L.Gaim Ep. 49: Lady Killer


A giant hologram of Poseidal appears in space above Gastogal and she calls out to the rebels and Giwaza’s forces, saying those who oppose her are nothing. Warfare is meaningless and it’s impossible to defeat one like her who is protected by the Gods. She says that if the rebel leaders are handed over, everyone else will be spared. Daba thinks of how cocky she is and that it shows how much power Sveto has. Semuj and Kyao disagree, thinking she made a threat because she is worried. Daba vows to continue with their Star Dust plan. Semuj thinks that Full has entered Gastogal as well. A large amount of weapons start launching from Gastogal and the rebels start forcing through as much as they can. Giwaza watches with his forces from nearby and makes a speech to his soldiers about how the rebellion is Poseidal’s fault and they must topple her in order to bring peace to Pentagona. McTomin and Heckler lead the attack as his forces start entering the atmosphere. The Turner arrives on Gastogal and starts heading toward Sveto. Semuj contacts Daba and says that Sveto is moving, so Daba has the Turner change course in order to keep up with the city. Eiman comes to see Amandara in Sveto and tells him the rebels started their attack about an hour ago. Amandara realizes he wasn’t able to sense it and wonders if there is a problem with the bio-relation. Amu rushes out in the L.Gaim, thinking the notion that Full is Poseidal is ridiculous. She is met up with a large amount of attacks as she approaches the city. Heckler’s ship, a Ray, approaches and starts deploying its heavy metals. McTomin blows the head off Poseidal’s statue in his A.Taul V while Heckler leads a group of heavy metals that destroy Sveto’s beach lasers. Amu approaches the city and finds that Daba has caught up. He too wants to verify Full’s identity. Inside Sveto, Mahoul Semujun, a member of the Elite 13, reports to Poseidal about their status. Poseidal, in her throne room, hopes that Olibee is still aboard Giwaza’s ship so she’ll have a chance to kill him, but she’s unable to contact her. Seeing Amu fly near, she thinks of a battle in the past when she was injured in battle. A man with long white hair came to tend to her, calling her “Mian.” Full arrives and tells Poseidal she’s going to kill her. Daba and Amu reach Sveto and move out in the Viewy and Flicker.

Full asks Poseidal to recall the past, the Second Holy War. Poseidal has no idea what she’s talking about. Calling her Mian Ku Ha Asscher, Full says the bio-relation has its flaws and that she should stop being Poseidal’s puppet. Poseidal insists she is Poseidal and then wonders if she’s Mian. She thinks of the white haired man again, the real Poseidal, telling her to give him her body. Full says they should free themselves of the bio-relation, even if they’ll immediately age 60 years due to it. Daba and Amu make their way into the throne room, and looking at them, Mian thinks of her and Poseidal again asking her to take his power. He turns into Amandara and Mian passes out. Full tells Daba and Amu they came too early, and Amu says she finally realizes the relationship between them. Mian awakens and says she’s Poseidal, and knocks Full over. Mian tells Full it was a mistake to give her Theart Star since she contributed to Giwaza’s rebellion. Mian disappears and Full runs off looking for her in a giant chamber. Amu and Daba head out and are greeted by Amandara, who says they are at the heart of Poseidal’s empire. Amandara again tries to lure Amu to come with him and says he wants Daba’s body. On the level above, Full grabs his gun with her whip, saying she doesn’t want him to tarnish anyone else. She argues with Amandara about controlling the world and that even that isn’t worth breaking a woman’s heart. Amandara says he shouldn’t have given her Theart Star. Attacked by McTomin’s A.Taul V, the ceiling collapses on them. McTomin laughs at his luck of finding Daba and is suddenly attacked by Hans Arahart, member of the Elite 13. Amandara, Amu and Daba take advantage of this to flee. Heckler tells McTomin to head back to the Sarge Opus. While heading back he runs into Daba and Amu. He grabs hold of the L.Gaim and then attacks the L.Gaim Mk-II. Hans battles Heckler in his Calvary Temple and chops off both arms of Heckler’s Bat-Shu. Mahoul tells Hans to head back to Sveto and help protect it. Daba charges the A.Taul V and chops off part of its shoulder. Amu breaks from his grasp and attacks him as well. Daba heads in for the kill, but Heckler positions his Bat-Shu in between them. He tells McTomin to report back to Giwaza as the Bat-Shu blows up. The L.Gaim Mk-II is knocked into the water by the force of the explosion. McTomin gets back on the Ray, which takes off. The L.Gaim Mk-II gets back out of the water. Amu wonders why Full was calling Poseidal “Mian.” Daba thinks that either Mian, Full or Amandara is the true Poseidal. He looks towards Sveto.


There’s so much going on in this episode, where can I begin? Without a doubt the most interesting aspect of this episode deals with Poseidal. As shown in the flashbacks and as stated by Full, it’s obvious that the woman who we’ve known as Poseidal all this time is actually a former Temple Knight of Poseidal’s named Mian Ku Ha Asscher (yet another absolutely bizarre Tomino name). Poseidal is indeed a man as we saw in the flashbacks and he appears to be using her as a puppet, much like she was doing with Olibee. So who is the real Poseidal? Daba and Amu are still confused over who he might be, but it’s quite obvious that Amandara is the real Poseidal. Not just the flashbacks, but so many things throughout the series hint at Amandara being far more powerful than he appears to be. Why he would take on the role of a trader instead of supreme ruler of Pentagona is a mystery, however, and hopefully one we’ll have answered in the final five episodes. This episode features a full scale attack on Sveto by both Giwaza’s forces and the rebels, and thus is one of the more exciting ones in the series from an action standpoint. We are introduced to two new heavy metals in McTomin’s A.Taul V, which seems like a cross between the A.Taul and Auge, and the black Calvary Temple (we’ve seen the gold Helmine version earlier in the series piloted by Olibee). Considering the size of their roles in the series, I was surprised to see Heckler sacrifice his life to save McTomin. Usually it’s the minor character sacrificing himself to save the more well known one, but this time Heckler, a character we’ve seen since early in the series sacrificed himself to save a character who has only been in two episodes. Perhaps he has a big role in Giwaza’s plans, which is why Heckler thought it so important that he live. We are introduced to two more members of the Elite 13, Hans Arahart and Mahoul Semujun, who like Rockley Ron are loyal to Poseidal/Mian as opposed to Giwaza. That leaves us with two more members of the group left to meet. Overall, this episode is up there among the best of the series with so many major characters showing up, the new characters/mecha and the extremely interesting revelations about Poseidal. With only five episodes left things will probably remain this intense the rest of the way.

Overall Rating

L.Gaim Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sukehiro Tomita
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Jiyu Watanabe
Asami Watanane

Mechanical Designer(s):
Mamoru Nagano
Hidetoshi Omori

Character Designer:
Mamoru Nagano

Musical Composer:
Kei Wakakusa

54 episodes (TV); 3 episodes (OVA)

Japan 02.04.1984 – 02.23.1985
Streaming 02.17.2017

Video Release (OVA):
Japan 11.05.1986 – 03.28.1987


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