GaoGaiGar Final Ep. 2: Gods of Destruction! Decisive Battle in the Storm!


After Guy was purified by the G-Stone, he was reborn as the super evolved human Evoluder Guy. Taiga returned to the helm of the Space Development Corporation to oversee the study of THE POWER. Liger, Swan and Stallion were transferred to 3G’s American branch. Takanohashi and Yaginuma were assigned to the Orbit Base as its new head scientist and chief. Papillon Noir, a bioengineer, was transferred over from Chasseur, as well as Renais, KouRyu and AnRyu. In the present, Mamoru breaks the glass case containing the Q-Parts, and Mic appears behind him and uses his Sparkling V harmonica to render Liger, Stallion and Swan unconscious. Mamoru thanks Mic for the help and says he needs to hurry if he wants to save the universe. While listening to news about strange weather patterns occurring around the world, Hana wonders why Mamoru was acting strange when the puppies drag her to the beach. She finds Yoseph standing over an unconscious Kaidou. Hana gets Kaidou to her room and treats his wounds. She asks why Mamoru is hasn’t come to see her and Kaidou has no idea either. In 3G’s Chinese branch, Yan is overseeing tests done on the Q-Parts and the original Gao Machines with the presence of his wife and newborn child. He comments that if they unlock the full potential of the Q-Parts they won’t need to research Jupiter anymore. Suddenly an explosion rocks the facility and Yan spots Mamoru grabbing the Q-Parts. The facility’s damaged reactor causes another explosion but FuRyu and RaiRyu shield the staff. Yan is about to chastise them for letting Mamoru get away with the Q-Parts but relents when he realizes their actions saved his wife and child. Liger and Yan report the thefts to the Orbit Base, with Yan adding that Mamoru took the original Gao Machines as well. Takanohashi laments this turn of events considering their analysis on the Q-Parts was nearly complete. Mikoto asks if they’re sure it was Mamoru, and Swan replies that Mic’s identification sensor confirmed it before they placed him on lockdown for assisting in the theft. Renais assumes that Mamoru is up to no good and retorts to Mikoto’s denial that he would have contacted them by now if he was innocent. Entouji asks Papillon if her Sensing Mind is telling her anything, and Hyuuma complains about her brushing Entouji’s hair in the middle of the briefing. Papillon retorts that if she left Entouji’s hair as it is it’ll end up like Hyuuma’s. As Kazou wonders what Mamoru plans to do, Papillon reports an object heading towards the Orbit Base, which turns out to be the stolen StealthGao II. Mamoru contacts the main order room and is glad that he found Guy. Hyuuma is not as happy to see him but Guy says that whatever the circumstances, he trusts Mamoru and lets him land inside. Papillon scans Mamoru and reports that he matches all the data they have on him, but somehow she can’t feel the breath of life from him. Something then causes her to run out of the main order room and Renais thinks her Sensing Mind picked something up. Mamoru tells 3G that the universe is in big trouble and he needs the Q-Parts at any cost. Kazou asks what he plans to do with them but Mamoru ignores his question and asks where the remaining two pieces are. Entouji tells him that they’re in the research module, and Mamoru finally drops the friendly charade and to knock everyone aside with a telekinetic blast. Papillon waits in the research module and senses Mamoru’s arrival just as he blasts his way in. And explosion occurs in the Orbit Base and Mamoru flies out with all the Q-Parts assembled into the star-shaped Pas-Q machine. Mamoru says that this was worth a few sacrifices, but Guy flies out after him and demands an explanation. Mamoru summons a grey Galeon and says that there’s no time before flying away. In the Orbit Base, Entouji cradles a mortally wounded Papillon, who tells him that the Q-Parts were causing the strange weather patterns. Entouji tells her to save her strength but she says that she’s already rejoining the spirits before dying in his arms.

