Mospeada Ep. 20: Birthday Song in the Night Sky


Mint is excited about her birthday as she rides on the back of Ray’s MOSPEADA through the desert. Houquet lands the Zeta Legioss in front of them and reports that there’s an Inbit fort on the other side of the mountain. Yellow checks out the fort with binoculars and finds that it’s heavily defended by Eagers, Grabs and Gamos. Stick decides to take a detour through the forest and tells Mint that her birthday party will have to wait. She then throws a temper tantrum, but no one pays attention. She complains to Ray as they travel through the forest, but he tells her they’re lucky to be alive. Mint tells Ray to drive faster, and he speeds right into the path of an Eager that opens fire on them. Jim steers the jeep down the side of the mountain to avoid the Eager, and Aisha falls out. Stick attacks the Eager and its reinforcements while Ray suits up in his ride armor. One of the Eagers attacks Ray, but he destroys it with his beam gun. Houquet and Yellow chase after the escaping final Eager, and she spots an abandoned town. Aisha tries to cheer up Mint, and Mint says that this birthday is the same as usual. She then recalls past birthdays that she was forced to spend alone with her cat Kintoki because her parents were working. Everyone else plants HBT bombs across the town to set a trap for the Inbit. Mint wonders where everyone is and is frightened by a sound from the forest, but it’s just Ray. He tells Aisha and Mint that they have to break past the Inbit fort so they can use HBT again. He leads them to a house in the abandoned town and walks into a dark room. Mint can’t see anyone and starts to panic, but the lights suddenly come on as everyone sings “Happy Birthday.” Jim pulls out a cake, and Houquet gives Mint clothes to wear. Mint is angry that everyone tricked her and runs outside, but Aisha tells everyone that she’s actually happy. Mint begins to cry because she’s so happy.

Mint returns to the party and puts on the dress so she can sing for everyone. She dances around the room and makes Stick close his eyes before flashing her panties. Outside, Battlar and a group of Eagers fly patrol, and Battlar tells himself that battle is life. Mint falls asleep as Houquet and Aisha cleanup. Outside, Yellow asks Stick if he’s worried about Aisha, and Stick asks Yellow if he’s noticed anything strange about her. Yellow answers that Aisha is just an innocent girl and that Stick should leave well enough alone. Yellow comments that he’s tired, and Ray sneakily laughs that there’s more entertainment. Houquet tells Mint that they should take a bath, and Mint starts to cry because she’s never had anyone celebrate her birthday. Ray sneaks around outside the house and tries to peak through the window into the bathroom. Mint feels jealous of Houquet and Aisha because their breasts are bigger, and Ray makes a lot of noise when the pile of logs he’s standing on give way. Ray then joins the other guys and says he wishes the girls would give him a little peak. Mint asks Aisha if she’s in love with any of the guys, and Aisha says that Stick mentioned love before. Mint then asks Aisha if she loves Stick, and Aisha wonders what happened to her lost memories. She thinks sometimes that she shouldn’t be with them, but Houquet stops her from saying anything else. Mint falls out of the bathtub, and Aisha senses the Inbit nearby. Battlar detects HBT inside the town and orders the Eagers to attack. They land outside a domed building and open fire, setting off all the explosives that were planted around them. Several Eagers are destroyed in the blast, and Battlar’s Gosu loses a leg. Battlar and the remaining three Eagers escape, and Yellow tells Mint that it’s time for the finale of her party. Jim fires off several fireworks into the night sky while Stick, Yellow and Ray use the Legiosses to write out HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MINT in colored smoke. Jim fires off more fireworks, and Mint is amazed by what she sees.


Mint’s birthday serves as the main focus of this episode. She assumes that this birthday will be as uneventful as the prior ones, but she doesn’t know that everyone has planned a surprise party for her. We get a brief flashback of her life before joining the group, but not too much information aside from that. I’d assume her parents both died at some point, leaving her alone and wandering about like she was at the start of the series. The whole Stick-Aisha thing gets developed a bit further, and the two of them are both encouraged to not delve too deeply into Aisha’s past or what she is. On a lighter note, Ray tries to be sneaky and get himself some fanservice, but it doesn’t work out so well. Finally, Battlar has been forced to retreat two times consecutively, so I’m sure he’s not too happy about that.

Overall Rating
Mospeada Info

Katsuhisa Yamada

Sukehiro Tomita
Kenji Terada
Ryo Yasumura
Satoshi Namiki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Hideki Kakinuma

Character Designer:
Yoshitaka Amano

Musical Composer(s):
Joe Hisaishi
Hiroshi Ogasawara

25 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Japan 10.02.1983 – 03.25.1984

OVA Release:
Japan 09.21.1985


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