Patlabor Ep. 29: The Destruction of Special Vehicles, Second Section!


At the SV2 station house, all mechanics are informed that they have to get ready for henhouse duty. Kumagami writes a report about how food helps the police do their job. Her report documents how terror struck SV2. Earlier, while doing maintenance on Unit 1, Asuma tells Noa that it’s almost lunchtime and asks her to get him gyoza and wonton. Ota asks for a yakiniku bowl, while Shige asks for a noodle bowl. She also takes orders from all the rest of the mechanics, but she doesn’t write any of it down. After taking orders from Goto and Shinobu, Noa calls Shanghai restaurant to place the order and realizes that she’s forgotten almost every order. She goes around taking every order again, but now people start changing their orders, and she still doesn’t write any of it down. She calls the restaurant to place the order, and owner Hayao Sakimiya yells at his employee Tsutomu about eating before finishing his work. Everyone waits for their food to arrive, and Ota calls the restaurant and yells at Tsutomu about why it’s taking so long for the food. Eventually, lunch hour ends with no delivery ever having come. Ota calls again, and Sakimiya tells him to stop whining because Tsutomu is already on his way. Shige tells his angry mechanics that the food is on its way, and they’ll wait 30 minutes before taking matters into their own hands. An hour later, no delivery has come, and Ota calls the restaurant again. Sakimiya thinks it’s odd that Tsutomu hasn’t arrived yet, and Ota tells him to bring the food himself. Sakimiya says they shut off the burners after lunch, so the grill is cold. Ota then yells that they’ll never order from there again and smashes the phone so hard that he destroys it. Shige yells at him for saying something so stupid because no other restaurant is willing to deliver to them. Shinshi asks Ota if he’s going to apologize, and Ota attacks him, saying he’d rather die first. Shige tells the angry mechanics that the food won’t be coming, so they’re now on hostile terms with the restaurant. Sakaki yells at them that they should skip a meal occasionally and that he used to work so hard he’d forget to eat. He tells them he’s going to HQ with Shinobu and wants them to get back to work.

After Sakaki and Shinobu leave, the mechanics try to visit the convenience store, fish, get eggs from the hens and vegetables from the garden, but there is no food anywhere. Asuma and the others asks Goto for help, and he suggests that Ota try apologizing. Ota calls the restaurant to apologize, but he quickly makes the situation worse. Noa takes the phone and apologizes and goes around a third time to get everyone’s orders, which again change. Noa calls back to place the order and is told they can’t deliver because Tsutomu never came back. Sakimiya is worried by all the vicious stray dogs in the area, so Ota angrily offers to escort him and destroys another phone. Ota and Shinshi drive off in Unit 2’s carrier, and Goto tells Shige that he fears the wrath of hungry men. As night falls, Ota and Shinshi have failed to return. Goto, Asuma and Noa leave to investigate, and Shige gets a call from Shinshi where he warns them not to come. Shige and the other mechanics all take off in cars and motorcycles to go to the restaurant, but none of them return either. Later, a newspaper report comes out about how SV2 suffered massive food poisoning. As revenge for being reprimanded, Tsutomu drove off and gave all the food to dogs. Sakimiya went looking for Tsutomu and found the cart and empty plates, but had no idea what happened. In his hurry to get the new order ready, Sakimiya forgot to wash the contaminated dishes and put the new orders on them. Ota and Shinshi arrived and began to eat, but they were instantly struck by food poisoning. Sakimiya fled the restaurant in terror, and when Goto arrived he had Shinshi and Ota sent to the hospital. He called the station house to tell them what happened, but by then the mechanics had already left. The starving mechanics reached the empty restaurant and ate all the food, which struck them down. In her report, Kumagami calls the incident another shameful episode in SV2’s pitiful history. She concludes that SV2 can’t depend on just one restaurant and has to prepare for the next culinary crisis. Noa comes in and takes Kumagami’s order for lunch. At the restaurant, Sakimiya yells at his new delivery boy Mamoru for eating on the clock.


This bizarre episode is one of the more amusing in Patlabor‘s TV run. As it is, the mecha aspect of this show is sometimes quite low key, but it’s not even present in this episode. We know that SV2 is located in the middle of nowhere on reclaimed land and relies exclusively on the Shanghai restaurant for their food. Unfortunately, that turns against them this time with amusing consequences. Shige and his men take on the mantle of almost starting a food insurrection due to their hunger. Of course, Ota makes things worse as he always does and manages to smash two phones while doing it. Since most of this episode is told in flashback as Kumagami is writing her report, it’s interesting to see the story play out and be followed by an explanation of how all these strange events came to pass.

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Patlabor Info

Naoyuki Yoshinaga

Kazunori Ito
Mamoru Oshii
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Naoto Kimura
Tetsuo Takahashi
Michiko Yokote
Hibari Arisu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yutaka Izubuchi
Yoshinori Sayama

Character Designer:
Akemi Takada

Musical Composer:
Kenji Kawai

47 episodes

Japan 10.11.1989 – 09.26.1990


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