L.Gaim Ep. 23: General Clotho


The Turner makes it way to the planet Trydetol, launching an asteroid dummy in front of it in order to conceal itself. Kyao and Amu have a tough time with re-entry. The Turner eventually makes its way through the atmosphere and looks for a place to land. A man with a mohawk watches, thinking the ship belongs to General Clotho. Meanwhile near the planet Mizun, Nei goes to see Giwaza on the ship Sarge Opus. Giwaza tells her there’s a spy at Malyniki on Trydetol and asks her to see whether the spy was sent by Poseidal or someone else. He tells her to meet a contact once she gets there. Meanwhile, Daba and the others run through the city of Malyniki, pursued by a group of men who think they are spies. One of the men, named Mouge, thinks Daba is General Clotho. He said the General was coming, and that Daba must be him. He also reveals that everyone in the city is against Poseidal. Kyao whispers to the others that they should try to meet the General. Daba agrees, and Kyao quickly starts talking as if Daba is Clotho. They go to sleep and are awakened at gunpoint the next morning, revealed as liars. Everyone is beaten and tied up and thrown in a cell. The real General Clotho shows himself, and the decision is made to execute everyone since they might be spies. Leccee tells them there’s proof that they’re insurgents: the fact that they are wanted by the military. Clotho looks this up and releases everyone. Daba says they are searching for people who are against Poseidal, and Clotho thinks they should join up with each other. Later, the man claiming to be Clotho talks to Nei on a computer, desiring more money from her for his spying. The real Clotho is apparently dead so there’s no proof that he isn’t who he says he is. Nei reluctantly accepts. Outside, Mouge happens to spot Clotho talking to Nei and flees. One of the other “rebels,” who like Clotho is actually a spy from the Poseidal military, heads after him and shoots his flosser down. Later, a large crowd of anti-Poseidal rebels gather and Clotho makes a speech. Even though he’s a spy, he feels deeply moved by all the people there. An injured Mouge makes his way in and collapses. He tells Lilith that “Clotho” is a spy. Clotho runs off and escapes from Daba and the others. Daba tells everyone to get ready for combat while he heads after Clotho.

Clotho argues with his fellow spy, and Daba makes his way in the room and tells him that he was suspicious from the beginning since he had the atmosphere of a criminal. Daba fights him with a beam saber, demanding to know why he’s impersonating Clotho. Clotho says it’s solely for the money. Daba defeats him and knocks him to the ground, telling him to go out in front of everyone and act like he’s still General Clotho since everyone was so encouraged about him being there. Clotho states he may betray him but Daba says he’ll die sadly if he does that. Suddenly, the military attacks the city. Clotho is surprised, since he thought no attack would be made while he was there. From her Auge, announces to the town that they must stop rebelling, or be destroyed. Clotho argues with his colleague again since he’s decided to really be the General. Clotho announces to the town that they should not be afraid and attack with their anti-aircraft weaponry. Nei gets angry, saying he should help her or stay behind. Clotho refuses and Nei shouts out the truth to everyone about the real Clotho being dead. Daba shouts out that she is lying. Nei realizes Daba is behind what has happened and fires at the Flicker. Clotho gets into his Zedda and heads off to attack the enemy. Daba meets up with the Works in order to transfer over to the L.Gaim. Nei tries to attack him, but Leccee intercepts her with the Turner and Daba is able to get into the L.Gaim. He is soon struck by Nei and knocked into a building. Nei tries to attack him some more, but Clotho attacks her in his Zedda. Daba worries about him attacking her in such an inferior mecha. Nei turns her sights on Daba and continues to give him trouble. She heads in for the final blow but is struck by a large amount of anti-aircraft fire from the rebels in the city. Clotho tells them to stop firing and Nei heads in to attack the L.Gaim again. Clotho throws his Zedda in the way, which is quickly destroyed by Nei. Daba, angry over Clotho’s death, attacks the Auge with all his might until she retreats. Once she’s gone, he starts crying and fires a shot straight in the air in tribute to Clotho. Nei apologizes to Giwaza, who wants to meet Daba. Amu and Leccee ask Daba if Clotho was the real one, and Daba answers that he was.


Our story shifts to another planet in Pentagona, Trydetol, and we quickly get entrenched in a lot of action. Like on Mizun, it looks like there is a lot of anti-Poseidal sentiment, although not much organization. Even though the man claiming to be Clotho was actually a spy for Poseidal, he redeemed himself in the end thanks to what Daba said to him. He was so impacted by Daba’s words that he was willing to sacrifice his life for him in the end. Daba is smart, knowing that the rebellion would be better off if this “spy” was considered the real Clotho.

Overall Rating

L.Gaim Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Jiyu Watanabe
Asami Watanane

Mechanical Designer(s):
Mamoru Nagano
Hidetoshi Omori

Character Designer:
Mamoru Nagano

Musical Composer:
Kei Wakakusa

54 episodes (TV); 3 episodes (OVA)

Japan 02.04.1984 – 02.23.1985
Streaming 02.17.2017

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 11.05.1986 – 03.28.1987


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