Orguss Ep. 27: Message


On an Emaan ship, Leeg angrily declares that they’ll have to build a third space-time machine, but another engineer declares that it’s hopeless since they don’t have the right materials anyway. Another engineer chimes in that they need a metal rod with 99.9 percent purity to manufacture C12, and Leeg thinks they’re all disappointments, including himself. Leeg calls Shaya on the Glomar and asks for the metal, which only the Emaan and Chiram have. Mimsy suggests buying it from an exporter, and Shaya finds a location in the Torban Mountains, which is near Chiram territory. Mimsy thinks they’ll have to find another way, but Shaya notes that they need the metal. The Emaan fleet turns to head for the mountains, which is detected by Athena’s Nikick. Olson wonders why the fleet suddenly changed course, but Kei thinks he should leave it to Shaya. Olson disagrees because they’re close to Chiram territory and have to be cautious. Maaie and Lieea complain that Olson is being grumpy like he was before, so Kei decides to look into it. Olson asks why they’ve changed course, and when Mimsy explains it’s to acquire metal for a third space-time device, he angrily insists they instead head for the space elevator. Kei asks Olson why he’s in such a hurry, and Olson reminds him that they’re both singularities. Mimsy wonders what happened to Olson, and Shaya notes that he used to be so calm. Manisha is informed that Athena is following them and deploys Orguss IIs to eliminate her. Kei calls to ask what’s going on and realizes that the Emaan will be fighting Athena. He asks Olson to follow him, and the two take off in their mecha. Athena is attacked on all sides by Orguss IIs and destroys multiple units. Kei intercedes and tells the Emaan pilots that they can’t defeat Athena. Olson asks Athena to stop, and she explains that she was just defending herself. Kei asks Athena to come with him so they can talk. At the Chiram capital, White asks Lt. Gen. Greene to lead his seventh fleet and capture the singularities.

Kei tosses rocks into the water, and Olson tells Athena that if she hadn’t listened to Kei earlier, he would’ve killed her. Kei steps in and tells Olson that he’s the reason she’s there. Olson explains that they have their mission as singularities, but Kei says that doesn’t include having to kill Athena. Olson shoots back that if Kei doesn’t understand, he can’t help save the world. Olson declares that anyone who hinders them must be killed, and Athena says she won’t follow him anymore. Olson apologizes and says that he hopes their situations change when they next meet. Athena cries and thinks to herself that if Olson killed her, she’d be glad to die. After Athena leaves, Kei and Olson head off to rendezvous with the Glomar, which has stopped in a town. Jabby performs his fire show, and Captain complains to Mome about not being able to leave the ship. Manisha is impressed with Shaya’s trading skill and wants to acquire the other supplies they need. Shaya, Mimsy and Leeg meet a man who sold his metal to the Chiram, but he offers to show them the original rocks. Leeg scans the rocks and determines that they’re fakes, so the man quietly slinks away and makes a phone call. In a forest, Henry addresses his rogue pilots about Roberto and the sacrifices they’ve made. Henry declares that no matter what their orders are, they must kill the Singularities for their own soldiers. One pilot disagrees and tries to leave, so Henry shoots him in the back. He is then informed that the Emaan are in a nearby town. Kei and Olson fly through a canyon and are ambushed by Henry’s forces. The Chiram open fire, and Olson thinks they should retreat to the Emaan fleet since they’re needed as Singularities. Kei becomes angry when Orguss is hit and destroys an Ishkick. The Chiram retreat when they see that Kei and Olson have reached the Emaan fleet. From the flagship of the seventh fleet, White addresses the Emaan fleet and vows that they won’t reach the space elevator. However, if they retreat, he agrees to work with them in repairing the planet. If they agree, they can meet him at a place he names. Shaya is happy, but Manisha thinks it’s a trap. Kei asks Olson for his opinion, and Olson agrees with Manisha. Shaya decides to accept White’s offer because she’d rather take the risk than fight.


There are some unexpected turns occurring during this episode. First, we find that Leeg is still working on a space-time device, but to no avail due to a lack of pure metal. This ends up leading them to a con man who informs on them to the Chiram. Another confrontation occurs between Olson and Athena, and he’s unnecessarily harsh on her. He spends the entire episode being grumpy, as though focusing on the mission requires him to be a jerk. Athena’s thought that she’d be happy to die at Olson’s hands is really creepy and feels more like an indicator of sick obsession rather than actual love. Henry has become so completely unhinged that in his quest to avenge a fellow soldier, he’ll… murder a fellow soldier. That obviously won’t end well for him. The biggest surprise here is that White offers to make peace with the Emaan on his terms. Olson doesn’t believe him, but Shaya is willing to take the chance. I have to wonder about White’s sincerity, but given the loss of the D system and the constant Mu attacks, he’s backed into a corner and might be serious. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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