Gasaraki Ep. 23: Eternal


Outside the Information Center, the TAs are prepared for combat. Yushiro replaces Ataka so she can take a break to eat. Takayama brings meals to Hayakawa and Kaburagi in the command vehicle. Hayakawa thinks that more will be going on than simply the US invading. Kaburagi wonders if the US will deploy TAs themselves. The US President discusses the situation in Japan with his advisors, who believe their economy will be in shambles if Japan’s plans work. The President thinks they should strike against Japan. They discuss where would be the best place to strike. One of the advisors suggests using their Fakes under the CIA’s jurisdiction to hide their involvement. Kazukiyo goes to see Nishida, who says there has been an excessive expansion in the economy. Nishida believes the US will strike by employing TAs before the next opening of the New York stock exchange. At the Gowa estate, Misuzu sits in her room. Kiyotsugu comes to see Kiyoharu and tells him that the Mile One muscle reacted to Misuzu and that she may be a Kai. Kiyotsugu hasn’t told Kazukiyo, worrying what will happen if he was to find out. F orders Meth to deploy Miharu in order to cause a phase distortion, doing so at the JSSDF headquarters. Meth is hesitant to do so and thinks that it will be too dangerous right now. F says that Meth has become too devoted to their test subject and that he will send Gunther to be in charge of the experiment. Phantom is revealed to be F, ordering Meth over the phone from his car. He says that the US will also be deployed, in an attempt to find Japan’s nerve center. Phantom doesn’t want to let a chance of two Kais meeting with each other pass him by, even if it is risky. Yushiro brings Ataka some coffee. Ataka thinks Yushiro would rather look for Miharu, but he says no. He says he wants to be with everyone else right now. Ataka hears a US surveillance plane fly overhead. The plane reports to the aircraft carrier holding the Fakes, which is also in contact with the President. The President wants to provoke the Japanese so they can find out where Japan’s nerve center is. A plane takes off from the aircraft carrier.

Kiyotsugu prepares the loading of TAs into a transport vehicle, which takes off towards Tokyo. Kiyoharu thinks of Kazukiyo telling him about how data is power and that they will copy it all onto their own computers. Kazukiyo thinks that Nishida’s plan will fail and that they should hold a monopoly on this data. This also includes stealing 20 trillion dollars. Gunther arrives in Tokyo and greets Meth. Miharu stands beside them in her pilot suit, silent as usual. A group of US helicopters are spotted by a lookout heading to the Ichigawa headquarters. Hayakawa is awoken by the alert. Nishida is also notified. The TA Company analyzes from their command vehicle and sends out an observation craft. Yushiro realizes the helicopters are carrying a Fake, and that Miharu must be inside. Nishida has the TA Company remain still. He thinks there would be more than one enemy TA if it was a real attack. He requests that the Fake not be fired upon. The Fake doesn’t respond to any requests from the Japan military. On an intercom the commander demands a response from the Fake or they will fire. Gunther orders Miharu to move forward, which she does. The soldiers fire upon the Fake. Miharu thinks of attacking enemy soldiers from her past life. Her heart rate rises and she starts breathing heavily, continuing to think of her past life, she says to stop. A light and waves of energy start appearing from the sky. Hayakawa realizes it’s just like what happened in Belgistan. Yushiro head towards the Fake in his TA. Hayakawa says they shouldn’t stop him and that he’ll take responsibility. Miharu keeps saying stop. Yushiro gets in front of her in his TA, causing the soldiers to stop. Phantom watches from his car, saying everything is going as planned. Miharu says she is a Kai and fights with the Kai as her brother wants her to. She says she exists to fight and attacks Yushiro’s TA. Gunther is amazed at what is happening. Miharu attacks Yushiro’s TA even as both her arms are destroyed. The waves of energy in the sky strike the ground, causing depressions to appear. A small organic object appears from the sky. Yushiro jumps out of his TA and takes off his helmet, saying abandoning her soul won’t stop her suffering. Miharu recalls hearing such words before. Miharu sees a vision of Yushiro in the past, being struck by arrows of light. She calls for the energy and light in the sky to go away, which it does. The small organic object falls to the ground, revealing a small dinosaur like creature. Phantom claims Miharu is the one with the soul of a thousand years and is surprised she has such strong will power. Symbol’s helicopter comes over them. Yushiro says there is something she still needs to do and that she’ll come back to him. She and her Fake are carried off by the helicopter. Kazukiyo orders the organic object they acquired to be put in storage and that all data from this incident to be sent to their labs. He is surprised to know that a threshold exists here in the center of Japan and is glad to have Yushiro.


This is the first really good episode in a while, even if the US invasion is put off for another episode. It’s my favorite since the two flashback episodes. After being silent and practically comatose for 6 episodes Miharu finally returns to her normal self. That they wasted her character for such a long period of time is certainly one of this series’ biggest flaws. A few revelations occur, including the fact that F is really Phantom (which is not much of a surprise, who else was he going to be?) as well as the fact that Kazukiyo doesn’t think Nishida’s plans will actually work and that he plans to monopolize all of Japan’s data and monetary assets for himself. The ceremony that Yushiro stopped in the first episode occurs again here, this time summoned by Miharu, and a small creature appears out of the sky as a result. Only two episodes remain, and with a lot left to resolve it will be interesting to see how they handle it.

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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