Orguss Ep. 13: Caspian Crater


The Glomar flies through a canyon, and Mimsy reports to Shaya that there’s no sign of the Chiram, which Shaya assumes means an ambush is coming up. In the hangar, Lieea, Maaie, Paptee, Slay and Goovu work on two M-Lovers while Kei and Mome work on Orguss. Slay can’t believe that Kei is the key to saving the world, and Paptee agrees that it’s hard to believe. She then asks him for help with giving her babies milk bottles when they start crying. Slay comments that it must be hard for her, but she tells him that she’s focused now on the future of her children. At a Chiram camp, Henry tells Roberto that they’ll be in trouble if the Glomar manages to slip by using a jammer. Roberto notes that this is their last chance, so they have to catch the ship no matter what. Leeg informs Shaya that they need to expand the range of the jammer, and she calls the crew together for a meeting. She states that if they can’t extend the jammer’s range, they’ll never escape the Chiram. To extend the range out to 10 kilometers, a remote jammer must be used away from the ship, which Mimsy notes means someone has to leave the ship to control. Lieea says that whoever goes out will be found by the Chiram and killed, but Shaya states that it’s the only way to save everyone. She asks any volunteers to come meet her in private later on. Olson is informed that they still haven’t found the Glomar, but he’s sure the ship will turn up. Slay excuses himself for a bathroom break and goes to visit Shaya in the meeting room. Lieea runs to the bridge and tells Mimsy that Slay is gone, so Mimsy runs through the ship and finds him leaving the meeting room. She grabs onto him and asks why, so he tells her to meet him in the secret room later. Athena makes some adjustments to her Nikick at night. Slay is about to knock on Mimsy’s door and instead leaves a locket behind. She comes over to open the door, but he tells her not to. He asks why they’ve grown apart, but Mimsy disagrees and thinks they can fix it. He says it’s too late and recalls the first time they met at a party. Slay says the old days are gone and wishes Mimsy happiness, so she starts crying and begs for him to come back.

Kei encounters Slay in the corridor and demands to know why he volunteered. Slay says it doesn’t concern him, but Kei says that Shaya turned him down. Slay states that everyone else on the crew is necessary, but Kei notes that he could use that same excuse as well. Kei wants to go, but Slay tells him he can’t because he’s the singularity. Kei insists on going, and Slay tells him that if goes, it’ll make Mimsy sad. In the hangar, Mimsy cries and Kei tells Slay to come back alive. Slay asks her to stop crying and takes off in the Drifand Dee. The Chiram detect ECM, and Olson orders an Ishfon aerial scout to launch and search the area. The Ishfon pilot spots the Glomar and reports back to Olson, who orders the Nikicks and Ishkicks to launch. Kei launches in Orguss, followed by Maaie and Lieea in their M-Lovers. Maaie opens fire and destroys the Ishfon. As the enemy force approaches, the Glomar opens fire and destroys several Ishkicks. Kei destroys two Nikicks and is fired upon by two more, but he gets behind them and destroys them. Slay wonders if he should go back, but just then his Drifand Dee is shot by an Ishkick. Kei attacks Athena, but she dodges and fires at him from behind. Olson sees Kei’s face on his monitor and blocks Athena from attacking. She asks what’s going on, but he tells her she’s not allowed to pursue Orguss. Mome asks Captain to help with the battle, but he tells her that non-combat robots like her panic too quickly. He then walks onto the deck and fires missiles to destroy two Nikicks and an Ishkick, which he thinks is help enough. The damaged Glomar is pursued by the Chiram, and Kei is annoyed by their stubbornness.


This episode switches its focus to Slay, which of course is an obvious death flag. Mimsy is still waffling between him and Kei to an annoying degree. When confronted with the fact that she and Slay have drifted apart, she denies that they have, only to change course seconds later and say they can fix their problems. Well, it looks like he’s made the choice for her and bowed out of the competition. Kei was ready to volunteer and sacrifice himself, still unaware of his importance as the singularity. The Nikicks are being used in larger numbers now, but aside from Athena’s unit, they seem to be just as much cannon fodder as the older Ishkicks. The episode ends with Olson realizing that Kei is the singularity, but the battle’s not over yet.

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Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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