Orguss Ep. 15: Idiosyncratic Point


The Glomar‘s crew and the other Emaan have a party around a fire. A drunk Shaya tells Kei to have fun, and he notices Mimsy walking off on her own. Mome wants to come along with Kei, but he tells her to stay behind. Kei asks Mimsy what’s wrong and if it has to do with Slay, but she tells him to leave her alone. Captain gives orders to the Orguss II pilots to patrol the area. Kei examines the damaged Orguss and picks up a message on a military frequency. He answers and at first doesn’t recognize Olson’s voice. As proof, Olson mentions that before their last mission, Kei snuck out of the barracks for his romantic rendezvous with Tina. Kei believes him and asks why he didn’t contact him earlier, but Olson says he can’t explain over the radio. Kei takes a scooter out and assumes it’s a trap when he spots a Nikick. When Olson reveals himself, Kei runs over and punches him in the face, which knocks him to the ground. Olson laughs and comments that Kei hasn’t changed at all. On a Chiram ship, Athena tells Roberto that she wants to hunt down Olson herself. She doesn’t want any support, but Roberto asks one of his men to secretly follow her because it might lead them to the singularities. Olson mentions that it’s been five years since he last saw Kei, but Kei says he’s been in this world for less than a year. Olson realizes that’s why he couldn’t find Kei despite looking for him. He explains that it’s been 20 years since the explosion of the space-time oscillation bomb, and that he was sent 15 years into the future, while Kei was sent 20 years. The patchwork Earth made up from different dimensions is the result of the bomb’s explosion, but Kei takes it as a joke. Kei looks at a glowing energy sphere in the sky, which is called the Great Singularity. Olson explains that it’s the result of the explosion, which they’re part of. Olson asks Kei to come back with him to the Chiram to help restore Earth. Kei doesn’t want to be with the Chiram, but Olson tells him that the Chiram are the people from their Earth. He adds that while Tina died several years ago, Kei has a child with her. Athena flies through the air in the Nikick and is surveilled by an Ishfon, which reports back to an Ishkick squad. Kei can’t believe he has a child, but the situation suddenly changes when they’re attacked by weird tree monsters. Backed up against a rock wall, Kei asks Olson if he deliberately picked this spot full of monsters. Athena spots their weapons fire in the distance and closes in. The Ishfon spots them and flies off, while Athena blasts one of the tree monsters. Olson says goodbye to Kei and takes off in his Nikick.

Later, the Glomar is escorted into Emaan territory, and Kei spots several trade caravan ships of the same class. Kei is impressed by the city’s size, and the ship docks inside a large building. Olson tells himself that he’ll have to make a tough decision soon. Kei and the others ride along a moving sidewalk as the Glomar and Orguss are taken away for repairs. Kei notes that there are lots of women around, so Mimsy explains that a lot of men are away, but women outnumber them anyway due to the reproduction rate. Kei, Shaya and Mimsy sit down in chairs that display a holographic presentation about the Great Singularity. An Emaan scientist explains that the different dimensions were all separated, but the explosion has smashed more than 100 different Earths together. The damage should’ve healed itself, but the new world became fixed in one time axis and stopped changing. The breakup of the Great Singularity led to its instability and prevents the world from reverting to its original form. A magnetic barrier surrounds the planet, and the cycling out of small regions through dimensional transfers continues to occur. Shaya asks if returning the Great Singularity to stability will fix the world, but the scientist notes that it won’t work without the two singularities: Kei and Olson. Kei is told that the two singularities must come together and travel to the center of the Great Singularity to fix the world. Kei asks what he’s supposed to do, but the Emaan aren’t sure. An Emaan force warns the Chiram to stay back from their territory, but the Chiram attack anyway since they’re hunting for Kei. Mimsy offers to show Kei around the city, but he seems hesitant. The scientist asks Shaya if Kei will help them and wonders if it’d be better to use mind control. Shaya proclaims that they’re not like the Chiram, and the scientist notes that this issue is why the Laarz and Thoov families are in conflict. The scientist states that it’s critical for their survival and reveals that the singularities won’t survive the effects of the space distortion. Olson chases the Ishfon into the middle of the Chiram/Emaan battle and destroys it. As Kei walks through the city with Mimsy and Mome, he thinks about what Olson said and realizes that it’s his fault the world is like this and that he’s got to fix it.


If there are two themes to be found in this episode, they are reunions and revelations. Kei finally meets up with Olson in person and learns that Olson has been stuck in this twisted world for five years longer than him. He also learns that he has a child, who is obviously Athena, but he doesn’t know that yet. Kei learns the truth of the singularity and is hit with the realization that this fractured Earth is all his fault, which he intends to fix. What he doesn’t know, and the burden Shaya now carries, is that doing so will kill him and Olson. Olson’s also playing a tricky game by killing the Ishfon pilot before he can report on Olson and Kei. What’s clear is that both the Chiram and Emaan want to accomplish their goals of fixing the worlds, regardless of what it means for the two singularities.

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Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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