Gasaraki Ep. 8: Inferno


The plane with the JSSDF arrives safely in Japan. Upon getting off the plane, the JSSDF are immediately detained by the special services. Kiyotsugu tells everyone that as a civilian Yushiro is able to be released, but everyone else must stay. Yushiro wants to stay. Kaburagi thinks this confinement is very suspicious and thinks he shouldn’t stay with them. Kazukiyo watches the news report about the military conflict, which are generally held in its favor. The Prime Minister faces some questions regarding the operation. Yushiro says goodbye to everyone. Jun says he still wants answers for what’s going on, but commends Yushiro on his performance while in midair. Kazukiyo tells Yonetani, a technician, to bring Yushiro to the Central Research Facility. The news reports on the JSSDF’s arrival back in Japan. Kazukiyo goes to see Daizaburo telling him that Yushiro has returned. Kazukiyo asks permission to send Yushiro to the Central Research Facility. Daizaburo is upset, stating that he thought the overseas deployment would enable them to see the TA’s true capabilities, but the risks they have been taking have been far too great. Daizaburo asks Kazukiyo whether he seeks to be a Kugutsu. He speaks of the “Kai”, who dismissed their powerful position in society and allowed themselves to be forgotten by history. He questions how many souls were sacrificed to fulfill their desires and says that they’ve been able to survive this long because of their reduced role in society. Kazukiyo gives him reports on the engagement and leaves. A Symbol plane drops a pair of large containers towards a shore. Miharu and a Symbol agent walk through a Japanese airport as Phantom watches from above. The special services tells the JSSDF will publicly announce the existence of the TAs. While they were under the impression that they were held in confinement due to the overseas confinement, the officer says that was not so.

Lt. Col. Hirokawa brings Kazukiyo to meet Kei Nishida, an aged blind man in a tall building in Japan. Hirokawa tells Nishida of the Gowa’s financial backing and that Kazukiyo was behind the TA’s deployment. Hirokawa says their goal is the protection of the nation of Japan, but the country has declined despite its increase in wealth. He says the Japanese people have lost their grace. Kazukiyo questions whether it existed in the first place. Nishida tells Kazukiyo that he could not stand to watch the corruption of the Japanese people so he blinded himself with his sword. He says that the corruption of the Japanese people appears now even more clearer in his mind since his blindness. Kazukiyo questions whether sliding down the path is the true nature of the Japanese people. Nishida takes out his sword and compares it to the nature of the Japanese people. He thinks that grace can be restored to Japan as it has been restored to his sword. Kazukiyo asks whether Nishida thinks they should replace the current democratic society of Japan with the samurai oligarchy that existed in the past. Nishida says that the only instance when the people were better off and when order was established was when the samurai class rose up. He agrees that a military dictatorship is a necessary evil. He says such a dictatorship can still result in the same corruption that exists now and that such an existence must only last 3 years and that they would have to step aside after that time. Kazukiyo questions whether that is enough time, and Nishida says they must risk it. A van carrying four Symbol agents including Miharu drives down the street. Rin and Murai attempt to trick someone in the building they are being confined into to giving them a car. Symbol arrives at the Central Research Facility in order to retrieve the sample that the Gowas hold. The van stops and the two Fakes that were inside get out and covertly blast their way into the lab using lasers. Symbol agents in the van work on hacking into the Gowa’s computers while they are there. Miharu’s Fake hacks into the system as the other Fake heads further into the facility. Miharu looks up data on Yushiro and is able to finish hacking in. The data says that Yushiro died eight years ago. The other Fake makes its way out with the sample. Yushiro running down the hall runs into Miharu’s Fake. Miharu tells Yushiro that she looked into his data, which stated that he died eight years ago.


A fairly good episode, quite an improvement on the last one. The animation returns to its typical quality. This episode introduces Kei Nishida, who will have a dominant role throughout the rest of the series. The elongated discussion on the nature of the Japanese people here (roughly 1/3 of the entire episode!) will continue with him throughout the remainder of the series and will be a significant part of the plot. Similarly, the more mystical nature of the show is hinted at as well during Daizaburo and Kazukiyo’s conversation, which implies that the Gowa family once had a far more powerful role in society, a role that Kazukiyo apparently wants to restore while Daizaburo doesn’t. Of course the most important part of this episode is the plot twist at the end, which reveals that Yushiro died! Quite an interesting twist, which will continue to play out over the next few episodes.

Overall Rating

Gasaraki Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Toru Nozaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Kuniaki Haishima

25 episodes

Japan 10.04.1998 – 03.28.1999


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