GaoGaiGar Ep. 6: His Name is ChoRyuJin


HyoRyu and EnRyu try to perform Symmetrical Docking, but their SympaRate keeps decreasing and the attempt fails. If they don’t combine, they’ll never be able to use their ultimate tool: The Eraser Head. Mamoru heads to G-Island and uses he special member pager to access the lift leading to the 3G main order room. With everyone present, Swan moves the room down to the Big Order Room where HyoRyu and EnRyu are situated. Elsewhere, a disgruntled and drunk sea captain sits in front of his grounded tanker and curses the navigation computer accident that left it no longer sailable. Penchinon appears and asks if he could have avoided the accident without using computers. 3G studies the drawn profiles of the Four Machine Kings based on the accounts of their victims and call them Zonderians. All the people turned into Zonders so far seem to have one thing in common: Harboring feelings of deep hatred or sadness. Mamoru suggests that he should try to purify them before they turn into giant robots, but Guy reminds him how dangerous and unsuccessful his first attempt to do that was. Mamoru doesn’t like seeing the city get destroyed, but the 3G staff reminds him that they can’t risk getting him hurt while out in the field or there’d be no one to purify the Zonder cores. EnRyu is all for trying Mamoru’s idea, saying they won’t accomplish anything by giving in to their fear, but HyoRyu rejects his logic and the two start engaging in Transformer-style banter. Mamoru suddenly senses a Zonder. The captain, now Zonderized and merged with his tanker to form the enormous EI-07, starts siphoning gasoline from an oil rig.

3G monitors EI-07 and Entouji notes that it’s carrying 100000 tons of gasoline in its body, which will destroy everything within a 20 kilometer radius if it explodes. GaiGar docks with StealthGao and takes off, with HyoRyu and EnRyu following him from the mirror catapult and the Landing and Supply Assault Ship launched as well to transport the Dividing Driver and Eraser Head. Guy dodges streams of explosive gasoline from EI-07 and Penchinon happily muses that they’ll never defeat it without blowing up the whole area. HyoRyu and EnRyu arrive, with the latter making the first of his many crash landings. HyoRyu uses his Chest Thriller to put out the surrounding fires, and EnRyu uses the Mirror Shield to block a blast from EI-07. Heeding Guy’s warning not to attack it directly; EnRyu redirects the reflected blast to EI-07’s side. HyoRyu and EnRyu distract EI-07 so Guy can perform Final Fusion, and 3G notes that their teamwork is raising their SympaRate. Guy forms GaoGaiGar and fires his Broken Magnum into the ground where it drills through and pops up under EI-07, knocking it into the ocean. Guy quickly docks with the Dividing Driver and creates a repression field. With EI-07 too big to get back up, Guy starts up Hell and Heaven to extract the core. HyoRyu deduces that the explosion will be safely contained in the field, but Guy will be crushed to death by the shockwaves. Guy says there’s no other way and asks them to take care of things after he throws them the core. Concerned for their captain’s life above all else, HyoRyu and EnRyu charge into the field to stop him. This causes their SympaRate to max out, and Taiga approves Symmetrical Docking. The pair finally combines and forms ChoRyuJin. Hyuuma immediately has the Eraser Head launched just as Guy slams into EI-07. The blast from the explosion expands, then heads straight up where it dissipates harmlessly in space thanks to ChoRyuJin using the Eraser Head to redirect the energy skywards. Taiga announces that a new hero is born, and ChoRyuJin apologizes for disobeying Guy’s orders. Mamoru flies over to purify the core, and Guy says that once again their teamwork saved the day.


Well that sure was quick. HyoRyu and EnRyu just debuted last episode and already we’re introduced to a new gimmick and new tool for them. Though the Eraser Head is another neat concept like the Dividing Driver, the fact that it required ChoRyuJin with little to no explanation makes the whole episode seem like it should have came a bit later in the series. On the other hand, the Machine Kings certainly don’t mess around. They keep throwing GaoGaiGar into increasingly difficult situations and so far only last minute interventions and desperate measures saw 3G through the day. On a more humorous note, the EnRyu eyecatch misspells his Mirror Shield as “Miller Shield.”

Overall Rating

GaoGaiGar Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Ryosuke Takahashi
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Takahiro Yamada
Takehiro Kirao

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

49 episodes

Japan 02.01.1997 – 01.31.1998


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