Macross Plus Part 2


On the evening of Sharon’s concert fans pour into the Atlantis Dome. Isamu, Yang and Lucy arrive and take their seats. At the New Edwards base, Guld gives his report to Millard on the accident in the desert. He lies and claims that he was in full control of the YF-21 at all times, and he says the thought recognition system was probably at fault. Millard says that only Guld truly knows what happened because his brain is half of the YF-21’s control system. He also says that whether it was deliberate or accidental, people’s lives cannot be replaced. After Guld leaves, Millard calls Dr. Wirth and asks him to begin a confidential inquiry on Guld’s background. At the Atlantis Dome, Sharon’s concert opens with the song “Santi-U.” The concert features images of birds flying, as well as Sharon singing underwater. At first, Isamu isn’t affected by the images, but he eventually starts to get into the songs like Yang and Lucy. Later, during the song “Idol Talk” Yang attempts to hack into Sharon’s system with a wrist computer. He says that Sharon is the most advanced AI ever created by the Macross Consortium, and if he can’t break into it he doesn’t deserve the title of master hacker. Isamu shrugs it off and says he isn’t a master hacker anyway. Yang succeeds and forces Sharon to turn around and look at them. Security cameras look for the culprit, and Myung spots Isamu while controlling Sharon’s emotions backstage.

Later, Sharon splits into several copies of herself during “The Borderline” and floats through the crowd. Slowly, the various copies of Sharon combine into one and float over to Isamu. Sharon’s holographic image wraps itself around Isamu and kisses him. After the concert, Marge tells Myung that the irregularities in Sharon’s program must be her fault. He tells Myung that if she isn’t more careful everyone will eventually find out that Sharon’s AI is incomplete. Myung says to Marge that she wants to get some rest because she’s tired. The next day, Yang worries about Isamu’s first flight in the YF-19. Isamu takes off in the YF-19 and is impressed by how quickly he can reach space from the planet’s surface. He returns to the atmosphere and begins flying wildly in the air. Yang wonders what Isamu is doing, and Lucy looks at the cameras and sees that Isamu drew a pterosaur with his vapor trails. Later, a new series of tests begin to examine the performance of the two planes. The tests include firing at ground targets as well as urban combat with paint balls against Zentradi targets. As more tests are completed, the YF-19 seems to surpass the YF-21. Millard calls Isamu into his office and tells him that he’s being too reckless. As Millard attaches his prosthetic leg he says that he learned the hard way not to carry recklessness and daring in the same pocket. He tells Isamu that aside from those things he’s carrying stupidity in his pocket as well. An angered Isamu storms off and punches Millard’s door. Millard laughs to himself about how transparent Isamu is.

Guld accesses information about live ammunition. Marge installs a new AI chip in Sharon’s system and says that he doesn’t acknowledge Aristotle’s belief that the mind must be tied to the flesh. Myung has a drink with her old high school friend Kate Masseau, who is now happily married with two children. Myung mentions that she ran into Isamu and Guld and thinks they haven’t changed at all. Kate’s husband joins them and brings the children along. Myung recalls an unhappy time from her childhood when Isamu and Guld vowed to protect her. Kate sings a karaoke version of Lynn Minmay’s old hit “My Boyfriend is a Pilot.” When the song finishes, she asks Myung to sing her old song “Voices.” Myung yells out that she quit singing, and Kate leaves to use the bathroom. At the New Edwards base, Isamu visits Yang in his filthy otaku room. Yang says that he’s trying to kidnap Sharon, but he’s having trouble finding the most important part. Isamu says that her virginity would be pretty hard to find, and Yang replies that he’s looking for the emotion program. Kate calls Isamu and tells him that Myung isn’t acting like herself. She asks Isamu to come over, but he isn’t interested. Kate mentions that Guld is coming, and Isamu says that he definitely won’t be needed then. Myung tells Kate that she can’t go back to the past and leaves in a taxi. During the ride she changes her destination and returns to the Atlantis Dome. She says that she hates Sharon’s songs and her own and wishes she could just fade away. Sharon watches Myung and begins tampering with the power generator settings.

Isamu receives a call from a computerized voice stating that a fire will break out at the Atlantis Dome in 30 minutes. At first he thinks it’s a prank by Kate, but he changes his mind and heads for the concert hall. Guld receives the same message on his car phone and speeds over to the Atlantis Dome. Myung wakes up and finds the room is engulfed in flames. She tries to get out, but the door won’t open. Guld arrives at the concert hall and smashes his way into the room where Myung is. He grabs unconscious Myung and runs through the corridors. A fire door is about to close, and Guld keeps it open by letting it slam onto his back. Later, Isamu arrives at the concert hall and is told by a fire department investigator that no one was on the scene. Myung wakes up in her hotel room and treats Guld’s wounds. As Guld is about to leave, Myung takes him by the hand and says she thought she didn’t want to see him. Dr. Wirth reports to Millard that Guld is somehow suppressing his Zentradi fighting instincts. Millard shreds the report and tells Dr. Wirth to keep digging. The next morning, Lucy confronts Isamu and asks him where he was the night before. Isamu ignores him and goes over to Guld. Isamu figures out that Guld was at the concert hall, and Guld says he won’t let Isamu lay a finger on Myung. Isamu asks Guld if it’s okay for him and if he managed to get to twenty-one fingers. Guld says that the only thing they have left to fight over is the project. Later, Isamu and Guld deviate from their scheduled test and head into the urban combat training area. The two begin to beat each other and fire their paint ball ammo. Isamu beats Guld with his gunpod and rips off his right forearm. As everyone cheers on the fight in the control room, Millard comes in and demands to know what’s going on. Suddenly, they watch a satellite image of the YF-19 being blasted with live ammo and knocked aside. Elsewhere, Myung receives a phone call in her room.


The second part of Macross Plus opens with some stunning animation in Sharon’s concert. We learn Sharon’s secret, which is that Myung is providing her emotions. That’s no longer the case after Marge installs a new A.I. chip in Sharon. The new Sharon hears Myung’s wish and wants to fill it by causing the fire. Isamu does well with Project Super Nova, but Guld wins with Myung and spends the night with her. The conflict between Isamu and Guld continues and reaches a breaking point when they fight at the end of the episode. It’s odd to see Valkyries street fighting in such a bizarre manner. It’s clear that Guld loaded the live ammunition that caused the “accident” at the end of the episode. For someone who supposedly has a lot of self control, Guld seems prone to causing ‘accidents’ for Isamu. It’s also a bit hard to buy that even jocks would so clearly violate regulations and start a fist fight with expensive prototype Valkyries. Even the Super Nova staff enjoys watching the fight, so it seems things are a bit looser out in the frontier worlds. Attentive viewers will notice that the Macross makes a cameo as the wallpaper in the room where Kate sings Minmay karaoke. Those are nice little touches that connect with the original series.

Original Review: May 1, 2000

Overall Rating
Macross Plus Info

Shoji Kawamori
Shinichiro Watanabe

Keiko Nobumoto

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Masayuki Yamaguchi

Musical Composer:
Yoko Kanno

Video Release:
Japan 08.25.1994 – 06.25.1995
U.S. 02.28.1995 – 04.16.1996

4 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Theatrical Release:
Japan 09.30.1995
U.S. 12.14.2021


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