Orguss Ep. 26: Breakdown


At a seaside town, Goovu sells clothes to local residents, while Mome helps sell bread. Shaya calls Goovu and tells him that they need food for their journey. Kei helps Mimsy with some crates and asks about her statement regarding Athena falling in love with Olson. He asks if she thinks it’s true, and she tells him to trust a woman’s instincts. Kei walks off on his own and finds Olson laying down in a field. He hands Olson an apple and tells him not to feel embarrassed about Athena falling for him. Olson responds that isn’t his top concern, and Kei says he wants Athena to be happy, even though he doesn’t feel like her father. Above the Chiram capital, Athena’s Nikick leads a force engaged in the air with Mu fighters. Kei decides to bring Athena to the ship and calls her on Orguss‘ radio, but he gets no response. More Mu fighters appear, and Athena personally destroys a ship, but she knows there are too many to destroy. She asks where her reinforcements are, but Lt. Gen. Wesley informs her that they’re not coming. She has to guard the D system, but she decides it’s better to destroy it than to let the Mu have it. Also, without the D system, they’ll need the singularities again. Kei manages to reach the Nikick with Orguss II‘s radio, but Athena has left the unit behind to enter the D system control center. She activates the self-destruct system just before Mu forces land nearby. The Mu open fire on Athena, but she manages to get back to her cockpit and take off. White asks Wesley for a status report, and he explains that the base is occupied. White can’t believe that they didn’t plan for this, but just then the base explodes and takes several Mu ships with it. Athena realizes she’s a traitor now and can’t go back to the Chiram. White doesn’t care about punishing her for now because he wants to focus on the space elevator. He’s informed that Henry is planning to kill the singularities, so he gives orders to stop that. Wesley orders Henry to cease operations, but Henry intends to avenge Roberto and ignores orders.

Wesley calls Athena and tells her that they’ll ignore her punishment for now because of an emergency. He orders her to attack Henry and stop him from killing the singularities. Manisha sits down for tea with Shaya, but just then Henry’s forces arrive. Kei takes off in Orguss II and tells Shaya to have Olson join him immediately. Goovu asks everyone to keep working on the market, and Olson stops for a shoe shine. Goovu quietly informs Olson about the incoming Chiram, so he runs back to the Glomar. Manisha wants to fight the Chiram, but Kei intends to fix his mess. Olson is confused about the absence of Orguss II and takes off in Orguss. Kei comes under attack from Henry’s Ishkick Command, but Olson arrives to help him out. Kei is annoyed by the persistence of the Chiram, and Olson tells him that Henry just wants revenge for Roberto. The town’s residents panic when they see signs of battle, but Goovu tries to convince them that it’s just premature fireworks. Athena arrives and opens fire on the Ishkicks, which makes Olson think about what Kei said. Henry mocks Athena, so she opens fire on him and forces a withdrawal. Athena then peels off, and Wesley is informed that the Singularities are safe. Athena sits on a beach and is approached by Olson, whom she happily hugs. Athena tells Olson that she won’t try to kill him anymore because the D system is gone. She doesn’t want to return to the Chiram, but Olson angrily insists that she does. Athena cries and runs away, unaware that Olson is trying to spare her the stigma of being a traitor. Kei watches from behind a nearby rock and doesn’t understand what Olson is doing. Kei returns to town and helps Mimsy sell clothes. She asks him why he piloted Orguss II, and he answers that he wanted a change of pace.


Here’s an episode that’s not exactly outstanding, but also not bad. First things first: Athena makes a major decision and destroys the D system before the Mu can get their hands on it. The result of this is that the Chiram now have to fall back on capturing the Singularities to use them to repair the world. Unfortunately, Henry doesn’t care about that because he’s just blinded by rage and his desire to avenge Roberto. This blind rage takes him so far that he openly defies a direct order from White to not kill the Singularities. Kei brings up to Olson that Athena is in love with him, and Olson seems surprised by that. I would assume that he always just thought of her as Kei’s daughter and someone he had to take care of, rather than as a woman with her own desire. He dramatically rejects her and tells her to return to Chiram, but he doesn’t just outright say that he doesn’t want her to bear the burden of being thought of as a traitor. With both the Emaan and the Chiram needing the Singularities again, it’ll be interesting to see what antics Henry causes in his continuing quest for revenge.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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