Mospeada Ep. 8: Jonathan’s Elegy


At Reflex Point, the Inbit’s ruler, the Refless, gives orders to eliminate the soldiers from Mars Base who are threatening them. Lt. Comdr. Jonathan Wolf drives a jeep carrying a wounded soldier named Tom back to a city. Stick and the others arrive at the city and are surprised to see soldiers out in the open. Several men pull up in a jeep and ask Stick and the others why they look so serious. Stick asks if the Inbit have soldiers stationed in the town, and the men tell them they’re protected by a hero who won’t let the Inbit get close. They walk into a restaurant to order food, and Mint immediately begins hitting on the bartender. A man runs into the bar and announces that Jonathan is back, which gets Stick’s attention. Stick goes outside and recognizes Jonathan, who graduated at the top of the Mars Base Military Academy and later achieved victories in battles at Saturn and Jupiter. Stick assumed that Jonathan went missing after joining the Earth Liberation Force, so he never expected for Jonathan to be fighting the Inbit on Earth. Ray wonders how just one soldier could keep the Inbit away from the town, and Stick answers that Ray doesn’t understand Jonathan’s power. He says that he idolized Jonathan when he was younger and decided to join the military. Yellow decides to perform some concerts, and Jim says he’ll find a venue and a place to stay. At night, Jonathan receives a visit from Stick. Stick explains that he’s on a mission to occupy Reflex Point and would like to join Jonathan if he’s doing the same. Jonathan tells him not to speak as though it were so simple since he’s seen what it’s like out there. Stick says he wants to learn about flying from Jonathan, but Jonathan cuts him off and says Earth and Mars aren’t the same because the Inbit will kill Stick if they find him. Jonathan explains that he’s the captain of a special unit on a mission to destroy an enemy camp, so he can’t leave. He says that he’s going to attack a fuel warehouse in the morning and would welcome Stick to come along. Stick happily agrees, and Jonathan asks him to keep the operation top secret. After Stick leaves, Jonathan says to himself that Stick reminds him of himself when he was younger. The next morning, Stick mounts up and joins Jonathan’s attack force. The attack force enters a forest, and Jonathan leads the way to an HBT warehouse. They reach a clearing and find an Inbit base, which Jonathan says is just a warehouse. Jonathan orders Sam and Joey to split off while Stick comes with him. Sam and Joey run to one of the entrances and find an energy shield. A Grab then emerges from the ground behind them, and Jonathan gives orders to withdraw. More Grabs appear and kill Sam and Joey. Jonathan tells Stick to run away, and Stick hopes he’ll be safe. Later, Ray and Houquet visit Jonathan and ask about Stick, but Jonathan says he isn’t sure what happened. Ray wants to know where the attack happened so he can rescue Stick with the Eta Legioss. Jonathan changes his mind and asks where the Legioss is.

A Grab patrols the forest while Stick hides in a hole, telling himself that Jonathan will come for him. As Yellow performs a concert, Mint kicks Jim to get his attention and tell him something. Jonathan and Ray approach the Inbit base, and Ray is surprised that something so big is just a warehouse. Jonathan suggests splitting up to search for Stick, but just then a Grab attacks them. Houquet arrives and destroys it with a missile, and Ray rides with her. More Grabs attack and force them into the forest on foot. Ray wanders through the forest and spots Jonathan meeting with a Malar robot, which gives him a case of HBT. After the Malar leaves, Ray pulls out his gun and confronts Jonathan. He sees what’s going on and says that Jonathan is collaborating with the Inbit and leading skilled soldiers to them. He says that a town where soldiers can live freely is a joke, and Jonathan shoots the gun out of his hand. Jonathan asks Ray to join him, but Ray refuses. Jonathan sticks his gun against Ray’s head, and Ray tells him that Stick became a soldier because of Jonathan. Jonathan says that Ray doesn’t know the true terror of the Inbit, and Ray answers that an excuse like that won’t change what he’s done. Jonathan puts down the gun and tells Ray he should try to get out of the forest and see the terror of the Inbit himself. As Jonathan leaves, Houquet and Stick arrive. Stick calls out to Jonathan, and Ray explains that Jonathan is a traitor who sells out soldiers to the Inbit. Stick doesn’t believe it and punches Ray, knocking him to the ground. Ray says again that Jonathan is a traitor, and Houquet has to hold him back. Their argument is interrupted when Grabs surround them and attack. Jonathan watches from nearby and is surprised that Stick is still alive. He recalls what Ray told him and watches as everyone fights in their ride armor. The three are surrounded by Grabs, but Jonathan flies by in the Eta Legioss and attacks the Inbit. Jonathan destroys several Grabs and is pushed out into a clearing where Eagers attack. Jonathan dodges their attacks and fires back with missiles. Stick is amazed by Jonathan’s moves, and Jonathan tells him that this is how to fly a Legioss. Jonathan thinks to himself that hey may have been a coward who got tired of fighting and lost his pride. Jonathan fires at an attack Grab, but it manages to land a shot on the Eta Legioss’ cockpit, injuring him. Jonathan tells Stick that he’s a traitor and thanks Stick for letting him fight the Inbit one last time. He then dies in Stick’s arms, and Stick salutes him. Jim, Mint and Yellow then arrive. At night, the town is surrounded by Grabs and Eagers now that Jonathan is dead, but the residents are completely unaware.


This episode focuses on Stick and makes use of the time-honored trope that the person you idolized in your childhood isn’t as perfect as you assumed. However, the show makes good use of the trope because Stick is still so young and idealistic. You could say this was a lesson he had to learn about the things war does to people, and how it can even corrupt a “hero” that so many people hold in high regard. It’s definitely a shock to Stick to discover that his legendary hero is really a traitor who sells out his soldiers to the Inbit in exchange for safety and HBT. And of course, Stick very nearly becomes one of those sacrifices, but he’s unwilling to believe the truth about Jonathan until the end. This episode continues the series theme of the depths that humanity can sink to, as illustrated by Jonathan selling out his men to the Inbit. Of course, Jonathan does regain some honor and saves everyone, at the cost of his own life. Of course, his death means that the fates of the people in the town has been sealed, but they’re none the wiser.

Overall Rating
Mospeada Info

Katsuhisa Yamada

Sukehiro Tomita
Kenji Terada
Ryo Yasumura
Satoshi Namiki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shinji Aramaki
Hideki Kakinuma

Character Designer:
Yoshitaka Amano

Musical Composer(s):
Joe Hisaishi
Hiroshi Ogasawara

25 episodes; 1 compilation OVA

Japan 10.02.1983 – 03.25.1984

OVA Release:
Japan 09.21.1985


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