Mospeada Ep. 19: Ice City Forte


The group hauls the three Legiosses and the TLEAD across a snow-capped mountain. Houquet wishes she had a hot soup, and Stick says it’s unlike her to complain. Ray picks up something on a heat sensor and begins clearing away the snow. He’s surprised to find a glass ceiling with a town underneath. Stick wants to move on, but Ray says they might find food in the town. He then jumps into the Jeep, but the addition of his weight causes the ground to collapse and sends the Jeep falling onto one of the rooftops. Ray and Mint run down the building’s stairway to reach the ground, and Jim points out that the Eta Legioss‘ leg is broken. Ray and Mint reach the streets of the perfectly preserved and abandoned town, and Mint comments that she’s never seen such a shiny town. Stick and Jim investigate the town’s geothermal power system, and Yellow brings to their attention an evacuation order that was issued the day after the Inbit first arrived on Earth. Elsewhere, Ray, Mint and Aisha sift through the food in a supermarket and eat chocolate and drink soda. Ray says he’d forgotten that food could taste so sweet, and Houquet criticizes him for sitting around and doing nothing while she hauls around HBT. Ray then shows Houquet a can of luncheon meat that he can’t identify, but she doesn’t know what it is either. When they all start to eat It, Houquet changes her mind and joins them. Stick looks at a wedding dress in a window, and when Ray asks if there’s a girl he wants to see in it, Houquet reminds him about Marlene. They then decide to go sightseeing, but Stick tells them not to wander off too far. Ray then counters that a town like this may be standard on Mars, but Earthlings aren’t used to something so nice. After they leave, Stick thinks about Marlene and is asked by Aisha what he intends to do. He decides to take Aisha on a tour of the town and starts by trying to find shoes so she doesn’t slip on the ice. Ray sees them walking by and wants to hassle them, but Houquet tells him to leave them alone. Aisha runs over to look at things in a lingerie store, but Stick redirects her to a shoe store. He first brings out a pair of ugly boots, followed by a pair of high heel shoes when Aisha says she wants something more feminine. She begins to spin around in the shoes, and for a second Stick imagines that she’s Marlene. He then finds a dress and asks Aisha to try it on. Aisha tries on the dress and asks him to zip up the back for her.

Stick and Aisha walk through a department store as she tries on hats, purses and jewelry. He asks Aisha if she knows what love is and realizes that she doesn’t. Elsewhere, Ray and Houquet play pinball inside an arcade, and she comments that a town without people is pretty sad. While working on the Eta Legioss, Jim tells Yellow that things will be harder from now on because the human pilot of the Gosu was strong. Yellow recalls his last encounter with Solzie, and Mint shows up in a long pink dress. Aisha looks at stuff in a toy shop and is scared when Stick suddenly appears wearing a gorilla mask. Stick tells Aisha that he wants to know more about her and then kisses her. She suddenly pulls away in pain when she senses Inbit approaching. Outside, Battlar and two Gamos blast their way into the town. Stick, Ray, Houquet and Yellow suit up in their ride armors, and Stick tells everyone to lure the Inbit into the town rather than fighting them head-on. Stick fires missiles at a Gamo from the front to distract it while Yellow fires missiles from behind to bury it in ice. The Gamo begins shooting in all directions and causes chunks of a building to fall on itself. Yellow then fires missiles at the Gamo that is chasing Houquet and Ray, and they join in to bury it I ice. Battlar chases Stick to a building and knocks away Yellow when he tries to intervene. Jim, Aisha and Mint then drive by in the Jeep and shoot at Battlar to distract him. Mint’s dress falls out of the Jeep, so Aisha jumps out as well to grab it. Battlar prepares to shoot Aisha and pauses, allowing Stick enough time to shoot him and blow off the Gosu’s right arm. Battlar then goes outside and is buried under ice when everyone shoots around him. Everyone meets up and returns to the surface to fly away in the Legiosses. Jim then presses a trigger that sets off explosions in the town’s reactor, causing the whole place to explode. Stick recalls Battlar’s hesitation and has a realization, but can’t bring himself to believe that Aisha is an Inbit.


This episode stands out to me as an example of all that has been lost during the war, and it fits in perfectly with the general melancholy of the series. Up to this point, we’ve seen lots of people eking out a meager existence in ruined cities. In many ways, the world of Mospeada is a post-apocalyptic one, and this episode is a reminder of that. A perfectly preserved town that’s been abandoned for years is like a paradise to people like Ray, Mint and Houquet. Mint comments that she’s only had chocolate twice before, and Ray mentions that he’d forgotten what sweets taste like. It goes to show the rough lives they’ve had in the post-Inbit world. At the same time, while Stick is still haunted by memories of Marlene, he starts to grow closer to Aisha. That good feeling is brought down by the realization that she’s an Inbit, which he doesn’t want to believe. This will certainly cause trouble for him in light of his strong anti-Inbit beliefs.

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Mospeada Info

Katsuhisa Yamada

Sukehiro Tomita
Kenji Terada
Ryo Yasumura
Satoshi Namiki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Hideki Kakinuma

Character Designer:
Yoshitaka Amano

Musical Composer(s):
Joe Hisaishi
Hiroshi Ogasawara

25 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Japan 10.02.1983 – 03.25.1984

OVA Release:
Japan 09.21.1985


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