Gasaraki Ep. 18: Rear Window


Won looks up information on Meth on his laptop and wonders why Symbol is looking for Yushiro and Miharu. He wonders if it has anything to do with weapons development. He is detected and stops working, running off with his laptop. The news reports on riots occurring in the Kanto region. Kazukiyo watches while simultaneously talking to Hirokawa on the news about the mafia-like Kyouwakai organization that is currently protecting Yushiro. Hirokawa says that Nishida predicts that riots will occur in the Asian veins and that they can use that change to find and secure Yushiro. Kazukiyo asks to have one of the TA companies assigned to Kansai to look for him, which Hirokawa agrees to. Kazukiyo says he’ll send data on Yushiro’s brain patterns to assist. They discuss the upcoming US announcement on grain harvests, which Nishida predicted. They believe it will cause havoc on the marketplace and lead to a depression. A Symbol agent reports to Meth on Won hacking into their system to find out about his activities. Symbol, expecting his behavior placed appropriate information there to predict his next move. Meth also has a report on the upcoming grain harvest announcement, and wants to avoid being caught in the commotion it will cause. In panic, people run in and out of the building that Yushiro and Miharu are staying in. Yushiro watches as a large mob runs off. Kiyotsugu works on researching the Kugai. He assists in handing over data about Yushiro to assist the JSSDF. The TA Company discusses their quick deployment, after being in the same place for a month. Hayakawa sits in the Communication Center, thinking something is going to begin. At the Gowa Estate, Kazukiyo talks to his uncle, General Gowa, a military officer, asking for his cooperation. They discuss Giichiro, the old man in Kyoto, who was driven out as Head of the Gowa and is now a hermit. General Gowa says he’s aware that Kazukiyo is part of a plot that will shake Japan to its foundations. Kazukiyo admits to it and says he intends to restore the Gowa to their rightful position in society as puppeteers. Hirokawa reports to the Prime Minister on the upcoming grain harvest announcement. Hirokawa says that once people hear of this, there will be a riot Japan has not seen in ages. He says combining this with the riots already taking place in the veins, and all the illegal immigrants in Japan will cause 100,000 deaths if they do nothing. He asks the Prime Minister to authorize the JSSDF to take place in peacekeeping activities. Hirokawa calls Kazukiyo to tell him that the Prime Minister has signed off on it and that General Gowa has agreed to cooperate with them. Two trucks with TAs on them drive towards the veins.

The news reports that US grain levels will drop to 40% of their standard. The news reports on the panic caused in the stock market, and that it has been closed as a result. Won, watching this, doesn’t think it will be good. In Tokyo, Ataka complains to Kaburagi about them having to go to the Experimental Center. Kaburagi and Murai read a newspaper discussing the impact of the US’s grain harvest announcement. Lee talks to Won about the Ryuka, thinking they knew about this announcement before. Lee can’t keep his store open since he has nothing to sell. Won asks him to tell everyone to stay indoors. Yushiro returns to his and Miharu’s room, where the news reports on the flooding of retail stores and the deployment of police with riot gear in various needed places. Kazukiyo and Hirokawa continue to discuss the situation. The police use tear gas on the mobs but are attacked by a bazooka. The news reports on the state of the riots in the streets. The Prime Minister talks to those in charge of the police who say there are some regions where the mobs have weapons they aren’t able to defend against. He says the JSSDF will be utilized to keep the peace, and that he already has prepared to do this, to his underling’s surprise. A Unit of TAs are ordered to head out. The police continue to face the rioters and find themselves pinned down. Suddenly a pair of TAs walk by, scaring the rioters away. One of them fires upon it to no effect. He is shot with a plastic bullet by one of the TAs, knocking him down. Another rioter armed with a bazooka is also taken down. the police watch in amazement. A helicopter patrols the area. Won tells Yushiro to stay put. Yushiro hides when he hears the helicopter coming down. Lee tells Won that the JSSDF are coming and that a TA has been used to suppress the riot, beating up the Ryuka in the process. Yushiro tells Won that the helicopter will be able to detect anyone who heads outside. Yushiro says that TAs are usually deployed in groups of four and that one has been sent separately from its main unit. He thinks that they will be able to detect him. Won says he’s going to head outside and fight against it. Won asks Yushiro if the TA has any weaknesses to exploit. Yushiro tells him to focus on the optical sensors. The TA reports to the helicopter about not being able to find anything and that they’ll have to call off their operation in 10 minutes. Miharu tries to water the plant but when no water comes out of the faucet she heads outside, something Yushiro doesn’t notice. The helicopter spots her and the TA heads that way to acquire her. Yushiro notices she is gone and runs outside to get her. Yushiro pushes Miharu away just as the TA is about to acquire her. Won fires upon the TA’s optics, forcing it to stop in its mission. As it is fired upon by Won, the TA fires back, hitting him. The Kyouwakai doctor works on bandaging up Won, who talks to Yushiro.


This is a so-so episode. Not terrible, but probably the weakest one since episode 12. The episode is mostly filled with news about the US grain exports being low and its effect on Japan, causing lots of rioting. I never would have guessed that US grain exports would be such a major plot point in an anime, but if there’s a show they can pull it off in, I suppose this is the one. Until the end of the episode there’s very little focus on Yushiro, and Miharu continues to be completely mute, and almost gets herself captured here. It has been quite a fall for her character these last two episodes.

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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