Gasaraki Ep. 24: Punctuation


The US forces report on their plans to attack the Japanese nerve center, aware that they will have to break through several levels underground to do so. The President tells them of Japan’s plans to wreak havoc on the US economy. The US forces plan to use the air ducts within the facility to get through. The US loads four Fakes onto a plane and plan to attack before the US stock exchange opens. Hirokawa looks at his watch, an hour before the US stock exchange opens. He wonders if the US will actually attack. Nishida says they will. The TA Company heads to the facility. Everyone is quiet. Two planes carrying the Fakes fly over Tokyo. The TA Company arrives. Nishida comes out to speak to Hayakawa, saying that he feels terrible about forcing them to fight due to his shortcomings. He is told that everyone is ready. The US forces start their countdowns and release the Fakes from the back of the planes. The Fakes immediately get going and are recognized by surveillance equipment as being the same kind as from Belgistan. The Fakes start their way into the building. The TAs head out to counter them. Two Fakes enter the building to find it empty and head further through the building while the TAs follow them. Focus Four’s leg is damaged. Focus Three, firing upon one of the Fakes runs low on ammo. The Fakes inside the building prepare to destroy Focus Three by toppling the building it is standing under. It is able to heavily damage Focus Three, knocking it over. The TA Company is able to distract one of the Fakes with a truck and Focus Three fires upon it, being able to take it out. The other Fake inside the building starts descending the elevator shaft. Focus One and Two follow. Although missing a leg, Focus Four is able to fire upon and destroy another Fake. The TA Company Support staff realizes the Fakes have headed to the airshaft below the building. The Fakes fire a laser upon Focus One, destroying its leg. Deep below, one of the technicians reports to Hirokawa that combat has begun above them. One of the Fakes fires a jammer, making it impossible for the command vehicle to spot them. Ataka wants to attack the Fakes with a missile, but Yushiro thinks it will give away their position and wants to do it himself. Ataka declines and charges at the Fakes, firing at them. Her TA is heavily damaged. Yushiro charges in his TA and is knocked over. Yushiro starts breathing very heavily. The gas turbine is hit and ends up damaging the Fake with its power. Yushiro breathes heavily and the artificial muscles within his TA start self repairing on their own. The TA gets up and brings itself in front of the remaining Fake. The artificial starts fusing with the Fake, destroying it.

Hirokawa announces that the enemy has been stopped. The failure of the mission is reported to the President, who says to gather the cabinet. Takayama, injured, is brought out of his TA on a stretcher. Yushiro and Ataka depart the building and meet with Hayakawa. Miharu tells Meth she is going to open a new path for herself and leave them behind. Meth asks if she despised them. She says he at least saw her as something other than a means to an end. She departs, saying she won’t forget him ever. Miharu surprises herself by tearing up as she leaves the room. The cabinet requests of the President that they attack, saying they are prepared and don’t have any more time. The President disagrees, saying that it is over and that they must lift the moratorium on grain exports. He demands that this be reported to all nations immediately. He also asks for the CEO of Symbol and that he wants to contact the leader of Japan. The news of the end of the US grain moratorium is reported to the Japanese information center. Nishida thinks they are facing an arduous path, but tells his men to stop all operations. The President calls and requests to talk to Nishida. The President concedes defeat, but Nishida says this is a battle in which there could be no winner. US abandoning hedonism doesn’t mean they have failed, and he says that Japan will call off its economic attack on the US. The President says he hopes he could meet him someday. Nishida says he wishes he could have. He hangs up and tells everyone that it is harder to stop a war. Nishida says he must rest and leaves the room. The US’s forces return to the air craft carrier. The TA Company waits in the hospital, where Miharu has arrived. Hirokawa thinks of Nishida and thinks about him bringing closure. Panicked, he rushes to Nishida’s room, but finds that Nishida has killed himself. Kazukiyo thinks Nishida has tried to bring an end to this farce, but he’s not going to let things end just yet.


This episode is another strong one, featuring one last big battle involving the TAs and Fakes. It doesn’t disappoint, and ends up taking up about half of the episode. The political plot of the show also comes to an end, with Japan coming out victorious over the US, who concedes defeat. Unfortunately for Nishida, this isn’t what he planned would happen and puts an end to things. Following that he kills himself, something he hinted to during his conversation with the President when he says he wished he could have met him. It’s an interesting end, but for one who was so obsessed with improving the mentality of the Japanese people and an obvious willingness to maim himself, it was a fitting way to go. With the political aspects of the series now wrapped up, one episode remains which should hopefully resolve some of the more mystical aspects of the show.

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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