Orguss Ep. 6: Vanishing Point


As the Glomar flies through a barren region, Shaya laments that they don’t have any goods to sell at their next destination. Lieea suggests catching nearby animals and selling their meat, but Mimsy notes that there aren’t any animals in the area. Kei goes out on deck and asks Jabby why he’s sitting alone. Jabby says he was reminded of his past, but he doesn’t want to share anything about it. He then smells a grape field nearby and asks Kei to inform Shaya so they can restock their supplies. After landing, Shaya and Slay express skepticism about there being a grape field, but Jabby drills through the mountain and finds his target. The ship moves into the grape field, and Kei is impressed by Jabby’s instincts. Elsewhere, Henry asks Roberto to stay at base instead of launching in an Ishkick, but Roberto insists that he has to go out and capture the singularity. After Roberto takes off, Henry gets into an Ishkick and joins the attack force. Maaie, Lieea and Mome struggle to collect the super-sized grapes as Kei and Slay pick them from a tree. Slay mumbles to himself about Kei playing around, and Mimsy tells him they’ll have to accept it since Kei isn’t Emaan. Jabby eats grapes and suddenly has a strange sensation in his tail, which he tells Shaya means a dimensional transfer will happen. He tells the whole crew that he can feel the change coming, but no one understands. He points out that if they’re there when the transfer happens, they’ll be stuck in another dimension. Slay asks him if he knows how long they have, and Jabby answers that he’ll be able to predict the time once the obvious signs of transfer start. Shaya wants everyone to pick as many grapes as they can before having to leave, and Mimsy decides to put the ship on standby. Kei asks Jabby if he can sense dimensional transfers, and Jabby recalls being with one girlfriend before being caught by another. His tail was acting strangely then, and a dimensional transfer replaced the island with a mountain. Henry reports to Roberto that the singularity must be behind the mountain because of the reaction from their sensors. Kei asks Jabby if he ever saw his girlfriend again, and Jabby answers that he’s been looking for her, which reminds Kei of his own situation with Tina. The Chiram forces open fire, and Jabby senses the impending transfer.

Kei launches in Orguss, and Mimsy tells him not to be reckless because they have to escape. Kei intends to distract the enemy while everyone gets ready to escape, but she notes that there are 50 Ishkicks out there. Kei is shocked by the number but launches anyway and starts firing at the enemy. He heads into the forest for cover and destroys an Ishkick. Shaya is upset about the grape field being destroyed, and Jabby tells her the transfer is happening soon. Kei destroys more enemies, but Roberto feels he’s close to capturing the singularity. Mimsy tells Kei to escape because he’s out of time, but Kei counters that he can’t disengage yet. Mimsy tells Kei they can’t leave him alone, but that’s what Slay thinks they should do. Mimsy and Shaya note that Kei is valuable to the Emaan, and Jabby guesses they have about a minute left. Slay takes over the controls and says he values their lives more than Kei’s. Mimsy struggles with Kei for the controls while Mome watches from outside. Kei realizes he’s outmatched, but the Glomar safely moves out of the area. Mimsy asks Slay to call the Chiram so she can tell them about the dimensional transfer. She’s able to get on their frequency and directs their attention to the energy field in the sky. Roberto orders his forces to retreat, and Mimsy tells Kei to escape. Roberto sees Kei fleeing and orders his men to pursue, but some don’t. Henry yells that they’ll be court-martialed for disobedience, but one pilot says he’d prefer that to dimensional transfer. Several Ishkicks crash into each other and explode while trying to get to the cave exit first. Mome runs through the forest as Roberto’s forces pursue Kei. Maaie calls Shaya and reports that Mome isn’t on the ship. Kei bounces off the cave wall and heads back into the forest to rescue Mome. Kei grabs onto Mome as the dimensional transfer begins and engulfs the area. However, Orguss safely emerges with Mome in tow. Henry reports to Roberto that none of their men survived, so they retreat. Mome thanks Kei and points out that a new area has appeared following the dimensional transfer.


This episode sheds some light on Jabby’s background and features a flashback of him on his dinosaur-filled Earth. It seems he’s a playboy just like Kei, but he’s also a bad liar when caught with his pants (figuratively) down. It’s interesting that both Kei and Jabby are outsiders on a ship full of people from another world, and they’re both looking for a specific woman. We don’t know why Jabby’s tail can detect dimensional transfers, but it comes in handy this time. We also start to see some hardening of Slay’s dislike for Kei, as he can clearly see the interest that Mimsy has in him. Also, Roberto and Henry are solidifying their status as the show’s loser villains since they launch an attack that fails and costs them 48 men. That’s pretty bad, even as loser villain standards go.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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