Orguss Ep. 12: Chiram Girl


Maaie complains when Shaya sends her out in an M-Lover to scout the area ahead of the Glomar. Maaie spots a large Chiram fleet and immediately comes under fire from several Ishkicks. Kei looks at a map of the area and thinks the Chiram will attack them at the entrance of a basin. Mimsy criticizes Mome for using high grade oil on Captain, and Kei leaves to equip Orguss. Slay wants to talk to Kei, and Leeg wants Kei to leave the ship. Neither of them think that Kei is worth the trouble that he’s caused them. Maaie activates her boosters to get away, but her M-Lover is hit by a missile, so she calls for help. Shaya tells Kei that Maaie is under attack and needs help, so he launches in Orguss. Kei reaches the battlefield and starts destroying the Ishkicks, but Maaie criticizes him for taking too long to get there. Kei bounces off the canyon wall and causes several Ishkicks to crash. He fires missiles at other units and destroys multiple targets. Shaya tells Slay and Leeg that no matter what they have to bring Kei back to the Emaan homeland. Lieea and Mimsy state that Kei is their friend, and Slay is angry that Mimsy is on Kei’s side. Leeg and Slay demand to know why Kei is so important, so Shaya decides to violate orders and reveal that Kei is the key to healing the world. Mome is amazed, but Shaya asks her not to tell Kei yet about it. Shaya declares that for the sake of Paptee’s children they have to bring Kei home and fix the shattered dimensions. Maaie returns to the ship and is happily greeted by Lieea and the others. At the Chiram fleet, a soldier reports to Olson that contact has been lost with the Ishkicks. Olson gives pilot Athena Henderson permission to fight the singularity, but on the condition that she not kill him. Athena launches in her transforming Nikick and narrowly flies between Roberto and Henry’s Ishkicks. Roberto calls Olson and suggests sending backup for the Nikick, but Olson answers that they’d just slow Athena down. He says to himself that aside from Athena’s natural piloting skill, he’s personally trained her.

Kei returns to the ship and is thanked by Maaie for the help. Kei finds Slay and Leeg repairing the M-Lover and wants to continue their earlier confrontation, but Leeg says it’s over. Slay says that they decided to let Kei stay, and Leeg apologizes for the way they treated him. Jabby lays in his bed and panics when his tail shakes. He runs to tell Shaya that there’s a singularity in the Chiram army. Shaya wonders why the Chiram want Kei if they have a singularity of their own, so Jabby suggests that maybe both are needed. Mome offers to sponge Kei’s back in the bath, but he yells at her to leave. Leeg calls Kei and asks him to come down right away. Lieea wants to shoot down the approaching Chiram unit, but Captain notes that doing so would reveal their position. Athena fires scores of missiles into the canyon in an attempt to lure out Kei. The missiles come close to hitting the ship, and Kei points out that since Leeg’s jammer is a prototype with limited range, the Chiram are focusing only on the area being jammed. Leeg asks if his jammer is useless, but Kei counters it’d be more effective if it could cover a wider area. Kei tells Leeg that whether they succeed depends on if he can extend the range. Lieea launches in her M-Lover against Kei’s advice, so he prepares to launch in Orguss. Lieea fires several missiles at Athena, but she easily dodges them and maneuvers behind Lieea. Athena knows she can easily beat Lieea and wants to fight the singularity. Kei takes off in Orguss, so Athena shoots down Lieea and turns her attention to Kei. Kei is surprised when the Nikick suddenly transforms and attacks, but he recognizes that fighting style. Kei bounces off a canyon wall and fires at Athena. Athena bounces off a wall herself, and each wonders how the other knows their tactics. Mimsy asks Mome to help her give cover to Kei, but Slay tells Mimsy she doesn’t have to go. Mimsy mans one of the ship’s guns, but she ends up damaging Orguss instead of the Nikick. Athena moves in to fire and recalls Olson’s orders at the last second. Kei uses her hesitation to blow off the Nikick’s right arm, forcing her to retreat. Kei brings Lieea’s M-Lover back to the ship as it takes off and flies through the canyon.


The series finally reaches a turning point regarding Kei’s presence on the Glomar. I was starting to get tired about the constant complaining that everything is Kei’s fault, so it’s good to see it get some resolution. It’s funny that now Lieea considers Kei a friend, but just one episode ago she wanted to sell him to the Chiram. Shaya reveals that Kei is important because they need him to heal the world’s fractured dimensions. They also learn that there’s a singularity in the Chiram army, which is obviously Olson. It’s good to see him return after a long absence, and we get to see what he’s been up to, which is training Athena. Her transforming Nikick is definitely a step up from the Ishkick and can provide a real challenge to Orguss. She almost wins the battle, thanks to some misplaced help from Mimsy that doesn’t actually help Kei. I wonder how long it’ll be before he learns how important he is to the world.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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