Orguss Ep. 8: Run Away


The Glomar flies around Spain to avoid the Chiram while the Chiram naval fleet stations itself in the Gulf of Lion. In the lounge, Kei plays a game of Go with Goovu and ignores Mome’s advice. Shaya calls Mimsy aside and reports that there’s finally been a response to the phone call Mimsy made earlier in a village. They won’t be getting any help, but their duty is still to return to the Emaan homeland as soon as possible. Shaya explains that there are political issues due to the Emaan negotiating with the Chiram. Elsewhere, Roberto and Henry wait with the Chiram naval fleet and plan to capture Kei when he shows up. The Glomar flies over several boats along the river and Mimsy yells at Kei for waving at kids and not paying attention. Her issue with their plan is the Chiram position, and Kei notes that they might already control the Gulf of Lion. Kei thinks they can break through or just take a longer route through Europe and Asia. Mimsy wonders if they’ll be in the same situation as at Gibraltar, but Kei notes that the Chiram are far from home and have probably stretched their supply lines too thin. Shaya agrees, so Kei leaves to take a bath. Kei sits in the tub and is surprised when Shaya comes in and starts washing herself. He runs out of the bathroom in his boxers and proclaims to Mimsy that he didn’t do anything. She says there shouldn’t be a problem and explains that Emaan have no problem with the sexes bathing together. Kei lecherously proclaims that he wants to take a bath with Mimsy, but she slaps him and calls him an adolescent. Nearby, a Chiram Ishfon reconnaissance mecha hides in the forest and tracks the Glomar‘s position, which is reported to Roberto. He then addresses his Ishkick pilots and announces that they’re going to launch. Kei brings Mimsy a drink as she sunbathes on the deck. Slay asks Lieea where Mimsy is, and she tells him that she saw Mimsy on the deck. Kei admires the scenery and wishes time could stop, but Mimsy replies that time will never stop. He says it can if they’re alone, but she thinks he’s making fun of her. Kei says that he isn’t, so Mimsy asks him how many other girls he’s used lines like that on. He says that he’s never used them, but she doesn’t believe him. Kei then grabs Mimsy and tries to apologize for past misunderstandings, but she pushes him away and runs off. Slay runs up to Kei and confronts him about bothering Mimsy, but Kei answers that he can do what he wants. He says that if Mimsy is Slay’s girl, he should protect her. Alarms go off when the Chiram approach the ship, so Kei launches in Orguss.

Kei opens fire on the Ishkicks and destroys multiple units until he’s hit and crashes into the water. Maaie and Lieea launch in their M-Lovers to provide support for Kei and destroy several Ishkicks. Several Ishkicks focus their attack on the Glomar, so Slay and Goovu man the ship’s guns. Roberto calls Henry and asks for reinforcements, and Henry notes that he recommended launching with a full force. Henry orders his men to launch from their hiding spot and provide assistance to Roberto. Henry’s squad joins in the attack on the Glomar and comes under fire from Kei. Shaya wonders what they should do, and Mimsy notes that they can’t take much more. Shaya thinks they can break through, but when Mimsy argues that they can’t, Shaya turns the ship around. Kei is upset about falling back, and Mimsy asks him if he wants everyone to die. Wolner orders the launch of missiles and tells an underling that it’s better to kill the singularity than allow him to fall into enemy hands. The underling notes that Roberto’s men are out there, but Wolner says they’re expendable in this situation. Roberto detects the missiles on his sensors and orders his men to retreat. Mimsy has the ship maneuver to avoid the missiles, and Roberto wants to keep fighting. Kei destroys more Ishkicks and swings one into the path of the missiles before shooting it, causing them to explode. Roberto gives orders to pursue, but Kei runs away and heads back to the ship. Henry tells Roberto that they can’t keep chasing because they have orders from Wolner, so Roberto finally relents. Shaya comments that the Chiram have forced them to travel through Europe, and Mimsy says it’ll be a tough journey. Kei returns to the ship and finds Slay waiting for him, but says he’s too tired to talk. Slay calls Kei a burden to the ship, but Kei leaves without a word. Maaie and Lieea look at a map of Europe and talk about the cities they can see, but also noting that they have to break contracts with the cities they’re supposed to trade with in the Mediterranean. Slay discusses the situation with Goovu and wonders if Kei is so important that it’s worth risking their lives. Goovu thinks that Kei has become their friend and is like family now. Kei asks Mimsy to see the sunset with her and takes her outside.


The Glomar‘s journey encounters another setback as their path to the Mediterranean is blocked by the Chiram. The battle here is pretty lackluster and not so well choreographed, since it mainly consists of Kei flying around and just shooting down tons of Ishkicks in one shot each. On the character side, I’m surprised that a shameless womanizer like Kei is so conservative about this whole co-ed bathing thing that the Emaan have going on. He also manages to get on Mimsy’s nerves by being too assertive, which is the opposite problem for Slay. As much of a jerk as Kei is to him, he does have a point in that Slay needs to stand up for himself and Mimsy. But instead of doing that, all Slay can manage is cheap insults and whining to Goovu. But even he doesn’t do as badly as Roberto and Henry, who reach the new loser villain level of being considered expendable by their own forces. I wish they weren’t so one-dimensional, because even losers like Jerid Messa and Gavlet Gablae manage to have more depth than either of these guys. All they do is attack Kei and lose with nothing more to define them.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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