Macross Delta Mission 20: Impulse Experiment


Kaname asks Arad if it’s necessary to test Hayate and Freyja, and he answers that the medical staff at headquarters wants to know if Hayate losing control on Voldor is a symptom of Var infection. She asks about Hayate’s fold quartz pendant affecting things, but Arad doesn’t know. Kaname heard that they’ll also be analyzing Freyja’s rune, so she wonders if everything will be ok. Freyja runs into Hayate and asks how he’s doing, and he answers that he’s fine and ready to take the test. Hayate is scanned in a medical capsule and thinks about Arad telling him he needed to be tested. Hayate objected, and Arad pulled up footage of Hayate flying beyond normal levels. Kaname explained that enhanced senses occur when the brain’s processing power is increased, and Arad added that if Hayate lost control, there’s a risk he could go Var. Freyja was shocked by the idea of Hayate turning Var because of her singing. Freyja is placed in a room to test her singing’s effect on Hayate, but she finds that she can’t sing. Makina wonders what’s going on with Mikumo, and Kaname says she still hasn’t heard anything from headquarters. A recording of Freyja is played instead, and afterward an angry Hayate demands to know what kind of test that was. Kaname explains that Freyja wasn’t able to sing, and Arad takes Hayate off active duty. Arad knows it doesn’t feel good for a pilot to be grounded, but he doesn’t want a repeat of what happened with Messer. Mirage sees Hayate questioning how he could be the reason for Freyja not being able to sing. On Windermere, the Aerial Knights discuss what happened with Mikumo’s singing overwhelming Heinz, but Bogue dismisses it as Walkure just researching Freyja’s rune. Hermann notices that Kassim is uneasy, but Kassim insists that nothing is wrong. Berger meets with Roid and brings him a box of jellyfish, but Roid isn’t interested. Roid asks how Berger’s business with Xaos went, but Berger insists on client confidentiality. Berger brings up the Protoculture system and Roid’s plan to use mind control devices, which will expand Epsilon’s business. He wonders if Roid has something else in mind now, but Keith shows up and Berger excuses himself. Heinz thinks about his encounter with Mikumo and starts singing outside. Hermann and his son Norman worry when they see Norman’s dragon bird Agnos fly toward Heinz, but the bird peacefully lands on Heinz’s arm. Heinz asks Norman if he intends to compete in the Drachehause, but Norman thinks that might be difficult this year with the war. After a medical checkup, Heinz asks Roid who Mikumo is and says he feels like she was overwhelming his Wind Song. Roid doesn’t believe that’s possible and insists no one in the galaxy can match Heinz’s singing. After they leave, Keith asks Roid why Heinz’s attending physician has been changed, and Roid answers that he went back to his hometown. Keith asks Theo and Xao about their family’s medical background because he wants them to look into something for him.

Keith looks at the sunset outside and recalls being buried in snow as his knight hazing ritual. Roid introduced himself and told Keith that he gave as good as he got. On the Island Jackpot, Freyja tries singing again and finds that she still can’t do it. Reina and Makina hack into the systems of the Medical Ship and get its layout. Kaname asks them if they think they can really sneak in, and Makina answers that they’re worried about Mikumo. Makina and Reina say that even though Mikumo hasn’t opened herself up to them and they don’t know what she thinks of them, Walkure is a team. Kaname gives in and decides to help them because she also doesn’t like being in the dark. At Rag-Nyan Nyan, Hayate asks Freyja about her inability to sing, and he assures her that her singing won’t cause him to lose self-control. Freyja says that if she quits singing Hayate can fly again, but he counters that if she quits singing, he’ll quit flying. Staff on the Medical Ship discuss Kaname’s emergency transfer from the Macross Elysion. Makina, disguised as a nurse, transports Kaname while Reina provides fake data. Hayate and Freyja argue about not doing the things they love, and Mirage angrily interrupts and tells them to stop this arguing. She asks each of them what they would do without singing or flying and berates them. She asks them if they really think that would work and says that this isn’t just about them, but what everyone needs to do now. Mirage decides that she’ll have to protect both of them so that they can keep doing what they’re supposed to. Freyja asks Mirage why she’d go so far, and Mirage answers that they’re important comrades and that she loves them. Kaname makes a break for it when Makina’s ID card won’t scan, which sets off alarms. Kaname sings “Giraffe Blues” as she runs through the corridors in hopes that Mikumo will react to her voice. Elsewhere, armed guards storm Reina’s room and take her into custody. Kaname finds a room with the capsule that Mikumo is suspended in and hears her singing. 


Following the incident on Voldor, it seems as though both sides of the war are frozen with inaction. On the Windermere side, Keith is starting to have suspicions about what Roid is really up to regarding Heinz, and this isn’t the first time he’s doubted Roid’s intentions. On the Xaos side, Mikumo is locked up on the Medical Ship and Hayate and Freyja are caught up in an awkward situation regarding testing Hayate for Var infection. They each decide to quit doing what they love so the other can keep doing that thing, which obviously doesn’t work. Mirage forcefully steps in and sets them straight, but she also makes a roundabout confession of love to Hayate (by also including Freyja). Heading into the closing stretch of the series, there’s a lot of ground left to cover and not much time to cover it.

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Kenji Yasuda
Shoji Kawamori

Toshizo Nemoto
Tatsuto Higuchi
Ukyo Kodachi
Touko Machida

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Hidetaka Tenjin
Stanislas Brunet

Character Designer(s):
Chisato Mita
Masaru Shindo

Musical Composer(s):
Saeko Suzuki
Mina Kubota

26 episodes

Japan 04.03.2016 – 09.25.2016


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