Orguss Ep. 2: Lonely Wolf


Kei backs away and demands to know what the Emaan are, and Shaya tells him not to be scared. Mimsy prods Kei for being scared after shooting down two Ishkicks, and when he thinks that she’s making fun of him, she gets mad. Shaya explains that they’re a trade caravan and asks Kei if he wants to join them. Maaie and Lieea introduce themselves as twins, but Kei isn’t interested. Jabby tries to explain things, but Kei clutches onto the leg of his Bronco II. Unbeknownst to everyone, the pilot of a downed Ishkick escapes from his unit and watches them. Shaya explains that 20 years ago an accident caused several dimensions to merge together. Kei doesn’t understand how this relates to him, and the Chiram pilot says it’s because Kei is the singularity. He opens fire on the ground near Kei’s feet and laughs that he’s found the singularity. An Emaan grabs a sniper rifle and shoots the soldier from the deck of the Glomar. The Chiram soldier survives and shoots down the Emaan. He then hits Kei with the butt of his rifle and boasts that he’ll get a promotion for bringing Kei in. The soldier bleeds heavily from his wounds and falls to his knees, so Kei kicks him and takes his rifle. The soldier bites a poison capsule in his mouth and commits suicide. Shaya comments that she’s heard about how strict Chiram military discipline is. Kei takes the triangle-shaped Chiram badge off the soldier’s forehead and shoots it. He demands answers, but Shaya tells him it’ll have to wait. He threatens to shoot Mimsy as she runs away, but she says she knows he won’t fire since he destroyed the Chiram badge. Kei fires up into the air in frustration and gets into the Bronco II’s cockpit. While the Emaan bury their dead, Jabby tells Kei there’s no point in being angry. Elsewhere, Chiram Capt. Roberto receives a report that they’ve lost communication with a squad that reported contact with a singularity. Roberto deploys an Ishkick squad to investigate. Kei notes that the Emaan don’t seem to care about so many of their people being dead, but Jabby explains that the Emaan believe the souls of the dead live on in their hearts. Kei runs into the Glomar and grabs Mimsy with a knife. He asks if she’s seen anyone like him, and when she answers that she hasn’t, he thinks she’s lying. He thinks there has to be at least one person like him and puts his hand over Mimsy’s mouth when Shaya calls for her. Mimsy laughs and says Kei won’t kill her, so he kisses her to shut her up. She responds by slapping him and running away.

Kei chases after Mimsy and says they’re dancing and singing after people have died, so he figured she would kiss someone. She asks if he thinks they aren’t sad and demands that he leave. She runs past Slay, and he threatens to beat up Kei if he tries anything weird because she’s his fiance. Kei sits on the deck and thinks about all his past girlfriends, wondering where they are. He gets into the Bronco II to take off, and Jabby asks where he’s going. Kei doesn’t know where he’s going and takes off. Lieea and Maaie think they can make lots of money selling Kei off, and Mimsy takes off in a scooter to find Kei. Mimsy spots the Ishkick squad, and Kei wonders if they’ve come for revenge. Mimsy tells Kei to hide, but he laughs off her concerns. The Glomar takes off and moves into the forest to gain cover. The Chiram spot the fresh graves and detect Kei on their singularity sensors. The Ishkicks randomly fire on the forest in an attempt to draw Kei out. An explosion knocks Mimsy off her scooter, causing her to fall onto Kei in his cockpit. Mimsy kisses Kei on the back of his neck to apologize for hitting him, but he isn’t convinced by such an apology and kisses her again. After a nearby explosion, Kei tells Mimsy to hide in the forest and takes off. The Ishkicks spot Kei and open fire, so Lieea and Maaie take off in their M-Lovers to join the battle. The Glomar takes off, and Slay thinks about all the trouble they’ve had since Kei appeared. The Chiram attempt a pincer attack that forces Kei to ascend, and they wonder if he’s going to hit the dimensional barrier. Two Ishkicks crash into each other and explode, and Kei hits the dimensional barrier. His damaged Bronco II emerges from the barrier and crashes in the forest. Mimsy rushes over to him while Maaie and Lieea take on the Ishkicks. Mimsy realizes they should’ve told Kei to avoid the dimensional barrier. Kei complains that he must be living a nightmare in this dimension.


Picking up where the first episode left off, Kei still has no idea what the hell is happening, and he’s not in a better situation by the episode’s end. But I imagine anyone would be hopelessly confused if they were stuck in some weird dimension with people have antennas and a talking dinosaur. Kei tries to force answers out of the Emaan, but as Mimsy notes multiple times, he won’t hurt them. However, the playboy in him can’t help but get two kisses out of Mimsy, even though she has a fiancé. Not that Slay’s threat was very intimidating. Mimsy definitely wasn’t into it the first time, but she didn’t resist the second, so we’ve got ourselves a love triangle going. Macross fans will notice a couple of Easter eggs in this episode, including Kei referring to one of his exes as Minmay and a quick flash on an Ishkick monitor of a topless woman who strongly resembles Misa Hayase. Even though Kei is complaining about his situation, I think it’s started to dawn on him how screwed he is at the moment.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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