Macross Delta Mission 12: King of the Wind


The NUNS fleet orbiting Al Shahal opens fire on Sigur Berrentzs and the Windermerian fleet. Heinz begins singing the song of the wind, which creates an interdimensional rift that protects the fleet. The song also causes a Var outbreak in the NUNS fleet and on Al Shahal. Mikumo and the rest of Walkure feel the song of the wind, along with Hayate and Mirage. Ernest informs Delta Flight that their launch orders have been canceled because Al Shahal has already fallen to Windermere. Roid is impressed with the power of the Protoculture. Surviving military forces rally at Ragna and attend a briefing led by Kaname. She reports that Sigur Berrentzs was probably built 500,000 years ago by the Protoculture and that the Singer of the Wind is likely aboard it. Ernest chimes in and mentions that Grammier announced Al Shahal’s liberation from NUNS, so their next target will definitely be Ragna. Mikumo doesn’t think the Windermerians can move forward too quickly because the song of the wind places a strain on the Singer of the Wind. Kaname backs that up by noting that when the Windermerians use the song of the wind, they don’t attack in the following 24 hours. Ernest announces that they will ambush Al Shahal before that countdown resets, with the other forces staying behind to defend Ragna. After the briefing, Arad informs Mirage that she’s been promoted to his second-in-command and will now have the call sign Delta 2. Because of Arad’s other responsibilities for the operation, he’s putting Delta Flight under Mirage’s command for this mission. Heinz asks Grammier about advancing to Ragna, and Grammier tells his son to rest because that is also his duty. Berger reports to Keith that they were able to study an additional 10 percent of the ship’s structure during the attack on Al Shahal. Roid asks if there are any problems with the shrine, and Keith tells him he doesn’t have any authority anymore and should just watch over Grammier and Heinz. Roid tells Keith that they can’t let Heinz overexert himself and have his rune run out. He believes that with Heinz and Sigur Berrentzs they can make a valid case as the heirs of the Protoculture and negotiate on equal terms with NUNS. Keith believes that NUNS doesn’t care about the Protoculture, and he vows to keep fighting, even if he has to eliminate every Earthling in the cluster. Makina and Reina ask Freyja if she’s worried about the Windermere situation, and she thinks that singing will be able to reach Heinz. Mikumo wonders if she’ll feel the same wind again as at the Protoculture ruins. Ernest initiates a plan to evacuate civilians just in case, and Arad makes a comment about Grammier being tenacious as a long-lived Windermerian. Kaname asks if they’ve met, and Ernest explains that Grammier was a student of his when he was hired by the Windermerian government to train them on fleet tactics. Ernest comments that he was a bad student because he always talked about chivalry and fair one-on-one fights. Kaname asks what he did during the independence war, and Ernest explains that he was dismissed before that happened.

An incoming NUNS ferry transports officer Lauri Marin, who delivers a message from NUNS Central Command to destroy Ragna’s Protoculture ruins. Because Windermere is using the ruins to spread the song of the wind and take over the cluster, destroying the ruins would prevent that. Kaname points out that the ruins have energy shafts that extend into the planet’s core, and destroying them could cause a tectonic shift. Marin answers that they’ll use a Tactical Directional Reaction Warhead to minimize damage. Ernest says that he can’t support this and believes Lady M would concur, but Marin counters that they don’t need Xaos’ permission and that the special forces are already en route. Keith asks Grammier when they’re going to attack Ragna, and Grammier answers that the wind isn’t right yet. He asks who is commanding the Ragnan forces and is told by Berger that it’s Ernest. Ragnans begin evacuating the city and take their boats out to sea. Marianne, Hack and Zack start packing up Rag-Nyan Nyan in advance of the bombing. Arad informs Chuck that Lady M spoke to NUNS and convinced them to delay their strike until after Xaos’ operation. Makina notices that Reina seems down, and Reina explains that she likes Ragna’s people and food. Mirage wonders how they can fight the White Knight and ends up eavesdropping on a conversation between Hayate and Freyja. Hayate comments that he’d never expected to be fighting alongside the stowaway he found on Al Shahal. Freyja asks Hayate about his necklace, and he explains it’s a memento his dad sent during his travels as a soldier. Hayate comments on Freyja achieving her dream, and she says that if she could make people feel what she does when she sings, maybe they wouldn’t want to fight anymore. Hayate says that it’s fun to fly to her songs, and he feels like he could fly forever. He tells her to give it all she’s got and is interrupted when Mirage’s phone goes off. She awkwardly tries to leave, and Hayate tells her that everyone is supporting her. She says that she’s not as talented as Hayate, which is why she works twice as hard. She doesn’t want to let things end there and intends to pay Hayate back for that mock battle exam. Later, the Macross Elysion takes off and initiates Operation Einherjar. The ship ascends and transforms into cruiser mode as it leaves Ragna’s atmosphere. The ship then folds, and Grammier’s runes shine as he feels a new wind. The Macross Elysion de-folds directly ahead of Sigur Berrentzs and the Windermerian fleet as they execute their own fold operation and leave Al Shahal.


The last episode ended with the NUNS fleet orbiting Al Shahal opening fire on the Windermerian fleet, and I’m sure it’s very surprising to hear that NUNS lost badly. NUNS is usually portrayed as being incompetent, and in the face of an ancient Protoculture battleship, they folded in less than 15 minutes. NUNS is also depicted as cowardly, and this episode doesn’t disappoint in that respect either. The authorities on Earth don’t seem concerned with the threat (when do they ever?), so instead of responding in force, they want to blow up the Protoculture ruins on Ragna, consequences be damned. We also learn that Grammier was once a student of Ernest’s, but by the end of the episode, the student has outwitted the teacher. How that will play out next episode remains to be seen.

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Macross Delta Info

Kenji Yasuda
Shoji Kawamori

Toshizo Nemoto
Tatsuto Higuchi
Ukyo Kodachi
Touko Machida

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Hidetaka Tenjin
Stanislas Brunet

Character Designer(s):
Chisato Mita
Masaru Shindo

Musical Composer(s):
Saeko Suzuki
Mina Kubota

26 episodes

Japan 04.03.2016 – 09.25.2016


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