Gasaraki Ep. 22: Personification


Kaburagi and Ataka drive off from the Yokota base. Ataka tells Kaburagi that there is no one following them and that they should stop when the coast is clear so they can check on Yushiro. The vehicle stops and they check on Yushiro, who says he needs to go. He says the helicopter was heading south. He tries to get back into the TA but Kaburagi stops him, knocking him out. Japanese surveillance over Yokota occurs. Hirokawa talks to Nishida, who thinks the U.S. will be suspicious of their actions. The TA vehicle comes upon Kazukiyo who asks if Yushiro is inside. Kaburagi says they are bringing him to the infirmary and that she won’t let him be used as a test subject. The U.S. President talks to F about the Yokota base incident. He says that Fakes will arrive later that day, claiming they used a CIA operation cover to send them. Kaburagi claims sole responsibility for the attack to Hayakawa. Ataka says she is responsible as well. Hayakawa tells Kaburagi that criminal actions may be placed against her as a result. He says that he is their commander and that he won’t tolerate any further such actions. Miharu sits in her room. An apparition of her past self appears, saying she is the terror. Miharu says she has no one. Meth stands behind her. Hirokawa tells Nishida that Hayakawa claims that the Yokota operation was under his command. NIshida says they are in the final hours of their operation and can’t afford to lose the TA Experimentation Company right now. He thinks the U.S. will attack them within the next 41 hours. A messenger tells Nishida that Symbol’s CEO has contacted them. Misuzu lies in her bed, and then gets up. Yushiro awakens, finding that Kaburagi, watching over him, is asleep in her chair. Ataka arrives later to find her asleep and Yushiro gone. Misuzu thinks about Yushiro. Yushiro rides on the subway to the information center and comes to see Kazukiyo, who claims that the room they sit in is about to control the world. Yushiro says a lot of people have died because of those ambitions, thinking of the events of his past life. Yushiro claims much sorrow comes from such ambitions. Yushiro becomes angry and Kazukiyo slaps him. As Yushiro leaves Kazukiyo tells him that within 41 hours the U.S. will attack and that the TA Experimentation Company will defend against them. Nishida and Yushiro walk down the hall, passing each other. Nishida senses his presence and stops for a moment. A carrier plane holding several Fakes arrives on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. Kiyotsugu talks to one of his technicians.

Phantom walks on a stage within the information center, and Nishida comes in, saying he can hear the voices of the Japanese people, lost long ago in his footsteps. Phantom says that he has prompted the dance known as history for many years. He says something that has not occurred in this nation before will soon. He says that Nishida has stored all of Japanese’s assets in a single spot. Nishida says they have done that such that they can strike back against America as it attempts to reclaim power over the globe. He claims America has targeted Japan as a scapegoat and that he can’t let this practice go unopposed, particularly now as they hold Japan hostage with their food supply. Phantom says that with Japan’s assets they can cause devastating inflation in the U.S., but the decimation of the U.S. economy will cause the same to occur in Japan. Nishida says decimation of the Japanese economy is exactly what he wants to happen. He will have the Japanese endure three years of poverty and asks if the U.S. could do the same. Phantom says that the U.S. would likely succumb within a year. He asks if this is truly Nishida’s goal. Nishida says his personal mission is to make the nation impoverished and abandon the fantasy of prosperity. Phantom asks how many will follow him, saying he has watched many aspire towards their dream over time, only to be left in despair when their hopes are dashed. Nishida says he is aware his goal may not work, but history will record what he has done and that will make it possible for a new era to be ushered in. Ataka and Kaburagi tell Murai that Yushiro has disappeared and they think he is with Kazukiyo. Murai says that they have been ordered to report to Hirokawa. They enter a room where he waits with the rest of the TA Experimentation Company. Kaburagi says that she was responsible for the Yokota operation, but Ataka tries to claim responsibility as well. Hirokawa says that he will claim that he made the orders, with a cover story of the person responsible for shooting the Prime Minister was within. He says to drop the matter and that he has more important matters to discuss with them. He says that their alert status will be upgraded to DEFCON 4, and that he has received reports that U.S. forces are headed to Tokyo Bay, with Fakes like those used in Belgistan. He says Yushiro’s TA has been sent to Gowa Laboratories. Yushiro comes in. Everyone gathers around him. Hirokawa tells Hayakawa he has wonderful officers. Kiyotsugu finds there to be significant reactions from the Kugai as Misuzu stands before it. Carrier planes drop a series of Fakes over an aircraft carrier. F talks to the President again, telling him about the consolidation of Japan’s assets and that they should cast the first stone at Japan’s nerve center.


This is yet another episode of mostly set up and unlike the last few episodes has no action. The episode contains several long, convoluted scenes between Yushiro and Kazukiyo, and later, between Nishida and Phantom, continuing to make Nishida’s intentions clear. With only three episodes left and a lot of set up with the U.S. and their forces, it looks like some big things will be happening soon. Miharu finally has some present-day lines of dialogue, although it appears that she is still in her current state. The nature of the scene makes it hard to tell for sure. The episode contains an interesting twist near the end with the Kugai’s reactions to Misuzu, as if she has similar abilities as Yushiro. With only three episodes left I’m expecting some big things to occur soon.

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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