Orguss Ep. 22: Decide


Manisha is shown a video feed of both singularities reaching the Glomar, so she orders her crew to battle stations. Goovu urgently informs Shaya that the Emaan army has found them. Kei sits on deck with Mome, who tells him he should stay with the Emaan. Olson asks Kei about his decision, and Mome accuses him of only trying to save the Chiram. Shaya wants to speed up to evade the fleet, but Leeg tells her they’re already at top speed. However, Budoru’s ship turns around and attacks the fleet to give the Glomar cover. The Emaan ships return fire and launch Deemoras, and Manisha orders the fleet to separate so that half of it can chase the Glomar. Elsewhere, Henry criticizes Athena for not killing the singularities and wonders how such a skilled soldier could screw up so badly. Athena insists that Olson hasn’t joined the Emaan, and Henry accuses her of being in love with him. Henry states that he’s under orders to kill both singularities, but Athena vows to herself that she won’t let him hurt Olson. Henry leaves to address his troops before launching. On the Glomar, Mome annoyingly bangs a spoon on a pan and demands that Olson leave. She shouts that if Olson takes Kei away, she won’t have anyone to care for. Mimsy chases after Mome, and Olson asks to speak with Shaya. Mimsy tells Mome that Kei promised to stay with them, but Mome doesn’t believe it. Mimsy explains that while Kei seems careless and casual, he’s a faithful man. Mome says that Mimsy must love Kei and notes that she needs to get married soon, so she should go after him. Kei overhears and nearly falls down a ladder. Mome asks if she’s ok with ending up sexless like Shaya, and Mimsy explains that she admires Shaya, and that even without being married, Shaya loves someone. Mome asks who it is, but Mimsy tells her it’s someone she doesn’t know. Olson asks Shaya why she lets Kei be free, and she answers that no one has the right to deprive another of their freedom. He notes that either of them could be brainwashed to save the Emaan, and she asks him if he could brainwash Kei in her place. Olson answers that he’d do so to save the planet, and he’d choose the Chiram. He then asks if she knows of a way to save both peoples, but she says she’s just a simple trader. Goovu calls with news about the Emaan catching up and surrounding them. A Deemora opens fire, and Manisha calls to tell Shaya that she won’t escape.

Manisha demands that Shaya hand over both singularities, but Shaya refuses. Manisha accuses Shaya of being selfish and trying to cause the extermination of the Emaan. Mimsy steps in and tells Manisha that she’s rich, spoiled and has never understood Shaya’s actions. Mimsy explains that Shaya stepped aside because she thought Manisha was the better leader for the Thoov family, but Manisha dismisses that as nonsense. Over Shaya’s objections, Mimsy mentions Manisha’s husband Ranse, revealing that he loves Shaya more than her. However, since Manisha was so into Ranse, Shaya left for her sake. Manisha says that’s nonsense and cuts the call off, while Shaya begins crying. In anger, Manisha orders her troops to kill everyone on the Glomar except for the singularities. Multiple Deemoras open fire, and Captain yells at Maaie and Lieea to fight, but they say it’s pointless. Kei tells him to stop and says the attack is just a thread because the Emaan won’t kill the singularities. When a window blows out behind him, he decides to fight back. Shaya stops him and says she’ll talk to Manisha, but Goovu notes that she’ll be killed. With hostilities over, Shaya and Mimsy take off in a Drifand Dee, followed by Kei in a scooter. Manisha tells Shaya that she’s afraid of dying, but Shaya counters that she hasn’t come to beg for mercy. Shaya tells Manisha that she’s the only one protecting the family now, but Manisha accuses her of wanting to destroy everything. Shaya says that she’s bet everything on Kei, who is pure and simple. She believes that the singularities can choose to save the Earth without influence from the Emaan or Chiram. Manisha asks what happens if the Emaan are destroyed, and Shaya notes that there’s more at stake than just the Emaan. A soldier reports to Manisha that the Chiram are approaching, so she orders battle stations. Shaya asks Manisha what she’s going to do, and Manisha tells her to escape and head for the Great Singularity. She also advises her sister to sometimes think of herself and not put everyone else first. As the Chiram forces approach, they come under fire from the Emaan. The Glomar escapes during the confusion as Manisha says goodbye to Shaya. Kei mentions to Mimsy that he overheard her conversation with Mome and sees now why she admires Shaya. He moves in to kiss her and is interrupted by Olson, who agrees to come along to the Great Singularity. Olson removes the Chiram badge from his forehead and vows that his only goal is to save the planet. Shaya tosses away a locket with Ranse’s picture and hopes that Manisha lives happily with him. Kei tells Mimsy that he’ll probably die once they reach the Great Singularity, so he kisses her.


The story finally makes a leap forward and moves beyond the holding pattern of the Glomar constantly being chased by Manisha. She keeps holding on to the irrational belief that Kei must be brainwashed to save the Emaan. Shaya finally makes the effective case that Kei and Olson can make the choice to save the Earth on their own without either side trying to influence them. We also learn that Shaya left the family behind so that Manisha could be with the man they both loved. I’m glad to see this conflict between the sisters resolved, as it was starting to get both tiresome and repetitive. Kei’s conviction also seems to have hardened, and he’s got Olson on board with the mission of saving the planet. Hopefully this will keep propelling the story forward.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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