Gasaraki Ep. 13: Disembark


At the research facility, Kiyotsugu supervises the study of the Kugai, which to his surprise is already regenerating. In Hokkaido, the berserk TA pilot, Taniguchi, is carried away from his TA on a stretcher while Yushiro watches. Yonetani reports on the failure of the mission, but that they were able to collect successful data from it. Daizaburo receives a call from General Yoshidake Gowa who tells him that events were going on in Hokkaido although he doesn’t have much more details. Daizaburo orders Yushiro to be called back. Out of his pilot suit, Yushiro sits down with Murai, Kaburagi and Tokudaiji, who tells him that they are sending the data on the TAs to the Gowa’s laboratory. Yushiro was under the impression that it was going to the Defense Ministry first. Tokudaiji tells him that the pilot of the berserk TA is being taken to a Gowa medical facility as well. Kaburagi thinks there is a cover up going on. Hirokawa is handed orders for Yushiro to be returned. Murai asks Yushiro if he is able to explain to them what is going on. Outside, Ataka tells Hayakawa of the Kugai she witnessed; that it was like a TA but organic. She wonders if biotechnology is behind the research that was going on here. Hayakawa doesn’t think that Gowa would risk the life of a member of their family. Ataka thinks of when Yushiro got off the helicopter from the previous episode. Yushiro says that both he and the pilot are test subjects of the Gowa’s. Yushiro walks up to Hirokawa and tells him that he’ll never forgive him, ever. A staff member reports to Hirokawa that Yushiro’s orders to return are from Major General Gowa, Daizaburo’s brother. At the Gowa estate, Misuzu finds Daizaburo outside at the weather wheel. He tells her he knows she was at Kinashi. Misuzu asks him what was there, and he tells her it is the history that the Gowa family left there 1,000 years ago. Doctors study Miharu’s heart rate and adrenalin levels. Kiyotsugu yells out that he wants more data. He finds her to be similar to Yushiro and figures out what her role in Belgistan was. Scientists find Miharu’s readings to be in tandem with the Kugai. Kazukiyo asks Miharu to cast aside any hopes of someone coming from her. He says that the Japanese government has a database of all those in Japan and that by not being on the database, she is not supposed to exist within Japan and can be disposed of without anyone finding out about it. Miharu flashes back to when she found out Yushiro was dead. She says she’s always been a means to an end, like the test subject that died 8 years ago. A vision of Miharu’s past life appears where she was told by her elder brother (a prior incarnation of Kazukiyo) that she was a Kai.

Yushiro returns to the Gowa estate. Inside, Daizaburo sits with Yushiro’s three elder brothers. He discusses the weapons they developed and that any talk of using them for just deterrence was double talk. He says that the TAs were deployed in Belgistan so they would be more than a mere superficial weapon. He claims there has been an unquenchable thirst for power. Yushiro tells his mother that he’s going to see his father. Daizaburo says that when Yushiro resisted Gasaraki, their ambitions were to be negated, but the explosion in Belgistan changed that, and showed that others were seeking Gasaraki. Flashbacks show the deployment in Belgistan. Kazukiyo tells Daizaburo that he himself authorized the deployments. Daizaburo says it was to seek an alternative method of contacting Gasaraki. Daizaburo claims that was not the only reason Kazukiyo sought them to be deployed. Daizaburo calls in Yushiro and tells Kiyotsugu and Kiyoharu that he was in Hokkaido where experiments were conducted on people to help them better operate TAs. Yushiro says that Yonetani was there, causing Kiyotsugu to realize that iboglobin from the Mile One research must have been used. He says it is a substance similar to a protein that Yushiro secretes when he undergoes capacity phrase transition. Daizaburo says that Symbol was behind what happened in Belgistan. Elsewhere in the house, Misuzu looks through a photo album and her mother comes in, saying she won’t find Yushiro in there. She says that there will never be a Yushiro again. Kiyoharu says that even they cannot confront Symbol. Daizaburo claims that Kazukiyo is setting it up such that Japan itself will confront Symbol. Daizaburo brings up Kazukiyo’s involvement with Hirokawa and Nishida, and that he is plotting a totalitarian overthrow of Japan. Daizaburo demands Kazukiyo reveal his true inventions. Kazukiyo claims that he seeks to be the puppet master and rule from the shadow as the Kai once did. Daizaburo is against this, thinking Symbol will rise up instead. Daizaburo asks for those there to state whether they will side with him or Kazukiyo as head of the family. The Kugai in the lab responds to Yushiro’s emotions when Kazukiyo says that Yushiro has no say in the matter. Kiyotsugu is called on the matter. He thinks working with Kazukiyo will further his research and consents to being on his side, as does Kiyoharu seconds later. The matter settled, Yushiro’s brothers leave. Yushiro talks to Daizaburo, who says that his path lies further than just the Storehouse he saw before. Miharu is let out of her room at the Gowa Central Research Facility by Yushiro. The two of them head to a limo which drives off. Kiyoharu calls Kazukiyo about Miharu’s escape, and that Daizaburo was behind it. Kazukiyo says to go through Yushiro’s room. Daizaburo lets Yushiro and Miharu off in the woods.


At the halfway mark of the series, this episode acts sort of like a pseudo-clip show, featuring numerous flashbacks to earlier scenes, some as recent as the previous episode. It also features a rather long scene where Daizaburo explains much of the events that have happened in the show to this point. One would think that typically such a style wouldn’t work, but I think it does, quite well. Gasaraki is about as complicated a series as they come, and to have an episode where things are laid out more clearly than before really helps. It also gives us an episode that while containing flashbacks, contains mostly new content and is not a total waste of an episode as clip shows often are. Plot wise, things also start moving again, with Kazukiyo taking over as head of the Gowa family and Daizaburo helping Yushiro and Miharu escape. This will enable a storyline that got sidelined for a bit by the berserk TA plot to finally move forward once again.

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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