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King Gainer Ep. 26: Gain Over


Bello and Cona are able to bring the Cerneboge to a stop. Mamado, Lioubov and Toun climb atop where they find Adette and Gain, who had used Brunhilde’s arm to defeat Asuham. Hughes has returned to normal. The Overdevil passes by, with Sara now haven been taken control of along with Gainer and Cynthia. The Overdevil turns and flies off towards Liman Megalopolis. Later, they discuss how they can bring Gainer back to himself. Princess Ana thinks they need to touch him inside his heart. The others are thinking of using the Planeta’s overskill, by having the Emperanza use its coat. Gain departs saying he’s going to give Gainer a spanking. The Overdevil approaches Liman Megalopolis. Gain follows behind them in the Emperanza. Gainer and Cynthia are confident they can freeze the entire world even without the Crystal of Agate. The Overdevil lands atop a crater in the city, Agate’s hole, and tentacles appear which attach themselves to the Overdevil. The Emperanza heads through the city streets, surprising the locals. Gainer and Cynthia talk to Sara, who remains silent. A light starts emanating from Agate’s hole, along the tracks. This melts Asuham’s Dominator and also passes by Kejinan, Enge, Jaboli and Meeya. The blonde haired woman, revealed to be Asuham’s sister Karin, climbs aboard a silhouette engine trying to find her brother. The city of Katez is frozen as is Duke Medaiyu as the Overdevil’s power spreads through the railway tracks across the world. In the Overdevil Gainer tells Sara to stop resisting the Overdevil. Shots are fired at the Overdevil by the Emperanza but the bullets freeze before they reach it. The Emperanza causes a black hole to appear and the Brunhilde itself appears. Various silhouette engines piloted by Adette and others break into a supply area within the city and are able to find the Planeta. Lioubov helps Mamado make it to the Planeta, with Adette breaking in soon after. A Jimba Overman piloted by Sara arrives. Sara says she is here to steal their lives. Adette and Mamado knock it away with their silhouette engines. Cona and the other mechanics grab the Planeta’s overcoat and take it with them. Sara and Adette fight each other. Brunhilde launches black holes at the Overdevil which it deflects or freezes. Gainer puts on an Overcoat and with the power of the Overdevil greatly increases in size, flying after Gain. A black hole from the Brunhilde temporarily knocks Gainer away. Karin, piloting the Golame crashes into Sara’s Jimba. Adette tells Hughes and the others to go protect Ana while she fires at the Jimba.

Kejinan falls off Jaboli’s Dogodzo, as does Enge soon after. Jaboli tells the others that under orders of Vice President Kejinan they are to chase the enemies out of the city. One of the men is surprised at how Kejinan became a Vice President. Bello and some of the others approach the Overdevil, which is still fighting the Brunhilde. The Overdevil is successful in freezing the Brunhilde and shattering it completely. Gain tells Gainer he won’t hesitate to kill him, but Gainer is able to cause himself to turn invisible, enabling him to successfully attack the Emperanza. Gainer tells Gain he always looked down on him. Cynthia helps attack Gain, but Gainer says he wants to finish him off himself. Suddenly a number of silhouette engines start attacking the Overdevil and Gainer. Gainer flies towards the silhouette engines to attack them. Kejinan and Enge approach Karin’s Golame. Cona brings the Planeta’s coat to Gain who puts it on the Emperanza. Gainer tells Cynthia he doesn’t need her help but she participates in the battle against Gain. Gainer starts thinking of when he first met Gain in a cell. The Emperanza delivers a strong punch to the cockpit of the Overdevil. The five Wise Men approach the battle along with Meeya. The Overdevil knocks the Emperanza away. Gainer continues to recall his first meeting with Gain as well as Sara trying to punch him. Cynthia recalls when she was together with Gain and Gainer in Katez. Sara recalls when Gainer shouted out to the entire city that he was in love with her. Gainer, now back to normal wonders what he’s doing up here. Cynthia nearly falls out of the Overdevil and realizes it is keeping him tied up. Gainer heads towards the Overdevil to take Cynthia. He shouts out for the King Gainer to exit the Overdevil, which it does by punching its way through. The King Gainer, piloted by Cynthia is able to catch Gainer before he hits the ground. Sara in her Planeta helps entrap the Overdevil with cables along with various silhouette engines. The King Gainer, piloted by Gainer approaches the Overdevil. Sara falls out of the Jimba but is caught by Adette, whose silhouette engine also topples. The King Gainer drives its way into the cockpit of the Overdevil, which collapses atop Kids Munt’s main building. Red light starts emanating from it and the King Gainer bursts from out of it. The red light from the King Gainer starts spreading across the globe. The Overdevil’s remains collapse to the ground. Gain is shocked to see Karin nearby. Asuham falls out of his Dominator and sees Karin. He asks her if she joined St. Regan just to find Gain. She says she was coming after him. She says Gain was only good for one night of loving and leaves with him. Gain watches from nearby and leaves. Later Ana says that Overfreeze has been neutralized by the overheat spread out by the King Gainer. Meeya and the others are dedicated to continuing the Exodus. The five Wise Men say that today will be called King Gainer day. Ana starts singing about King Gainer. A far way away, Yassaba and his girl companion find the frozen Zakki thawing out. Duke Medaiyu and his colleagues unfreeze and the Duke asks if they should do an exodus too. Cynthia, Sara and Gainer watch over the thawing landscape.


Overman King Gainer ends with an exciting episode and an interesting fight, although I can’t help but feel wanting more. On the one hand, this episode features an entertaining final battle, with multiple surprises including the Brunhilde returning and Gainer himself flying around as if he were an Overman. They did a good job at getting across the threat that the Overdevil posed. At the same time, the series comes to a rather abrupt end here. While Tomino endings usually are rather abrupt, there is typically some more closure than we got here. For example the Exodus that our heroes have spent the entire series on goes incomplete. The show’s ending is quite the contrast to Tomino’s earlier works in that practically everyone survives. Outside of President Kids Munt, all the heroes and villains make it out alive in the end and they even bring back to life a character in Zakki who appeared to have died a long time back. The episode also features cameo appearances from various other characters such as Yassaba and Duke Medaiyu who we haven’t seen in a very long time. The closure of the Asuham storyline with his sister suddenly showing up and appearing not all that damaged or upset was rather jarring and goes to show just how pointless the rivalry between Gain and Asuham was. Definitely one of the series’ biggest weak points. It was fun to see Princess Ana singing the King Gainer opening theme and starting to do the monkey dance near the end of the episode. Overall, I found Overman King Gainer to be a slightly better than average series. Its animation and designs were quite good, but the plot and character development could be lacking at times. That, combined with the ending makes it weaker than most of Tomino’s other works in my eyes.

Overall Rating

King Gainer Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Ichiro Okouchi
Miya Asakawa
Jiro Takayama
Yuuichi Nomura
Tetsuko Takahashi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kimitoshi Yamane
Kenichi Yoshida

Character Designer(s):
Kenichi Yoshida
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kinu Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

26 episodes

Japan 09.07.2002 – 03.22.2003


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