Garzey’s Wing Ep. 3: Wings of Light


The Metomeus tribe continues to do battle with Ashigaba soldiers. The soldiers head off to reunite with the war beast battalion. Falan Fa directs the tribe members on where to go. A flying war beast suddenly appears but is blown up. On Earth, Chris lies in bed while Rumiko tells his grandmother that nothing actually happened to him at the pool party. Ketta Keras thanks Chris for his help, but Chris says he’s concerned that Garzey’s Wing didn’t appear during their last battle. Falan Fa returns with information on the Ashigaba troops. Chris asks Aishe why everyone dislikes the Ferario. Aishe says it’s because the Ferario are not from Byston Well, but Kastanga Hill. She believes the bell Hassan used to summon Chris to Byston Well turned Falan Fa good. Ketta Keras talks to some men and thinks the Ashigaba will attack them all at once. Leelince returns, having been scouting with Tawrad. Chris is provided with some prepared arrows by some of the tribe members More tribe members arrive with supplies. Leelince thinks Chris is acting like the leader. Leelince watches Tawrad advances; Falan Fa follows and finds the Ashigaba troops nearby. A war beast spots her, scaring her away. Falan Fa reports to Chris that the war beasts have moved. Chris orders Leelince’s forces to meet up with his. A series of soldiers riding war beasts show up from the nearby cliff. The Ashigaba commander is confident that they’ll crush all of the Metomeus. The soldiers and tribe members do battle. Leelince returns, saying she didn’t see any war beasts where she was. Many of the war beasts are destroyed, much thanks in part to Tawrad. Falan Fa is upset over so many being injured or dead. Chris wonders if the Metomeus tribe will be wiped out even though they’ve made it this far. On Earth Rumiko tends to Chris. Chris tells her that the other Chris is using all his energy. Rumiko tells him to use her energy as well. Hassan tries to make Chris more confident, talking to him via telepathy. Ketta Keras believes Tawrad is from the Gerod tribe in the north. Aishe and Tance depart to help the wounded. Hassan thinks her powers are growing weak but she will still help carrying fuses to battle.

Falan Fa counts the Ashigaba war beasts but is captured by a soldier. Falan Fa manages to escape when the soldiers try to tear her legs off. The Ashigaba commander orders his troops to go forward. Falan Fa returns to Chris and warns him that the enemy is coming from the upcoming canyons. Ketta Keras orders Chris to take those on the left while he heads to the right. The Gada fuses lit by the Metomeus have no effect on the armored plates attached to the war beasts, but Tawrad attacks them from above. Chris is knocked off his horse and attacks a nearby soldier. He wonders why Garzey’s Wing hasn’t appeared. Tawrad departs, telling Leelince to survive as long as she can. The war beasts attack many of the tribe members and soldiers. Chris uses a drum to catapult him on top of one, which he defeats. On Earth, Rumiko goes upstairs to look at the sleeping Chris. The Ashigaba commander is upset at the rebelling Metomeus tribe. Ketta Keras’s group battles the troops. Hassan prays for Chris to have power. Chris starts to head off to where she is and Falan Fa comes across him along the way. Leelince thinks about how she was jealous of Chris relying on Hassan and regrets relying on Tawrad, who left. The Ashigaba commander blows up the carriage that Hassan is on and orders his troops to kill her as she flees. On Earth, Chris calls for Hassan and Rumiko tells him to take her energy. Chris slices at the legs of the war beast chasing Hassan, then stands in its way so she can escape. Garzey’s Wing suddenly appears. Chris flies in the sky to battle the Ashigaba commander but is sword is damaged. On Earth, Chris calls for the power of the universe to come to him. Leelince throws Chris a sword to use but he misses it, attacking the commander with his destroyed sword. The spirit of Rumiko appears calling for Chris to be saved. Chris rams himself into the Ashigaba commander, knocking him off his war beast. The war beast then topples over, falling on top of the commander. Chris thanks Leelince, Hassan and Rumiko for the help. The tribe members surround the maimed commander. Ketta Keras and Leelince tell Chris to finish him off. Chris is hesitant at killing the commander and the tribe members instruct him on how to kill him, which he does. Hassan returns to her children, who are wondering where Chris is. Leelince calls the vomiting Chris weak and rides off. Ketta Keras talks to a man about how they will continue to look for the Baraju tree. On Earth, Chris rides with Rumiko, seeing the large Baraju tree in the distance. Garzey’s Wing appears on Chris’ feet and he flies towards it on his motorcycle.


The mediocrity continues, but is particularly apparent with this episode, as I was expecting some sort of payoff, but got none. The Metomeus tribe never actually gets to the Baraju tree, which for some nonsensical reason is revealed to be on Earth at the end. The Metomeus battle the Ashigaba, but it seems that there will be plenty more fighting in the future, so it’s like they suddenly ended the series in the middle of things when more episodes were expected. Chris seems quite distressed and not sure how to kill a dying enemy when just minutes before he was launching himself at another enemy soldier, pushed the point of his sword right into the soldier’s face, and had the soldier’s blood spilled all over his body with no adverse reaction from him at all. Tawrad leaves in the middle of the battle with no explanation whatsoever. What a pointless character. The Zagizoa character, who appeared to be building up to the main villain in the first two episodes is completely absent in this final episode. Chris spent time trying to teach his tribe mates on how to create guns in the last episode, but it never goes anywhere in this episode. Chris defeats his enemy with merely the hilt of his sword. The scenes on Earth are little more than a waste of time and make no sense, as Byston Well Chris drawing all his energy from Earth Chris contradicts the prior episodes. I could go on and on. My advice is to not even bother with this anime unless you want to laugh at how horrifically bad it is.

Overall Rating

Garzey’s Wing Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Character Designer:
Kenichi Ohnuki

Musical Composer:
Shiro Sagisu

3 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 09.21.1996 – 04.09.1997
U.S. 06.20.2000


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