Mospeada Ep. 7: Ragtime for a Brave Dead Man


Stick’s Eta Legioss flies around in Armo-Diver mode and destroys two attacking Grabs. More Grabs appear, but Ray, Yellow and Houquet destroy them with their ride armors. Stick says that Inbit reinforcements will come soon, so he wants Jim to quickly take care of what he needs to do. He then flies over a town to reach a forest he can hide in. A man named Jose in the town’s bell tower watches the road with binoculars and sees Jim, Mint, Ray, Yellow and Houquet approaching. Ray says he hopes whatever it is won’t take too long, and Jim answers that he only has to deliver a book called Inherit the Stars to an old man named Alfred Pauligno. Ray asks what that’s about, and Jim explains that he’s been holding on to the book for a long time for a friend. Ray asks why that guy doesn’t deliver the book himself, and Jim has a flashback of abandoning his friend to die during an Inbit attack. Jim explains that he was trying to cover his friend, and Min comments that she wouldn’t mind marrying an old man and living in a big house. A village leader named Pedro watches everyone approach and vows to get rid of them. Yellow notes that the village is unusually quiet, and Houquet comments that there’s a creepy atmosphere to the place. They pull up to a restaurant to eat, but Jose says he can’t serve them anything. He makes up a story about it being God’s day and that they can’t eat or drink, but Mint notes that she just saw some kids eating tomatoes. Jim asks for directions to Alfred’s house, which causes Jose to panic and say there’s no such person in the village. Jose then runs into the restaurant, and Jim decides to keep looking. Yellow tells Jim not to take too long because the Inbit will be back. Houquet wonders if Jim will be ok since people are acting strange, so Ray decides to go with him. Inside the restaurant, Pedro says that they just have to keep pretending they don’t know Alfred. Jim drives through the village and spots landmarks based on his friend’s stories. He says that Alfred is supposed to be a politician, which makes Ray wonder why the guy at the restaurant didn’t know him. A mother takes her child inside at the sight of the Jeep, and Ray comments that everyone is seemingly avoiding them. Outside the village, several masked men jump out of a truck and knock out Yellow, Houquet and Mint. Jim finally reaches Alfred’s house and is surprised to find only ruins. Several men then appear and attack them, but Ray scares them off with his beam gun. They then jump into the Jeep and drive off. Pedro hears about what happened outside the town and decides to take care of it. Jim wants to know what the people in the village are hiding, but Ray says the Inbit could show up soon. They pull up to the area where everyone is supposed to be and are surrounded by armed villagers.

Ray threatens the villagers with his beam gun, and Jim wonders if there’s a soldier hunt going on. Jim then tells Ray that in his village a wolf once pretended to be trapped and then attacked people. Jim then puts up his arms, and Ray drops the gun. As they drive by the restaurant, Jim and Ray jump out of the truck and dash inside. Jim cuts his hands free and pulls a gun on Jose. The angry villagers surround the restaurant, and Jim demands to know what’s going on. Jose’s wife, Maria, says they don’t anything, but Pedro knows everything, including where their friends are. Ray then has an idea, and both he and Jim pretend to have been captured by Jose. Jose leads them to the Jeep and drives them to a house. Jim and Ray rush into the room where everyone is being held, and Jim demands to know who Pedro is. Ray wants their machines back, but Pedro refuses and asks them to leave without making trouble. Jim notes that they don’t seem to like him mentioning Alfred, and Pedro says there’s no such person in the village. The building then begins to shake from nearby explosions. Several Eagers attack Stick in midair, and he’s forced to hold them off alone. Yellow tells Pedro that the Inbit won’t attack people who don’t attack them, but Pedro asks what would happen if the Inbit saw Yellow and the others leaving the village. Ray says they’ll try to stay hidden, and Pedro says they don’t know how terrifying the Inbit are. Pedro still refuses, and Jim pulls a gun, asking if he’s telling them to let Stick die. He asks if Pedro wants to protect the village at the cost of other people dying. Jose recalls a prior attack on the village and points out that Gomez knows where the machines are. Pedro objects, and Jose says fighting the Inbit is better than having humans kill humans. Gomez gives up the info, so Jose agrees to lead them to the barn. Pedro shows Jim a machine gun and says that Alfred opposed fighting the Inbit until the very end, so they killed him. Yellow, Houquet and Ray fight Grabs on the ground, while Stick fights Eagers in the air. Jim mounts the machine gun onto his Jeep and attacks the Eagers and Grabs. Pedro comments that they recklessly attacked the Inbit, but now they should help others who are fighting. After the battle, Jim decides to keep the book so that he can remember what courage is. He then drives out of the village to rejoin with everyone.


The last episode focused on Houquet’s past, and this one switches its focus to Jim. He’s on a mission to deliver a book to the father of a friend he abandoned to die, but things don’t go smoothly. An entire village is perpetuating a lie and trying to obstruct them at each turn. In the end, the truth comes out: Alfred was a pacifist and opposed fighting, so the angry villagers killed him. But they attacked the Inbit recklessly, and the reprisal on their village was deadly. Ever since then, some of them have been consumed with guilt over killing Alfred. This episode again displays one of the continuing themes of Mospeada, which is humanity turning on itself in the face of the Inbit. Jim is forced to face his own past, and here he finally puts behind him that past of being a cowardly runaway soldier. He also gets a fancy gun for his jeep, which I guess is a good thing.

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Mospeada Info

Katsuhisa Yamada

Sukehiro Tomita
Kenji Terada
Ryo Yasumura
Satoshi Namiki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Hideki Kakinuma

Character Designer:
Yoshitaka Amano

Musical Composer(s):
Joe Hisaishi
Hiroshi Ogasawara

25 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Japan 10.02.1983 – 03.25.1984

OVA Release:
Japan 09.21.1985


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