Mospeada Ep. 22: NY Bebop


Eagers fly patrol over the skies of New York City, which is now home to an Inbit base. Residents clear out a street when several Malars appear walking patrol. One of the Malars stops to examine two men lying on the sidewalk before rejoining its group. The two men are actually Yellow, Ray and Mint in disguise. Mint complains to Yellow that New York isn’t anything like what he said it would be. Ray says they haven’t come to New York for sightseeing, and Yellow comments that it’s a legendary city. They then sneak into the abandoned Carnegie Hall, which now serves as an Inbit HBT warehouse. Yellow asks Ray if he knows anything about Carnegie Hall and explains that it used to be a great gathering place. He imagines himself in costume and performing on stage for a sold out crowd. Yellow thinks to himself how even when he lived on Mars, he dreamed of performing in Carnegie Hall. They then hide for cover when a Malar enters the room. One of the HBT cannisters that Mint is holding begins to slip, but Ray tells her to be quiet when she calls to him. The Malar walks past Ray and Mint without noticing them, but then Mint drops all the HBT cannisters. The Malar starts walking back in their direction and leaves after seeing the shadow of what is presumably a cat. The shadow is actually a young dancer named George. George leads them through the streets as his pet condor flies overhead. Yellow asks if he’s leaving the city, and George says he can’t give up on the town of musicals. George takes them to a dance studio where a man named Simone is barking directions at his dancers. He’s surprised to see Yellow in New York and asks him to see their show. Mint wants to see it, but Ray tells her they don’t have time for that. Yellow asks Simone what he’s going to do about the Inbit, and Simone answers that he doesn’t care if the Inbit show up or not. At the Inbit fort, Battlar tells Solzie that he wants to kill all the humans in the city because you never know when they might decide to conspire with the soldiers that are passing through. He also thinks that killing people will advance their evolution, but Solzie says they should watch the ecology of beautiful people rather than killing them. Battlar laughs that off and leaves, and Solzie thinks about Yellow and Aisha. Battlar lands his Gosu in the street and orders the Malars and Eagers to open fire on the humans. Across the river in New Jersey, Aisha feels the Inbit and says people are running for their lives. Stick runs over to an open rooftop and is shocked to see New York burning.

Grabs and Malars walk through the streets of SoHo, indiscriminately firing on any humans they see. George’s condor delivers a message about the attack, and suddenly the building rocks from an Inbit attack. Simone is depressed by the sight of his stage on fire, and Yellow tells him there’s no point if he dies. Stick asks how much HBT they have, and Jim answers that they have enough for five hours. Stick asks Aisha if she feels well enough to come with them, and she agrees. Solzie is angry that Battlar is carrying out such an attack on her area, and she’s surprised when she sees Yellow on an Inbit surveillance camera. Yellow and Ray destroy two Malars in the street, and George tells them there’s a shelter under the Lincoln Center. They’re then surrounded by Grabs, but Stick, Houquet and Jim destroy them from the air with the Legiosses before flying off. Yellow wishes there was a way to contact them, and Simone says he has an idea. Stick searches for Yellow and the others, but he comes under fire from Battlar’s Gosu. Houquet and Jim try to give Stick some backup, but Battlar is too strong and dodges their attacks. Yellow gets in costume and performs with Simone’s dancers on a rooftop. Houquet and Jim hear Yellow’s singing and start searching the area until they find the right building. Stick fires missiles at Battlar to keep him back, and the Legiosses land on the rooftop. Stick asks Aisha if she’s ok and tells Jim to take care of him. The refueled Legiosses take off, with Yellow piloting the TLEAD. Jim is then knocked aside in an explosion, and Aisha is surprised to see Solzie. Solzie says that Aisha is the same as them and asks why the humans haven’t killed her. Two Eagers latch onto Houquet, but Ray destroys them. He’s then hit from behind by Battlar, who is in turn attacked by Yellow. Yellow transforms the TLEAD to Armo-Bomber mode and tells Stick he wants to pay the Inbit back for their ability to sense HBT. Stick and the others follow him into the Inbit base and shoot up its reactor, which falls down a shaft and explodes, destroying the base. Yellow later says goodbye to George and Simone, and Simone invites him back so they can do a real show sometime. Even though their studio was destroyed, they intend to keep performing. The Legiosses and TLEAD fly by the Statue of Liberty as they continue north toward Reflex Point.


The journey is nearing an end now that the group has reached New York City. This marks the first and only time in the series that the characters visit a real city, rather than all the made up towns they’ve encountered so far. New York has certainly seen better days, as it clearly suffered greatly from the Inbit assault. We see that Battlar and Solzie have competing views about how to treat humans. Solzie wants to watch them, but Battlar just wants to kill them all to advance the Inbit’s evolution. Aisha has an encounter with Solzie and finally learns that she’s a human Inbit. I know this show is from 1983, but Simone and his dancers are so laughably dated. It could only be more like Flashdance if they had a lookalike for Jennifer Beals.

Overall Rating
Mospeada Info

Katsuhisa Yamada

Sukehiro Tomita
Kenji Terada
Ryo Yasumura
Satoshi Namiki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Hideki Kakinuma

Character Designer:
Yoshitaka Amano

Musical Composer(s):
Joe Hisaishi
Hiroshi Ogasawara

25 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Japan 10.02.1983 – 03.25.1984

OVA Release:
Japan 09.21.1985


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