Mamoru and Galeon are intercepted by the Japanese and French dragons. HyoRyu and EnRyu ask why Mamoru is running away, and the latter fuses with Galeon into GaiGar to everyone’s surprise. Mamoru summons StealthGao II and tries to dock with it but gets caught by Volfogg’s Jet Wrapper. Volfogg begs Mamoru to explain himself and the latter says that he needs to trust him. Volfogg hesitates a bit and Mamoru uses the chance to kick him away. Mamoru docks with the StealthGao II and tries to escape but the UI-Tech engines won’t start. Renais who had stowed away on the jet reveals that she sabotaged the controls system and blasts Mamoru down to Earth. Takanohashi asks the mourning Entouji to calculate GaiGar’s reentry path, and Hyuuma orders the Tsukuyomi to launch. Down in the Bay Tower, Isamu interrupts Taiga’s video conference to show GaiGar descending from orbit. As it reaches sea level, the Pas-Q machine reacts and reactivates the engines. Kaidou spots GaiGar and leaves the sleeping Hana. As Tsukuyomi descends down to Earth, Mikoto tells Guy that they can intercept Mamoru over Kyoto. Guy asks how Papillon is doing, and Mikoto can only reply with silence. Guy launches in the PhantomGao once Mamoru is spotted and changes into GaoFar. Guy is no longer accepting Mamoru’s excuses now that he killed someone and the latter attacks. They both summon the Gao Machines and perform Final Fusion, becoming GaoFighGar and Star GaoGaiGar. Mamoru tells Guy that he finally has the power of King of Braves thanks to the Pas-Q machine, but the latter retorts that that’s not what power is. Mamoru responds that Guy is wrong and fires a Broken Phantom, forcing Guy to retaliate with his own. The two projectiles clash and repel each other. Mamoru charges Guy and begins wailing on him. Guy tries to counter with his Drill Knee but Galeon blocks it with his mouth. Mamoru then flings Guy into a building with Plasma Hold. He fires a Broken Magnum but Guy flies past it and slams him into a mountain. Guy calls for Goldymarg and the latter reminds him that he’s fighting Mamoru. Mikoto pleads with Guy to reconsider but the latter angrily repeats his order. The 3G staff asks Yaginuma what to do, and he says that they will trust the hero’s judgment. Guy attacks Mamoru with the Goldion Hammer but Mamoru counters it with Hell and Heaven, destroying both the hammer and the Marg Hand. Mamoru prepares to use Hell and Heaven on Guy but ChoRyuJin drops down and fires a large Eraser Head. A Large amount of energy is released upwards but it doesn’t stop the attack. Mamoru slams into ChoRyuJin and breaks him in half, causing Guy to fly off into a rage and start up his own Hell and Heaven. The two attacks collide and GaoFighGar’s fists begin to crack. Mamoru announces that he has surpassed Guy but the latter reminds him that victory always goes to those with courage before smashing past GaoGaiGar’s arms. Guy pulls Mamoru and the Pas-Q machine out of Galeon and Star GaoGaiGar violently explodes. As the 3G ships arrive, Guy holds the wounded Mamoru in his arms. Mamoru meekly tells Guy that he’s in pain and that he shouldn’t have gotten in his way. Guy fails to see Mamoru prepare to blast him but Kaidou knocks him away with a blast of his own. Kaidou reveals to everyone that that isn’t that real Mamoru as the latter dissolves into dust. Kaidou then notices Palparepa floating behind him and realizes that the Eleven Sol Masters are involved in this.


If people were expecting Final to be simple monster of the week fiasco between 3G and BioNet, they were in for a big surprise. The brief subplot of Mamoru’s return has built up into a no holds barred knockdown drag fight between the old GaoGaiGar and the new GaoFighGar. Although the emotional impact was lost a bit with the reveal that this Mamoru was a fake (and most likely by extension the grey Galeon as well), Guy still went all out fully believing he was fighting the real thing. Guy once again proves that he wasn’t someone who lets his sentiments get in the way of what must be done. Papillon’s death was a red line that couldn’t be solved just by idle conversation, not when fake Mamoru was so single-mindedly adamant on collecting the Q-Parts. Speaking of the former, we’ve learned a few things about her. Mainly that she’s some kind of psychic and that she is apparently spoken for, by Entouji of all people! Luckily her role isn’t quite over yet. As far as poor Goldymarg is concerned, although his body has been completely destroyed, his ultimate fate is unknown at this moment. Mic is out of commission for now due to helping the fake Mamoru, but we got to briefly see FuRyu and RaiRyu in action in a very humanizing scene that shows how far they and Yan have come along since their introduction. Now that Yan’s a father he’s no longer the somewhat selfish militant he was in the TV show, though he probably hasn’t lost his arrogance if he thinks bringing his wife and infant child to his volatile workplace was a good idea in the first place. Interestingly, after mankind’s encounter with THE POWER several countries are now showing an interest in researching Jupiter to use as an energy source, but sadly that plot thread is never explored any further since we’ll be introduced to 3G’s new enemy next episode.

Overall Rating

GaoGaiGar Final Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda0

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kazumi Fujita
Takahiro Yamada

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

8 episodes (OVA); 12 episodes (TV re-edit)

Video Release:
Japan 01.21.2000 – 03.21.2003


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