GaoGaiGar Ep. 31: Farwell, GGG


The mysterious figure, Pagliaccio, absorbs all the information from the Pasdar fragment and hovers over Earth surrounded by three large pillars. 3G sees Mic off at the air base and Guy asks him if he’s ok with leaving without telling Mamoru and the others. Mic says that he can’t bear to see their sad faces so he’ll leave quietly. Mikoto tells him to come back and visit once his repairs are done. Liger flies in and says that it’s time for them to go. Swan sees Stallion off and tells him to say hi to their parents for her. Elsewhere, Mamoru and his friends are doing their summer homework over at the restaurant run by Hana’s parents. During lunch, Reiko complains that they shouldn’t be given homework with Tokyo in ruins but the others remind her that they’re lucky to have survived. Hana adds that Kaidou is still missing. At 3G, Taiga asks about the repairs on the Brave Robot Corps. Kazou replies that the body repairs are going fine but they’re unable to reboot their AI’s. Leo says that they shouldn’t need to sortie right now and Taiga hopes that that’s true. Leo surmises that he’s thinking of the Primevals mentioned in the data they recovered from Galeon. On the transport jet, Mic asks if his brothers are ok and Liger tells him that they’re all waiting to see him. Stallion calls and tells Liger to hurry to the cockpit, where they spot the purple pillars bursting through the clouds and heading towards them. The pillars fire a massive beam at the jet, destroying it. Mamoru’s friends head to the beach and he spots Kaidou’s mother staring out at the sea. Mamoru introduces himself and tells Mrs. Ikumi that he hopes Kaidou will come back soon. Mrs. Ikumi says that Kaidou must have returned to his real parents and departs leaving Mamoru very confused. Guy and Mikoto visit the graves of Mikoto’s parents, who had died when Pasdar crashed into Tokyo two years ago. Mikoto tells her parents that Guy has avenged them and thanks the latter. Guy says that he should be thanking her because she’s the reason he could keep on fighting. Mikoto hopes that this peace will last when suddenly one of the pillars descends from the sky.

The pillars converge over G-Island as 3G frantically tries to determine their identity before they fire upon the Bay Tower. Mikoto quickly enters the main order room to assume her post while Guy fuses with Galeon and the Gao machines are prepared for emergency launch. The pillars fire upon the Bay Tower and cause it to sink. Mamoru quickly runs towards G-Island. The Bay Tower’s reactor begins to overload and Entouji issues evacuation orders for the staff. The pillars fire again and 3G’s remaining vessels are destroyed. Guy barely has enough time to perform Final Fusion and burst out of the water. The 3G staff gives him last words of encouragement before a huge explosion rocks G-Island. Guy flies off into a rage and fires a Broken Magnum at the pillars, but it gets reflected by a strong barrier. A pillar fires at Guy from behind and causes him to crash into the ground. The pillars fire again but Guy manages to reflect the beam back at them with Protect Shade, sending them down to the ground. Without the Goldion Hammer, Guy is forced to use Hell and Heaven and rams into one of the pillars. The pillar changes into Fist Primeval and destroys GaoGaiGar‘s arms. The remaining pillars change into Hair and Jaws Primeval. Guy says that he hasn’t lost because his best weapon is his courage and charges with his Drill Knee, but Hair Primeval changes into a drill and destroys GaoGaiGar’s right leg. The Primevals then proceed to brutally attack GaoGaiGar, leaving it a mutilated wreck. Elsewhere, main computer Tomoro detects the Primevals and Soldat-J has the J-Ark launch from its hiding place inside a volcano. J speeds off to G-Island and fires his Anti-Meson cannons, blowing Fist Primeval to bits. Tomoro warns J that they nearly destroyed the core, and Guy and Mamoru wonder who they are. Pagliaccio refers to the J-Ark as the Disaster left by Abel. The remaining Primevals fly up to attack the J-Ark, and J performs Mega Fusion to transform it into the massive robot King J-Der. Hair Primeval fires a barrage of shots at J that bounce harmlessly of his Generating Armor. J retaliates by blasting Hair Primeval with his Maser Cannons then tossing it into a building. He then destroys another barrage of shots from Jaws Primeval and kicks it into another building. Fist Primeval regenerates and grapples on to J while the other two charge from both sides. J blasts them both then punches through Fist Primeval and fires its J-Quath, simultaneously destroying it and retrieving its core. Jaws and Hair Primeval attempt another futile charge only to get destroyed by the J-Quath as well. Jaws Primeval manages to escape but before J can give chase Kaidou flies out from King J-Der’s bridge and says they must purify the cores before they regenerate. Mamoru spots Kaidou and can’t believe his eyes.


So much for some peace and quiet. Tokyo barely has time to recover from Pasdar before the first batch of Primevals arrive and utterly decimate the weakened 3G and GaoGaiGar. Lucky for them of course that the J-Ark arrived just in time to administer a savage beatdown on the Primevals. I love how J isn’t above employing physical violence despite packing nine cannons on each of King J-Der’s arms. It also doesn’t take a lot of detective work to realize that Tomoro and J are former Zonderian Machine Kings Penchinon and Pizza, though their connection to the formerly missing Kaidou and the massive flying battleship J-Ark is still a mystery, as is the fate of Mic, Liger, Stallion and the rest of 3G. Who is Abel? Is he related to Cain? It would certainly explain the mutual obsession with making glowing flying kids.

Overall Rating

GaoGaiGar Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Ryosuke Takahashi
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Takahiro Yamada
Takehiro Kirao

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

49 episodes

Japan 02.01.1997 – 01.31.1998


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