale him with a drill, but Pizza takes the blow. Pasdar says that Pizza decided to follow the destiny of a weakling after all and the latter replies that he only seeks a warrior’s death. He thanks Guy for reminding him of an important thing: That he is not Pizza. He crashes into Pasdar and causes an explosion of light, sending his body flying into the sky as a burning phoenix, where he says that the sky is nice before disappearing. Galeon breaks free of his binds and Mamoru falls out of the barrier into Guy’s arms. Pasdar’s voice booms into the chamber announcing that he’ll show them true terror. 3G detects a large object emerging from the crater and everyone begrudgingly admits that it can only be EI-01.


Surprisingly, the first half of this episode is mostly exposition and winding down after the intense battle with the Machine Kings. Swan is finally reunited with her brother Stallion, who until now we’ve only seen briefly, and Mic’s block was finally removed just in time for him to destroy all the Zonder crystals with the powerful Disc X. Although I’ve yet to see Betterman, it’s been already established that both shows take place in the same continuity and Disc X was inspired by Betterman nebula’s Psycho Voice attack. 3G has quite an interesting habit when it comes to basing their AI robots on human personalities, as evidenced by GoldyMarg and Mic. In the second half, Pasdar finally reveals himself to 3G, while Pizza finally recovers his lost pre-Zonderian memories, though we won’t find out about those until a bit later. You gotta love Galeon’s single track mind when it comes to Mamoru’s well being. Pasdar may have lost all his Zonder crystals again, but he’s not going down without a fierce fight.

Overall Rating

GaoGaiGar Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Ryosuke Takahashi
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Takahiro Yamada
Takehiro Kirao

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

49 episodes

Japan 02.01.1997 – 01.31.1998


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