Mospeada Ep. 13: Sand Storm Playback


The group hides in a cave from a blinding sandstorm as well as a Grab patrol led by a Gamo. The Gamo searches the area as the Grabs fly overhead, and eventually it gives up and leads them away. Stick comments that they seem to be safe, but Aisha is looking weaker and needs water. Jim wishes he had saved more water, and Stick criticizes him for not doing his job as a soldier. Ray interjects that Stick is being too hard on Jim and notes how beaten up the Jeep is from surviving Inbit attacks. Stick counters that water is important and that a soldier does his job even at the cost of his own life. Ray and Stick then start grabbing each other as they argue, but they’re interrupted by Yellow singing an old folk song. Ray sits down with Aisha and gives her some water from a piece of cactus. Houquet asks if he was drinking from it too, and Ray says he’ll go get enough for everyone. He ventures out into the sandstorm and falls down the side of a hill. Ray hallucinates that he’s fallen into a strange land where a dragon has kidnapped Aisha. His MOSPEADA appears out of thin air, and he hops on it to give chase. The MOSPEADA flies off the cliff, and Ray is suddenly in his ride armor. He prepares to fire at the dragon, but it kicks him away with his tail. Ray attacks the dragon and causes it to drop Aisha, but he manages to grab her and escape on the ground. Aisha asks Ray not to argue with Stick, and the dragon chases them into a cave that leads to an open desert. The dragon continues to give chase, but Ray vows to always protect Aisha. Ray ends up inside an Inbit base where Malars supervise the loading of a Grab pilot. Aisha feels another headache, and Ray comments that the Inbit are receiving orders through telepathy. The dragon appears again, but Ray suddenly sees Aisha strip her clothes and jump into a lake. She then appears fully clothed on his MOSPEADA, and they drive into a strange land filled with dinosaurs. Ray blasts the dragon and spots several Grabs patrolling the dinosaur land. He accidentally crashes the bike and rushes to check on Stick. She asks him again not to argue with Stick, and he says he doesn’t like how Stick is always trying to force them to be soldiers. He says the two of them think differently and says that Stick really hates the Inbit. A stream suddenly appears when Aisha asks for water, and Ray says that since Stick blames the Inbit for everything, he thinks everything is their fault. Ray gives Aisha some water, and he takes in the rest to give her mouth-to-mouth.

Ray apologizes, and Aisha thanks him for his help. The dragon appears in the cave, and Ray and Aisha escape on the MOSPEADA. Ray sees the Refless-possessed Mint talking about the evolution of life on Earth and their experiments for adaptation. Ray drives toward the cave’s exit and reaches a cliff, but the dragon grabs Aisha. An old man then appears and asks Ray to defeat Shadaw the monster. The old man says many have tried and failed to rescue the princess, but five chosen warriors will help. Stick, Houquet, Min, Jim and Ray then appear, but Ray says they aren’t cool warriors at all. The Legiosses and the TLEAD appear, and Ray wonders why everyone is dressed like barbarians or Roman soldiers. Ray asks if they’re part of a parade and says he’ll get Aisha back by himself. They all laugh at him, and he suddenly finds himself dressed as a barbarian. He’s then shocked to see Mint fly away in the Bartley, along with Jim flying in the Jeep. They all give chase to the dragon, and the Legiosses and TLEAD pull out swords. Ray is blinded by a light as the dragon flies toward a green planet. The dragon starts to attack with fire, so the Legiosses and TLEAD absorb it with their swords. Ray charges in and tries to stab the dragon with his knife, followed by the others with their swords. The dragon is then vaporized, and a costumed Aisha beckons them to travel where Laytow is pointing them. Ray asks what Laytow is, and they all start to chase after a glowing light. The Refless says that if Shadaw flies there will be darkness, but if Laytow flies it will spread wings of light. In the real world, Houquet finds Ray half-buried in the bottom of a sand pit. Houquet brings Ray back to the group, and Ray says that he understands what the Inbit are after. He says that they’re looking for a new planet and that Earth is a suitable place for them to reproduce on. Mint doesn’t understand, and Houquet hits Ray. Ray snaps to his senses and says the Inbit are conducting experiments to see what lifeform is best suited to live on Earth. Stick says that doesn’t matter because those experiments mean humanity will be wiped out. Stick says there’s nothing they can do but fight, and Ray asks about Aisha’s condition. Houquet comments that her fever has gone down, and Ray sits down next to her. Aisha wakes up and smiles at Ray.


If you’ve seen Macross or Robotech, you’ll recall an episode where Hikaru/Rick has hallucinatory dreams mixing stock footage with new animation. This is the exact same thing, except that it’s about Ray’s strange hallucination in a sandstorm. Since this is the early 1980s, they can’t help but make an E.T. reference by having a MOSPEADA fly in front of the sun. A dragon nabs Aisha, so Ray and the rest chase after them at the beckoning of some Moses-looking old guy. This is all just really weird, even more so than the Macross/Robotech episode. Given the focus on Aisha, this episode seems to hint at Ray having an attraction toward her. It seems this weird acid trip dream was triggered by Aisha’s sickness, but it allows Ray to learn about Inbit concepts like Shadaw and Laytow. Those are things we’ll be hearing about again in the future.

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Mospeada Info

Katsuhisa Yamada

Sukehiro Tomita
Kenji Terada
Ryo Yasumura
Satoshi Namiki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Hideki Kakinuma

Character Designer:
Yoshitaka Amano

Musical Composer(s):
Joe Hisaishi
Hiroshi Ogasawara

25 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Japan 10.02.1983 – 03.25.1984

OVA Release:
Japan 09.21.1985


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