GaoGaiGar Ep. 32: Counterattack! The 31 Primevals


Kaidou purifies the two Primeval cores into Zonder crystals while J transforms King J-Der back into the J-Ark. Mamoru tries to call out to Kaidou but the latter ignores him. The J-Ark departs as Pagliaccio looks on. It recognizes J as a restored warrior from the Trinary Solar system then collapses into its ball and zips off. Ai and Isamu arrive at the scene and are relieved that Mamoru’s ok. They look at the wrecked GaoGaiGar and Mamoru says they have to help him just as a large ship descends. It lands and opens its cargo hatch, revealing Stallion. Stallion introduces himself to Ai and Isamu as a member of the Earth Defense Force and Isamu asks how he knows Mamoru. GaoGaiGar is lifted into the ship with Guy still shocked and confused over what happened. Stallion tells Isamu that he can’t answer his question right now but they need Mamoru and he promises to bring him back when they’re done. Isamu accepts and tells the objecting Ai that this is something Mamoru must do. The ship, Amaterasu, takes off and Stallion apologizes to Mamoru for bringing him along. Mamoru asks about Guy and is told that he’s being removed from GaoGaiGar. Stallion explains that EI-01 and the Primevals came to Earth through ES(cape) Window, which allows for instant travel between two points. They’re expecting big ES Window to open soon to bring in the main force, which means the Zonderians were merely a scouting party. Amaterasu is currently heading to the UN’s space fortress where they plan to ambush the Primevals. A nurse calls from the emergency room and says that Guy’s repairs are complete. Mamoru goes to see Guy and finds him wrapped in bandages from head to toe. Mamoru is glad Guy is ok, but Guy says there’s no point to his steel body if he couldn’t protect everyone in 3G. Mamoru says that his efforts weren’t in vain and Guy apologizes and renews his vow to fight to the end. Stallion calls in and asks them to come to the bridge, where they see 3G’s new Orbit Base. Mikoto calls in from the main order room to Guy’s surprise. She welcomes Guy and Mamoru to their new base and apologizes for worrying them.

Amaterasu docks with the Orbit Base and everyone heads to the main order room where they are greeted warmly by Mikoto and the rest of 3G who are alive and well. Taiga announces that henceforth the Gutsy Geoid Guard shall be disbanded and everyone is promoted to a new unit: The Gutsy Galaxy Guard. Guy complains about being left out in the dark and Hyuuma says that even they didn’t know until they arrived. Liger explains that they never told anyone because it was an international defense secret. Taiga explains that a message they found on Galeon warned them of the progenitors of the Zonderians: The thirty one Primevals, far stronger than any Zonderian, are coming to Earth. The Orbit Base was constructed to combat that threat. Mikoto explains to Guy that when the Bay Tower base was destroyed, they escaped by separating the 3G hub and using its UI-Tech engine to escape to the Orbit Base. Liger adds that they arrived here earlier and Stallion changes into a 3G uniform saying that he and Liger are officially 3G members now. Mic calls in and asks to speak to Mamoru but Liger tells him to get ready to fight. Taiga begins briefing everyone on the operation, which involves ambushing the Primevals coming through the impending ES Window using the thirteen Mic Sounders units. Mamoru asks about the J-Ark and Leo says that they don’t know whose side it is on. Entouji tried to track it but it jammed all their systems. Taiga says they don’t need to rely on mystery allies and asks when the operation will start. Liger says that they still have twelve hours before the ES Window fully opens but Swan suddenly detects rapid changes in the gravity readings, indicating that the window is opening right now. Liger says that their ambush is almost ready and Taiga puts the base on level one battle alert. Guy asks about GaoGaiGar’s repairs and Stallion says it’s not ready yet. The Mic Force launches and transforms into Boom robot mode. They get into formation as the ES Window fully opens and release the Primevals in pillar form. The Mic Force equips Disc X and fires a Solitary Wave Riser at the ES Window, destroying the first wave of Primevals. Suddenly Jaws Primeval appears and starts attacking the Mic Force. 3G is powerless to retaliate but the J-Ark arrives and starts firing at Jaws Primeval. Mic riles up the remaining Sounders units and they manage to destroy a second wave of Primevals. J fires the J-Quath at Jaws Primeval but a small part of it manages to escape before its body is destroyed. J plugs out the J-Bird component of the J-Ark and transforms it into its robot mode J-Der. J catches up to Jaws Primeval and uses his Plasma Sword to destroy it and retrieve its core. The Mic Sounders units start overheating but they manage to destroy the remaining Primevals. However all their cores remain intact and rain down to Earth.


Gotta hand it to the writers for pulling a fast one on us not once but twice. 3G’s survival has to be one of the most ridiculous suspension of disbelief moments in the show, but at least they didn’t procrastinate when it came to revealing the new 3G base. Guy had to take a backseat in this episode to the J-Ark and the Mic Force which finally make their debut as 3G’s most powerful weapon for the coming battles, though they can only be relied on for so long before the might of GaoGaiGar and the Brave Robot Corps is needed once again.

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GaoGaiGar Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Ryosuke Takahashi
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Takahiro Yamada
Takehiro Kirao

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

49 episodes

Japan 02.01.1997 – 01.31.1998


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