GaoGaiGar Ep. 39: The Magnificent Seven Primevals


In New York, the Magnificent Seven Primevals Arm, Nail, Ear, Eye, Intestine, Rib and Liver gather after fusing with human hosts and discuss their plan, which involves freeing their purified Primeval comrades and destroying 3G and the J-Ark. Elsewhere, Ayame, Hana and the rest of Mamoru’s friends are touring the docked American assault ship Belleau Wood when Rib Primeval uses his Atomic Disassembly power to hijack it. Six other sea vessels from around the world are stolen at the same time and 3G is unable to find any trace of them, but Leo knows it must be the work of the Primevals. Mamoru blames himself for not being with his friends when they needed him, but Volfogg tells him that regrets won’t bring back those who were lost. In the Big Order Room, 3G continues to ponder the ships’ disappearance, but Liger offers a consolation by mentioning that the ongoing analysis on the Zonder crystals will allow them to use the Solitary Wave against the Primevals. On cue, Mamoru and Kaidou sense the Primevals approaching the Orbit Base and J has the J-Ark head to their location. 3G discover that the Primevals are merged with the seven missing ships and Taiga wonders why they couldn’t detect their sudden appearance. The Primevals fire and the blast is reflected by the base’s Protect Shade but dissipates harmlessly against the Primevals’ own barrier. Leo asks Liger if they can use the Solitary Wave but the latter replies that they don’t have all the data yet and heads off to assist Stallion with the matter. Guy wants to head out and fight but Hyuuma stops him saying that the Primevals’ frontal attack hides their true intentions. Eye Primeval detects a small opening in the Orbit Base and Rib Primeval has all of them except Intestine Primeval disassembled and snuck through. Once inside, Liver Primeval reassembles them with his Reverse power. Mamoru senses them inside as they begin their attack. 3G spots them on their monitors and Taiga is surprised that they’re taking human form. Leo can’t believe that they managed to sneak in through the incredibly tiny opening not covered by the Protect Shade system. Arm Primeval sends Ear and Nail to take over the base’s central control while Rib and Liver go after the Brave Robot Corps. Hyuuma and the base’s staff fire upon Nail and Ear but Nail blocks all the bullets. Ear fires needles at the staff which turns them into mindless slaves. Hyuuma dodges the needles and jumps into a nearby chute to escape. Nail tells Ear to let him go because he’s not their objective. As 3G monitors the situation, Taiga wonders if the Primevals are trying to take over the base, but Leo notes that they can’t use the base as a Zonder metal plant because it runs on a GS-Ride system. Entouji then reports that a group is headed towards Liger’s lab and Taiga realizes that they’re after the Zonder crystal. Guy calls in and says that he’s going after the Primevals on foot. Mamoru offers to tag along but Guy tells him to stay where he is because there are too many enemies. Eye detects Guy on the level above them and Arm fires a gravity wave in his direction, knocking Guy out of the station and into space.

Guy floats away from the Orbit Base and is stopped by one of its solar panels. He spots the young woman looking angry and realizes that he must not give up. He pushes himself back towards the base and spots the woman in another location, this time smiling. Eye senses Guy again and the latter smashes through a hatch right in front of them. He charges at Arm with his Will Knife but gets knocked back by another gravity wave. On Amaterasu, Hyuuma, Goldymarg and the dragons wait for the approaching Primevals. Rib and Liver melt the shutter doors and Hyuuma orders everyone to fire. The dragons however hesitate because they realize the Primevals have fused with human hosts. Rib reveals that they know everything about the Brave Robot Corps, but Liver notes that someone is missing. On cue, Volfogg drops down and attacks them with his Silver Moon boomerangs. Liver uses his power to reform the both of them and Rib taunts Volfogg saying that his Silver Cross won’t hurt them. Volfogg tries anyway and Rib disassembles the projectile before turning his power on the 3G robots. Guy is knocked through the wall and Arm prepares to fire another gravity wave when a missile suddenly emerges from an ES Window and slams right into Arm. Arm gets up to see J standing on the missile. J says that he can now settle their score from back when they fought in the Trinary Solar system and charges at Arm with his beam sword. Eye predicts his moves and Arm easily dodges. Eye reveals that she has the power of long range detection and foresight, meaning that she can see their every move. Guy declares that he’ll even the odds and J tells him that he doesn’t need his help. Guy retorts that he’s not helping him and activates his Hyper Mode. They bicker briefly before charging at Arm. Meanwhile, Mamoru had left the main order room to find Galeon and asks him to fight with him. Taiga has the base staff evacuate while Leo and Entouji continue to monitor the Primevals. Nail and Ear appear and reveal their plan to turn the Orbit Base into a Zonder metal plant which will rain Zonder spores down to Earth, thus Zonderizing the entire planet. Leo deduces that the Zonder spores were those missile-like objects they saw inside EI-09. Swan has the main order room lifted upwards but Nail chases them and slices through the floor. Ear shoots everyone with needles and turns them into slaves except Mikoto who manages to dodge. However she’s too shocked at the sight of her converted comrades to avoid the second shot.


Not wasting anytime after crashing on Earth, a group of Primevals quickly reorganizes and plans 3G’s demise. Amusingly they’re named after the American cowboy version of the Akira Kurosawa classic Seven Samurai. With a really broken set of powers like regeneration, matter disassembly, and foresight, it’s no wonder they managed to steamroll through the Orbit Base’s defenses. Guy nearly bought the farm twice but is once again saved by the mystery woman and J, who makes quite an entrance by riding a teleporting missile straight into Arm Primeval’s face. We also finally learn the purpose of those Zonder spores seen long ago in episode eight, which is to release Z0 particles over a large area and Zonderize all life forms in it. That’s quite a devastating weapon. On another note, Hyuuma now has a whole pile of communicators on his desk, which makes me wonder if he’s just aware of his bad habit or has channeled it into a form of stress relief.

Overall Rating

GaoGaiGar Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Ryosuke Takahashi
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Takahiro Yamada
Takehiro Kirao

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

49 episodes

Japan 02.01.1997 – 01.31.1998


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