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King Gainer Ep. 13: Brunhilde’s Tears


Brunhilde draws the black hole into itself and Gain tells it that his silhouette engine’s arm belongs to it. He says he bought it in an underground market years ago and flashes back to attaching it to his silhouette engine. He says Brunhilde was Meeya’s overman. Inside Brunhilde’s cockpit Asuham shoves Sara into the side of the cockpit and argues with her. He decides on a temporary truce with her and starts looking into some of the mechanics on the floor, getting some help from Sara. Sara pulls him around the neck just as he’s about to finish. Brunhilde starts shuddering. Zakki flies towards Brunhilde in his Golame, but Brunhilde absorbs his attack and uses it to create another black hole which it tosses at the Overmen. Zakki throws a rock into the Brunhilde’s back. Sara thinks it will be dangerous to restore Meeya’s overman to its full capabilities. The light goes out in the cockpit. Gain knocks back the black hole at Brunhilde, which absorbs it into its chest. Gainer thinks something is wrong with Brunhilde. Brunhilde starts shouting out. Asuham and Sara hear singing from Meeya inside and are able to see her in front of them. Sara wonders what generation Meeya this is and notices she is crying. Asuham calls her the Arch Meeya, the first Meeya to walk the Earth. Meeya’s crest starts appearing on the stones around them and Gain tells Gainer to be careful as a result. He wants to capture the Brunhilde alive and Zakki agrees, wanting to save Asuham. Brunhilde starts absorbing stones to itself and a large pile of stones piles on top of it. Gainer wants to save Gainer but Gain tells him to be careful. Zakki flees. King Gainer returns to the Bachclone. Gainer and Bello talk about the Brunhilde’s arm. Hughes tells Gainer the five Wise Men will think of a way to save Sara. The Wise Men tell Hughes to not fight battles in Meeya’s town. Gainer plays video games in his room; Ana comes to see him and asks him why he is playing games at a time like this. Gainer says he was practicing his moves on a fight similar to that he had today. Ana is worried about Sara and Gainer says he will rescue her despite the five Wise Men’s orders. Zakki returns to a Siberian Railway car provided to him by Kejinan and Enge. Zakki wants to destroy the ruins. Cona, Nann and Toun finish up on the King Gainer; Bello, Hughes and Gain also discuss the Gotchko and Brunhilde’s arm. Gain wants to capture the Brunhilde which the others are doubtful about.

Asuham and Sara have left the Brunhilde, which lies dormant. Sara is tied up and argues with Asuham. She asks if he is really chasing after Gain due to something with his sister. They argue over the Exodus as Brunhilde wakes up. King Gainer and the Gotchko approach Brunhilde. Sara tells Brunhilde that they are her friends. Brunhilde grabs Sara and carries her into the cockpit and Asuham jumps in himself. Asuham thinks that Brunhilde thinks she is Meeya. He tells Brunhilde that the current Meeya is corrupt and he’s its new master. Brunhilde creates another giant black hole which Gain tries to hold back with the Gotchko. King Gainer slices away at Brunhilde’s tail, which knocks him away. Asuham has difficulty with the wiring, saying it is different than yesterday. Zakki fires upon the Brunhilde from atop a stone nearby. Asuham thinks Zakki has made a good move and that they won’t be exempt from being a casualty. Zakki continues to fire on the Brunhilde. Kejinan approaches with a train car, preparing it to fire upon them. The train car fires off a series of missiles. Gainer shoots down a couple, but several more slam into the ground. Asuham completes adjusting Brunhilde’s wiring and another black hole appears. A barrier appears around Brunhilde and it fires off a blast at Zakki’s Golame. Asuham laughs over how much power Brunhilde has. Sara argues with him, saying Brunhilde wants her. Asuham threatens to shoot her. Bello and Hughes talk to the mechanics, who are investigating the anti-overskill grenades. Asuham calls out to Gain wanting to settle the score over his sister. Gainer asks him to release Sara but he says he’ll hold her as a hostage. King Gainer charges towards Brunhilde, which throws a black hole at it. Gain shoots it down with his Gotchko. Sara kicks Asuham in the face. King Gainer continues forward; Gainer wants to be careful so he doesn’t harm Sara. Brunhilde blasts at the King Gainer and misses although the Gotchko is damaged. Asuham pushes Sara into a circuit which causes Brunhilde to start malfunctioning. Asuham sees a group of old Golames on the monitor, as well as Brunhilde and Meeya, holding a baby. He sees several Overman, thinking they belonged to the original five Wise Men Meeya calls out for an overdevil to be buried in the ground. Asuham shoots at the monitor. Brunhilde shouts out and blasts at King Gainer again, which deflects the beam. King Gainer slices off one of Brunhilde’s arms. A black vortex appears in the sky and starts drawing things into it. Asuham jumps out of the Brunhilde. King Gainer jumps forward and grabs Sara, who says the Brunhilde is going to self-destruct. The black vortex grows, and starts drawing in Brunhilde. Gain tries holding it up with the Brunhilde’s arm and the King Gainer is able to knock the Gotchko out of the way, saving them as the black hole vanishes. Sara cries, wondering if Meeya and Brunhilde were so sad in the old days. Asuham tells Zakki he is going to be stationed in Siberia permanently. Sara wonders if Brunhilde died, Gainer says he may be sleeping somewhere peacefully. Sara says she’ll recreate Meeya’s town once they complete the Exodus. Gainer thinks of how he loves Sara like this.


A decent follow up to the previous episode. It was a little too battle-centric, considering the last episode was as well, but overall I think it was worth it. It was interesting to see the images of previous events in the Brunhilde’s monitor, in particular the original Meeya and the “overdevil” she was requesting be buried. I’m wondering if Gainer and Gain will get in any trouble for disobeying orders. If there is one thing that is starting to get stale by this point though its Asuham’s continuous grudge with Gain, since he has been a focus point among the villains for quite a number of episodes now. Hopefully they’ll move in a different direction as the storyline continues.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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