GaoGaiGar Final Ep. 4: The King of Braves’ Last Stand!


Earlier when the 3G fleet was heading towards the Galeoria comet, Swan reports that the dimensional gate is closing. Kaidou wonders if the Sol Masters are the cause and Taiga orders all ships to charge at full speed. In the present, everyone wakes up and discovers that they’ve arrived at Earth. As they land, Volfogg scans the planet and finds it identical to Earth but completely devoid of any human life. They are greeted at 3G’s American branch by Papillon, who admits that she and this Earth are fakes. She explains that when fake Mamoru activated the Pas-Q machine, a duplicate Earth was created in the Trinary Solar system. However, all the duplicate human beings except Papillon broke down and disintegrated. She escaped to Earth using an emergency shuttle just before the Orbit Base strayed from orbit and vanished into space, and had been hiding out in the American Space Center ever since. Kaidou adds that the Pas-Q machine by itself can’t make perfect reproductions. Papillon says that her Sensing Mind told her that they’re from the real Earth and that the real Papillon is dead. Everyone has a lot of questions, but Papillon has no answers. Renais gives her a long hard look and welcomes her back, to the joyful tears of everyone. Kaidou notes that the Trinary Solar system is different from what he remembers, since there is now one sun instead of three. Papillon suggests using the Space Center to investigate. 3G spends several days going over the entire planet without much luck. Papillon asks Entouji about the dimensional gate, and the latter replies that with the Galeoria comet gone they might not be able to return to their solar system for now. Entouji however doesn’t mind since she’s here with him. Papillon is happy but says that her Sensing Mind is telling her that something bad will happen. Just then she sees a vision of GaoFighGar getting destroyed. Elsewhere, Kaidou discovers that the sun he’s seeing isn’t actually a sun and gets attacked by a mysterious figure with the same powers as his. The hooded figure fires a large blast and overwhelms Kaidou. Mikoto wonders where Kaidou is and Swan thinks he’s probably playing at G-Island. Mikoto then comments that it’s so peaceful here and tells Guy that they should relax. Liger, Taiga and Hyuuma discuss the situation and casually note that since they’re exiled and the contraction won’t affect their solar system for a while, they should just take it easy on this Earth. Renais finds this attitude a little strange. The Brave Robot Corps are told that they need to be temporarily shutdown for maintenance, but they protest that they won’t be able to start up in case of an emergency. Taiga tells them that they’ve already decided to resolve their issues with the Sol Masters through peaceful means and has all the robots deactivated.

Guy is perplexed to find Mikoto wearing a dress and preparing a picnic table. He tells her that they might run into the Sol Masters at any moment but she tells him not to worry. Renais objects to the deactivation of KouRyu and AnRyu since they belong to Chasseur, but Liger and Kazou tell her that things are peaceful now. Just then she and Guy sense someone calling out to them through their G-Stones and quickly head out to find the source. Renais gets attacked by Pillnus. She enters Equip mode and dodges her flamethrower. Pillnus then shoots out several chains and restrains Renais. She tells her that she’s been a bad girl then stabs her with the stinger on her back. Guy takes off in PhantomGao and asks Papillon what’s going on. She says she doesn’t know what it exactly is, but reminds him that if he ever loses faith himself, he must always believe the oath sworn through courage. Papillon then sense someone behind her and finds Pia Decem. Guy arrives at a coliseum and finds the Eleven Sol Masters. Guy demands to know what they’re up to, and Palus Abel explains that they’re merely restoring the Trinary Solar system. The duplicate Earth was an accident, but the contraction is caused by the Pas-Q machine sucking dark matter from the solar system and using it to regenerate the Trinary Solar system. They don’t care that the solar system will be destroyed in the process and Guy asks where Mamoru is. Palparepa replies that he’s gone and Guy finally has enough. He fuses with PhantomGao into GaoFar while Palparepa performs Chemical Fusion with a giant molecule construct to form the giant white robot Palparepa PLUS. Palparepa taunts Guy and tells him to perform Final Fusion. Guy summons the Gao Machines but nobody responds to his request to initiate Program Drive. Palparepa pities Guy for needing to rely on others to gain his strength and Guy pleads with his 3G comrades to answer his call because they all came here with no doubt in their hearts. His salvation arrives in the form of the real Mamoru who slams the glass panel, allowing Guy to fuse into GaoFighGar. Palparepa performs his ultimate attack God and Devil, and Guy counters with Hell and Heaven. Noticing that they’re evenly matched, Pei La Cain jumps into the fray and powers up Palparepa’s Loud G-Stone, confusing Guy and allowing Palparepa to overpower him and wreck GaoFighGar.


3G’s exile sure is off to a weird start. They arrive at a duplicate Earth made by the Pas-Q machine with only a duplicate Papillon as its sole occupant, and then all the normal human members gradually lose their will to fight, while the ones who figure out something is wrong get targeted by the Sol Masters. Speaking of which, they’re also another case of AI’s gone rogue. Cain and Abel must have been unparalleled geniuses if they were the only ones in the entire Trinary Solar system who could create AI that doesn’t flip out and turn against its creator. The Control Program System must have thought the same thing since it made two of the Sol Masters in their image. Thanks to fake Cain, Guy and Palparepa’s first fight ends with GaoFighGar summarily wrecked. However we do get to se that the real Mamoru is still alive and kicking, but duplicate Papillon’s fate is up in the air.

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GaoGaiGar Final Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Kazumi Fujita
Takahiro Yamada

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

8 episodes (OVA); 12 episodes (TV re-edit)

Video Release:
Japan 01.21.2000 – 03.21.2003


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