Orguss Ep. 18: Sisters


A ship carrying Manisha arrives at a frontline base set up by Thoov troops. She berates her men for not finding the Glomar yet and orders them to expand the search area. In her office, Manisha looks at an old picture of herself and Shaya as children and recalls them playing in a field. A message comes in that her men might’ve found an area where the Glomar is hiding. Elsewhere, Kei sits on the ship’s deck and recalls what Slay told him about Mimsy, but he thinks it has nothing to do with him because at 20, he’s too young for children. He wishes he could speak to Olson and decides not to worry about it. Mome shows up and tells Kei he’s been acting strange lately. Maaie and Lieea encounter Mimsy in a corridor and inquire about her health. She goes out onto the deck and feels jealous when she sees Kei horsing around with Mome. She then runs into Budoru, who thinks she should get some rest. She says she’s fine and thanks him for his help. Budoru meets with Shaya and asks what her plan is, and she tells him she intends to find Olson and use the space elevator in South America to reach the Great Singularity. Budoru warns that South America is enemy territory and notes that they don’t know where Olson is. Elsewhere, Olson conducts repairs on his Nikick and hears an approaching noise, which turns out to be Athena’s Nikick. Athena hugs Olson and gives him the part he needs to fix his machine. She wipes some oil off Olson’s face and leaves so as not to arouse suspicion. Back at the Chiram base, Athena sits down for a drink in a bar, where several soldiers gossip about Olson. She puts on an act by declaring that Olson is a traitor and that she doesn’t want to hear his name again.

In the morning, Chiram soldiers spot the Glomar and report to Athena, who relays that info to Olson. Roberto orders his forces to pursue the ship, but the transmission is intercepted by the Thoovs, so Manisha dispatches forces to the same location. The Glomar sets down in a town and starts conducting its usual trade routine with the residents. Jabby performs his fire tricks, Goovu barters with a man for items and Kei helps load food. Things are interrupted by the approach of a large Deemora squad that surrounds the ship. Kei runs to the hangar and prepares to launch in Orguss, but Mimsy tells him not to be too hasty. He then compliments her for returning to her old self. Manisha calls the ship and invites Shaya over for tea, which she accepts. Kei warns Shaya that it’s probably a trap, but she tells him not to interfere and takes off in a scooter. As they sit down for tea, Manisha offers to stop attacking in exchange for Kei. Shaya comments that their family is acting immorally and are no different from the Chiram. Manisha angrily accuses Shaya of being idealistic and insists that they need to brainwash Kei if they’re going to save the Emaan. She then apologizes and reminds Shaya of the time she tried to help an injured dog, which ended up biting her. She thinks that Shaya is too nice, and Shaya says goodbye before leaving. Manisha gets a call that the Chiram army is on its way. A force of Ishkicks and Nikicks led by Roberto’s Ishkick Command arrives, so Kei takes off in Orguss. As Kei takes on the Ishkicks, the Deemoras, Orguss IIs and M-Lovers take off to attack the Chiram. Athena destroys an Orguss II, and Olson approaches the battle from the outskirts of town. The Nikicks attack Olson on Athena’s orders, and Budoru asks Mimsy and Shaya to escape. As the Glomar takes off, Orguss and the M-Lovers fall back to the ship. Roberto tries to pursue, but the Orguss IIs and Deemoras keep him away. Athena and Olson approach the Glomar from behind.


Slay’s death is on some people’s minds at the start of the episode, but that’s quickly put aside when there are bigger problems with the Emaan and Chiram. Manisha is still making her foolish argument that if they don’t brainwash Kei to help them, the Emaan will go extinct. So nothing has really changed due to her obstinance However, at least her forces help the Glomar when the Chiram attack, delivering yet another failure to Roberto. We see Athena spend some time with Olson, and while she’s always had a thing for him, this is the most blatantly feminine that she’s been so far. It’s a bit of a jarring contrast to the way she usually behaves. Jealousy pops up again as Mimsy feels it while watching Kei spin Mome in the air. I’ll honestly never understand what he sees in her.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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