Macross Ep. 29: Lonely Song


In Macross City, full size Zentradi become increasingly dissatisfied with the human way of life and leave the city to wander in the desert wasteland. In a small restaurant, Minmay begins a performance and has trouble singing “My Boyfriend is a Pilot.” On the Macross, Global, Hikaru and Claudia meet with Exsedol to discuss his scientific report. At the restaurant, Minmay ends her performance and is told by Kaifun that she was horrible. She explains that she was surprised by how small the audience was. He wonders how the turnout will be for the next day’s charity concert, and she tells him she doesn’t know why she sings anymore. She also tells him he should charge less for tickets, but he says they need the money since they donate it to people who don’t have anything. As they drive through the city, she tells him go to to Nyan Nyan for dinner, but she refuses. She opens the door and causes him to nearly crash before he agrees to take her to the restaurant. Exsedol gives his report and concludes that humans and Zentradi are nearly identical and both are descended somehow from the Protoculture. What’s not known is what caused them to be different. Exsedol also says that one trait seems common in both species: a love for war. Hikaru objects and says that humans fight to protect themselves when attacked. Another officer notes that even before Space War I, humans constantly have fought wars throughout all recorded history. Hikaru thinks Exsedol’s results distort the facts, and Exsedol asks him not to insert his personal opinions. In another part of the city, Minmay arrives at Nyan Nyan and his happily greeted by her aunt, uncle and the mayor. She asks them if she can stay, and they tell her the restaurant is still her home. Minmay returns to her room for the first time in years and looks around. She looks at a patched piece of ceiling material and is reminded of when she first met Hikaru and he crashed his Valkyrie into her room. She goes over to a drawer and pulls out Hikaru’s medal of honor, which causes her to think of when he gave it to her for her birthday. She thinks that she hears him calling her, but when she runs to the window she finds no one is there.

The next day, Minmay walks through the city. Nearby, Hikaru jogs through the streets for morning exercise. Warera, Loli and Conda deliver laundry for their laundry service, and Conda tells Loli that he heard Minmay is in town. Loli is surprised because Minmay’s supposed to give a concert in Stone City later. As they talk about her, she just happens to walk by and says hello. Warera runs up and asks her if she can autograph a shirt, but Loli says that belongs to a customer. Warera says he’ll buy them new shirts, and all of them begin to argue over getting an autograph. Nearby, two full-sized Zentradi thugs threaten the mayor. His wife calls the military for help, but they grab her. Hikaru runs into Misa and asks her what she’s doing out so early. She tells him she is worried about the city, and he says he is too. He explains that he’s jogging because he thinks it would cause too much trouble if he goes out officially with his patrol unit. He tells Misa that he put her photos in his album, and he notices Minmay standing behind them. She cries and runs off, and he and Misa chase her but lose sight of her. They turn their attention elsewhere when they see two Zentradi fighting in the streets. Hikaru asks the mayor what’s going on, and he says they’re going crazy and trying to steal things. Hikaru asks the Zentradi to stop and asks them what their complaint is. They say they want to go back to space to fight wars, but he says they can’t do that. Four Destroid Tomahawks surround them, but Hikaru asks them to hold fire. One of the Zentradi flicks Hikaru like a bug and knocks him against the Destroid’s leg. Two of the Zentradi leave, and the third tells them they’ll regret it if they leave culture behind. Far away, Kamjin is pleased to hear that more and more Zentradi are leaving the cities. He tells his men to seek them out and bring them to him, and he promises to restore micloned Zentradi to their former size. At Stone City, Minmay arrives just in time for her concert and tells Kaifun she wants to sing for herself. She goes out in front of the small audience and begins “Love Drifts Away.” On the Macross, Global and Exsedol call Hikaru, Misa, Max and Milia in for a meeting. They explain that they’ve discovered the location of the Zentradi automated factory satellite. Global explains that the factory can produce battleships almost completely autonomously. He wants them to capture it because they need ships in case the Zentradi ever attack Earth again.


It seems that all is not well after the war. We’re seeing here more evidence that the Zentradi are becoming more disenchanted with humanity’s culture. This doesn’t bode well for the military, but it plays right into Kamjin’s hands. For some reason, Laplamiz has joined up with Kamjin, which is odd considering that at the end of the war she fought alongside Britai and the Macross. Minmay is also becoming dissatisfied with what she’s doing with her life, and Kaifun doesn’t seem to be helping any with his behavior. The end of the episode brings up a new plot point: the Zentradi factory satellite. Even after two years, it seems that the U.N. Spacy is probably still recovering from the war and needs ships. Looks like everyone’s going to be heading back to space soon.

Original Review: May 1, 2000

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Macross Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Shoji Kawamori
Noboru Ishiguro
Sukehiro Tomita
Kenichi Matsuzaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

36 episodes

Japan 10.03.1982 – 06.26.1983


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