RahXephon Movement 2: God and Man Awaken/Awakening


The fighters continue to attack the dolems, but to no avail. The RahXephon rises out of the temple and joins the fight. The planes attack it but the RahXephon easily destroys them. Fortissimo fires a beam at it but the RahXephon sends it back, destroying half of the dolem’s face. The floating cities disappear and the RahXephon returns to its egg. Agents digitally enhance Haruka’s picture from a surveillance video and send it around. Ayato wakes up in the hospital and asks if there was a girl with him. He is told that he was alone and that his mother, Maya Kamina, will pick him up soon. He walks by a patient with a portable TV listening to a news report on the attack. Ayato has sees flashes of the attack and leans against a wall. In the car, Ayato asks his mom if she saw the new weapon and if it looked like a man with wings on his head. Maya says she didn’t see anything like that and Ayato asks if it’s ok for her to take the day off work. She says it’s fine since she has to take care of her darling son. Later Ayato calls Reika and she says she’s fine. He says he has to talk to her at school and hangs up. Maya asks whom he was calling and he replies a friend from his class. When he leaves Maya hits redial, but is told the number is not in use. At school Ayato thinks about what Haruka said about the truth and the teacher scolds him. Mamoru says Ayato’s probably not interested in learning about things that happened in places that don’t exist anymore. During break, Mamoru asks Ayato where he ran off to during the attack. Ayato says he was going for help and ran into Reika. Mamoru and Hiroko don’t understand when Reika shows up. After a moment Hiroko greets her and Reika thanks Ayato. After school Reika tells Ayato that it wasn’t a dream and that Ayato will surely see the RahXephon again. At home Ayato finds a letter in his mailbox. In it is a picture of the dolems with a note on the back telling him to meet with Haruka.  

Ayato sneaks out and Haruka beats up the agents and steals their car to pick him up. Haruka asks Ayato what the world’s population was and he says it’s 23 million. He is shocked when Haruka says it’s actually six billion. Haruka drives into a military installment and steals a VTOL. Agents give Maya the report and she says they’re going to the temple. Reika walks on the water towards the RahXephon and the VTOL starts flying itself and descends into the temple. Reika begins to sing and Ayato, in a trance, ejects from the VTOL and it crashes into a pillar. Haruka climbs out and Ayato boards the RahXephon. Ayato comes to and starts freaking out, and the RahXephon rises from its egg. Maya arrives and a piece of rubble flies off and cuts her face. Ayato looks over and sees blue blood running down her face.


The RahXephon makes its first appearance and shows how powerful it is, but Ayato doesn’t remember a thing. Reika proves to be even more mysterious, as Hiroko and Mamoru seemed to have no idea she existed when Ayato talked about her but when she arrived they acted like she was an old buddy. She also seems directly connected to the RahXephon itself and can activate it. Ayato begins to learn about the truth and is sure to learn more in the episodes to come. 

Overall Rating
RahXephon Info

Yutaka Izubuchi

Hiroshi Ohnogi
Ichiro Okouchi
Fumihiko Takayama
Chiaki J. Konaka
Yutaka Izubuchi
Yoji Enokido
Shou Aikawa
Mitsuo Iso
Yukari Kiryu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yoshinori Sayama
Michiaki Sato

Character Designer:
Akihiro Yamada

Musical Composer:
Ichiko Hashimoto

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 01.21.2002 – 09.10.2002
U.S. 09.03.2005 – 11.26.2005

Theatrical Release:
Japan 04.19.2003


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